The Insane Biology of: The Octopus

Avaldati 14 nov 2020
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Writer/Narrator/Editor: Stephanie Sammann
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Illustrator/Animator: Kirtan Patel (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster ( forgottentowel)
Producer: Brian McManus (
Imagery courtesy of Getty Images


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    • @Dragon King tis con fusion

    • I don't pay payments I paid you payments then someone else would it want payments and then they want payments and then these people want payments and then there's bills and there's rent and there's car payments and there's insurance payments and then you're broke

    • We were never cavemen we were never monkeys we already had intelligence

    • We're the ones that never evolve except I wouldn't say never we got a new bone in our arms that never used to be there

  • Do I catch what is special about this creature here?

  • i think she's talking about octopi yes but also multiple layers describe other things simultaneously i think.... for instance, certain humans with smartphones/cyborgs..... tripping me out rn..meta af.. does she know how deep and intuitive she's being

  • Ultra instinct

  • We usually look to the stars and dream of intelligent species comparable to us, what if a native to earth species develops a society and then technology? Would we hunt them to extinction or collaborate with them? idk, looking back at our track record.. eh

  • Fascinating.

  • God has created many amazing creatures.

  • and octopus taste good when cooked..

  • I don't know how this channel went under my radar for so long, but thank you so much for creating content without dumbing it down so much. I came here recently through Real Engineering. Might I suggest more crosspollination by making some videos about recent developments in bioengineering by way of biomimetics? It's a super cool topic and a lot of people aren't aware of it.

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  • They think by their arms, they see by their skin... How had human any time thought he is the best creature?!?

  • My octopus teacher on Netflix is awesome A guy visits an octopus for a year straight everyday.

  • This is a rgeat video, but I should be studying math right now! I will have to explain to my teacher that I can't do the test tomorrow becaus I watched The Insane Biology of The Octopus

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  • When humanity becomes interstellar, and cannot find high-intelligence outside of Earth, humanity will "uplift" these animals to become humanity's friends: Dogs, Cats, Apes, ... and Octopuses.

  • Just imagine we would put all the money from wars and useless bullshit into the research of things like this. We would be living intergalactic lifes.

  • Τhere is connection between our past our presence and our future and that is the key to our problems

  • Holyshit i never knew they could change colors

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  • ask GOD to reveal the truth. If you ask so shall you receive in LORD JESUS NAME AMEN

  • Man's smoking big Johansons watching deez octos

  • i disagree with the "didnt had the choice to be smart" you dont decide to find a smart solution to survive, you either are or not. you cant invent new IQ out of the blue cause your in danger. sure you can try new things and hope advantageous result. but you dont get smarter "cause you have to" IQ is not about desperation. just check american inactivity and bad diet. they need to be smarter to stop dying of fixable unhealthy habbits, but they dont invent IQ out of the blue either

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  • Jellyfish looks more alien like than octopus

  • yo im making a test and there is a question about how it can plan ahead. does someone know the answer?

  • I was watching videos about helping autistic people... How did I end up here??

  • Who else just gets insanely creeped out by octopuses?

  • all octopi look REALLY pissed off

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  • I dont get how this has dislikes

  • All are venomous

  • intelligent design

  • Wonderful video! 🐙❤️

  • 12:05 “my octopus teacher” soooo classrom assassination?

  • Yeah im not a fan of the narration...

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  • Hi Stephanie... Hope you are doing well

  • Hey squidward!, No I’m squidward, No I’m squidward! Idk why that’s in my mind watching this...

  • The one thing ive never understood about the "can squeeze through anyhole bigger than its eye", how does that compression not damage its brain.

  • They would have taken over the world thousands of years ago, but most of them don't like standing in long lines or paying taxes.

  • why do I feel like the answers to a lot of unanswered questions are already around us, some even within our reach and that we just have not discovered them yet.

  • And we are 99,6% genetically equal. Where are my tentacles?

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  • I wanted to learn about octopus,suddenly i found myself in to something that pushed their narrative of when we came from which animal we came so on so forth,when in fact no one even knows the true age of world.

  • Wow so cool how they can change colors and to think they say the new earth will have no sea!

  • I find it criminal that this video fails to mention researcher Jennifer Mather it should be in the description if not video title especially when they go to such lengths in their current description ... please mend your ways Real Science

  • The Design I am witnessing in the octopus is from the Divine Designer¡🤔🤨😌🤔🤗💯💞

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  • I missed the "insane" part. Hyperbolic language is not what I look for in a science documentary.

  • Can you imagine an octopus trying to understand a human? Octopus scientist observing a human: Hmmm, only 4 arms and they aren't even the same size, how strange. They have no suckers so how can it grab and hold its prey? Instead of a proper beak it has many tiny beaks lining its mouth. This is an extremely inefficient system for tearing apart prey so it must have some other way to kill and dismember its food but without arms this seems unlikely. This is a question that needs further study. Added to that it has many other oddities that are hard to understand. It lives on land so it can't swim, how does it manage to get around? It is always the same color and shape, why haven't they gone extinct without any way to camouflage themselves from predators? Although it is possible to sometimes see a lone one, they almost always seem to appear in groups, sometimes very large groups. Perhaps this is a survival strategy since they are unable to hide themselves. The same behavior is seen in schools of fish, does that mean it is an instinctual ability like fish or a learned technique? Can we then make the assumption that they are at least as intelligent as fish?

  • WOW, GOD gave this animal a lot.

  • God is an amazing genius to create this creature and everything else.

  • 500 000 000 years old i thought this was real science

  • When you learn something so incredible and interesting that you feel like you need to go tell someone about it, you know you learned something good.

  • I know we said its arms think but, what if its a response to the wavelength of light and the work function of each layer works differently. Because of this, its more a relfex than an actual thought? Im no octopus expert.

  • Boring

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  • "Real science".. there would be some real science on this channel if you'd stick to the actual facts (biology, physiology, behaviour of the study) and drop the philosophical evolutionary mith. Can't believe that people still buy this nonsense in this day 'n age. ..I guess it's not there fault since its being fed to them systematically from an early age through any means possible. I don't judge people for classifying certain systems of organisms as "simple" back in the 19th century when most people didn't even know what soap was. But now, stating that an organism or even a single cell is simple, is pure ignorance.

  • My kinda shit

  • Half of this video is not science. It's atheistic guess work based on the desire to believe in anything other than God... not evidence.

  • Turns out our DNA is closest looking to the octopus so they are our closest relative Correct me if I’m wrong

  • Evolution is Science Fiction

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  • When the German Shepard missed the Frisbee, I felt that

  • Nature : ok you animal! you'll loose your Habitat are you're on your own Humans and Octopuses : _it's big brain time_

  • why do we eat them?

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  • In China they it them alive.

  • So here we are, still in lockdown, & I've learned so much about meerkats. Now I'm into Octopuses. What a wonderful world.

  • Forget the "we" as of any evolutive use... just to the contrary, its task is synchronization and the production of reproductive adult states as final causes... all too often the adaptive capacities (incl. its possibly strange loops and dying out at some point) of a species are mixed up with evolution...

  • Yah but how much can it bench?

  • gosh if they are alien what are we..

  • I recommend reading the "Children of Time" book and then "Children of Ruin", its octopus-centric sequel, for a fun thought experiment of what it could mean to think with one's arms.

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  • Now I Raise all levels of Imagination The octo is an Advanced Sperm Cell🤯 Aka Sovereign Brain with psych abilities 🎼👑☀️and is elder to all land walkers

  • Octopuses do not have any bones with the exception of their beaks. so if you are responsible and depraved enough to be literally the life support of your 8 limbed friend, you can debeak it like how you'd declaw a cat and then push your member into it's feed chute. You can then let it subsist on your baby batter. The Octopus is smart. Very smart. It will learn that without it's beak, it cannot feed on anything else but your human seed that has to be milked from you. Every morning, you will feel your clothes slide off and a damp weight on your lower half. The sensation creeps up your body until most of the jiggly mass has enveloped the entire length. It will start pumping as fast as it can for it is hungry. The animal gyrates its empty stomach and the folds of its brain rubbing on your glans, begging for nutrition. You climax and give the marine creature's breakfast. The pumping slows down but doesn't stop to milk out the last few drops of its meal. Looking into its yellow animal eyes, it looks back with a thousand-yard stare. This will be routine for all of its meals for the rest of it's 3-5 years on this god forsaken planet.

  • Who would think that squidward was an undercovered genius lol

  • Good idea 👍

  • What's the music that starts in the beginning

  • It's sad that they have such short lifespans.

  • Never thought I'd say this, but I'm so happy that this popped up in my recommended.

  • Shut up, Meg!

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  • Its an Extraterrestrial Alien 👽 for real

  • Apparently, the people who made this documentary have not considered the stoned ape theory 🍄🍄🍄

  • Wow.

  • arent all octopuses essentially venomous?

  • I wonder if the military industrial complex try to reproduce this. It would be just too complex to reproduce and have it light weight.

  • Gee, sure glad the ocean is heating up so fast that it won’t be able to sustain life within the next century.

  • Im not even gonna be surprise if one day secret octopuse people invade us.

  • If they are so smart, how calm many oriental restaurants serve their meat?

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