BREAKING $100 WORTH OF COOKIES (Roommate Stories)

Avaldati 21 nov 2020
The final part of this trilogy, scuse the voice in this one I caught therona.
Youtooz figure is live @


  • The time has come EXECUTE ORDER 66

  • God damn 2 months ago? Jesus fukin christ im old

  • Not me scrolling through the comments thinking I’ll see her roommates say sum

  • You probably live in the hood

  • bone app the teeth

  • This is why I don’t solo cue

  • The animation on 3:00 is so funny af

  • "Hes just standing there, MEANACINGLY"

  • Can you please make more tiktoks cuz I love your tiktoks

  • If Tabbes says "BONK" at least once she'll be "the female scout"

  • Why did you use tor to show your yootooz?

  • I'm so much like bubbles but I hate cleaning and I'm not always happy go lucky. Wait never mind I just love me some hot Asian men

  • I’m exactly like megatron “bitch I was done with your shit before I was born”

  • The law and order ftute god damn thing made me piss my pants by laugh and the yeah girl I get me yayay

  • 7:28 so This is the power of ultra Instinct

  • can you turn on dark mode LOL

  • This brings ne happy bess...this chanell verry good🙂👍

  • Reminds me of technoblade and his soap box.

  • *Soap is sus*

  • Computer: imma crash byeee Me: F*** WHAT AM I SUPPOSED HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WACTH TABBES NOW

  • 6:40 soul eater fandom where are yall?

  • 4:21 Tabbes: who else u think gonna be at the door snoop dog? Me: heck yea boi Girl which I don’t remember the name us: JUST DO IT me: ITS TIME TO STOP ;-;

  • This is random but my laptop's charger isn't working.

  • The Sope bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu lol

  • Animation looks very overated but funny

  • Bug: "This is whyy humans are infeerioooor! " Me: Teach me, sensei. OMFG I died a little 😂

  • 0:02 Tf tabbes why u be using tor what have u been up to?

  • aye wheres the costo story

  • Megatron: “hey I think you should throw this bread out.” Tabbes: “what, whats wrong with it? Look at it its perfectly fine.” Megatron: “perfectly fine? P̶ ̸E̷ ̷R̷ ̶F̴ ̸E̴ ̶C̵ ̵T̶ ̴L̷ ̸Y̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̸ ̸ ̴F̵ ̴I̸ ̸N̷ ̶E̴ ̵?̴ ̵!̶ ̸ ψ”

  • Jimin staring into the soul of the camera.

  • When it’s only been a month and I already miss her videos lol

  • i think she is liein

  • 0:43 is when i almost fucking died from choking on monster

  • Alternate title: 30 year old depressed mid life crisis woman has a meltdown and breaks 100 dollars worth of cookies

  • *Im not even one minute in and I’m already choking on my spaghetti*

  • “if someone walks in on us making a cult circle around a bar of soap no one will ever visit us again” -diva

  • Eyy yo why ain't you postin

  • I feel like tabbes and megatron are just partners in crime. I already know tabbes is half done with life. Meanwhile megatron is already


  • You’re back and then gone

  • "Soap? Who would obsess over a bar of soap?" People who played DUSK: (Also, I noticed you had Tor open to browse to the Youtooz site. That's interesting. Is Tor any good for privacy on the "clearnet"?)

  • 🗿

  • 3:00 I love divas face, it’s just, yes

  • THE like and dislike (at the time i am watching) are 108k (likes) and 801(dislikes) does this matter any good use of time..... yes

  • No more roommate story's:(

  • 2:53 "THE SOAP"

  • Plot twist: the soap was technoblade’s.

  • Me: smug dances

  • Tabbes: She loves hot Korean guys *photo of bts shows up* Me: Yep 👍

  • I just watched all of the videos in one sitting

  • Megatron = Shikamaru

  • "And she loves Korean Guys" Me and my friends: **intense fangirling**

  • The face ur mom makes when u missed 8 calls from her 2:58

  • (:

  • Shut up whipper snapper

  • Hi am i am from brazil i like you video

  • What is this soap

  • Brother breaks legos: it's perfectly fine me 6:16

  • The soap coming soon 2:52

  • I have to admit that I'm kinda like megatron

  • R.i.p tabbes

  • 6:00 when your dad farts and you walk in to the bathroom

  • 6:17 That loaf probably came from the TF2 teleporter

  • where video

  • Ew do you know roaches are decomposer? it's gut have more parasite than you and those parasite possibly get inside your body you must not splat it you should've just using the broom to sweep from ceiling to ground to outside c'mon ur mom a nurse right? Ask her!!!

  • why the tor browser though

  • WTF it began with a bar of soup and then out of the blue she was talking about something holy different plus her story of the bar if soup was so shout and weird wtf I am losing my mind oh and love you videos

  • The perfect add moments don’t ex- The *ADDDDD*

  • What's the song that plays at 2:53

  • Been watching this on *RePEaT*

  • *epic 360 spin*

  • All that for *SOAP* This sounds like something me and my siblings would do

  • unattended soap box!!!

  • It's 2021 and you still haven't made anything new!?!!!!:/

  • 6:16 perfectly FINE?

  • 🗿: *”hola”*

  • Minding my own business (eating parana plants) 🤔

  • C

  • the day you posted this vid it my b day

  • 2:52

  • being hella shady using tor, tabbes wtf are you up to?

  • Yo tabbes, recently i found out my friends given you disrespecc for your old videos I just hit em with dat turkey rap and they got mad respect for your killer beats now 😎

  • After 1 year i saw this video; Me:OMG she posted this on my birthday! Past me: *doesnt even realises it*

  • Hey I found the owner of the box, their name is technoblade and they ranted about it while killing orphans in skywars

  • At least they didn’t drop the soap.

  • Ok

  • 2:52 The most intense part of this video

  • I'm excited for the prequels!

  • i feel like if i met bubbles we would get along

  • To all the people who disliked .. I hope both sides of your pillow is hot 😌

  • E

  • You were Domb stupid what you said at the beginning👁👅👁

  • Next vid buying all the bats and getting the ps5

  • Tabbes: Hola 🗿 Me: hola cómo estas

  • She love hot korean guys Me: Hell yeah

  • If you don’t mind me asking what’s drawing app do you use

  • P e r f e c t l y f i n e

  • *I DIED AT “hola 🗿”* 💀😂😭

  • The ghosts were nice that day apparently they I wanted to put a whole box of soap In their bathroom

  • Tabbes: eating ramen Me: eating ramen