Grian plays Minecraft... With a TWIST: 3rd Life - Ep 1

Avaldati 20 apr 2021
Grian starts a new series called 3rd Life - a minecraft experience with a twist. What will happen? We don't know. How long will it last? We definitely don't know. All we know is, this isn't anything like hermitcraft...
People in this series:
This is filmed in 1 session and means I can upload an extra video, have fun and it won't impact my other series (like hermitcraft). If you like this, please let me know!


  • What is the world size

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  • Here is your free comment grian. :| Pineapple btw.

  • Why say pineapple Grian WHY..... I don't understand.

  • Loved it 🍍

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  • Just make the name be allisium

  • Put your clothes back on

  • Pineapples often work better in pairs

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  • scar is like a pinapple hes the odd one out

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  • Pineapple pie is delicious (not)

  • Grian talking to himself about talking to himself

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  • It was funny watching you pull Scar on Pizza. Should’ve called him Pinapple. Was neat that you had a golden apple for a bit.

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  • Love u grian

  • Grian and scar are like pizza and pineapple, they shouldn't work well together, but in some bizarre way they do

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  • ‘bee box’

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  • Your name should be the bad batch

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  • Make the desert name “Safe and Sand”

  • who lives in a PINEAPPLE under the sea

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  • Pineapple on Pizza?

  • Loving the series. 🍍

  • Ik I'm late but Mount Deserest

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  • Grian you said there are no rules but, what about the no helmet rule 😂😂

  • name the mountain ‘mount pineapple’ and you should call yousrself the ‘pineapple alliance’ or something lol

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  • i love how there are different people from diff minecraft series/groups here!! especially smallishbeans and dangthatsalongname, along with grian and scar, because i watch them so much!!

  • Grian: "this is meant to be a cooperative series" Grain on Episode 4: *kills 3 people with a TNT trap*

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  • Hawaiian pizza is pretty good actually, if you add onions, it balances the pineapple.

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  • pineapple gang B)

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  • Pfft, I never expected a playthrough promising lifeline experiments!

  • Accidentally killing someone it's the most Grain way to get himself into a difficult spot!!! You got yourself a very feisty pineapple to take care of Grian... This is going to be so hilarious...

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  • pen apple 🍎🍍

  • Ya’know, when I first saw this series, I thought they had to stay in 3rd person.

  • Instead of hoarding the dark oak, they should have taken the pine-apple

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  • This plan is “insand”!

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  • P I N E A P P L E also grian uses litematica (29:30 bottom left)

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  • You "accidentally" Killed pineapple 😂😂

  • I can already tell this series is going to be so exciting!! 🍍

  • MountEverSand should be the name of ur mountain of sand

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  • Basically this episode: Jumpscaring, accidental murder, monopoly, and pineapples.

  • my favourite fruit is pineapple :)

  • The hermits should do a team manhunt

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  • wHo LiVeS iN a PINEAPPLE uNdEr ThE sEa

  • Scar is jump of in ep 3 theree life

  • How is this the same as the first episode of season seven both have pranks made by grian where Scar dies

  • The pineapple is actually very delicious on pizza. I dont care who opposes me, too bad. You cant change my mind

  • I think there’s a house that’s slightly unclear about your starter house The mumbo-jumbo proof house

  • It would be really clever if someone managed to find a good reason to talk about pineapples in this comment section- I can't find a good way to relate it to the video, but I'm in a pinnaple-y mood.

  • InTheLittleWood seems like the type of person who likes pineapple on pizza

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  • Pineapple dude I stayed to the end! Yeah me! :P

  • You know the energy that this has is the same as getting a group of people together and asking “does pineapple belong on pizza” and I’m living for it!

  • scar gives off inosuke vibes

  • pineapples

  • Dream smp: hermit style

  • suddenly this series is turning into War once everybody goes on there 3rd life madness is coming

  • Scars name turned as yellow as a pineapple

  • i’m really liking this series better than hermetcraft

  • Skizzleman's message at 14:44 is priceless and yet it got ignored

    • Tragic that message was hilarious

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  • Pineapples don't belong on italian pies

  • Grian is monopolizing the pineapple desert