How did the Space Shuttle launch work?

Avaldati 1 okt 2020
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🚀Orbiter Vehicle animation:
👨‍🚀Check out the book "Riding Rockets" by Mike Mullane:
📺Also thanks to youtuber @Scott Manley for his help reviewing this video.
00:57-Space Shuttle parts
01:36-Launch Sites
06:05-Launch Pad
08:34-Launch Countdown
11:57-SRB Separation
12:53-ET Separation
13:44-In Orbit
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⌨Some of the 3D models in this video were purchased, however, I did make some modifications to them.
Space Shuttle:
Hubble Space Telescope:
International Space Station:
Spacesuit NASA ACES:
Launch Complex 39a:
Boeing 747:
📖Book Sources:
NASA Space Shuttle, 1981 onwards (all models), Owners' Workshop Manual
Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System by Dennis R. Jenkins
The History of the American Space Shuttle by Dennis R. Jenkins
Wings In Orbit: Scientifics and Engineering Legacies of the Space Shuttle
Riding Rockets by Mike Mullane
🌐Internet Sources: - The Space Shuttle (NASA/William Shatner) - Commentary of Shuttle Launches - Space Shuttle Launch STS-121 (HD 1080p) - Shuttle Era: External Tank and Solid Rocket - Shuttle Era: Orbiter Processing Facility - Shuttle Era: Launch Pads
🎵Music: (
Off We Go - Cody Martin (
Breaking Free - Cody Martin (
Alone - Emmit Fenn (EEclone Audio Library)
🟠Made with Blender 2.83, Cycles Render
🎧Here is some of the gear that I use for animation:
Graphics Card: GTX 1080ti
CPU: i7-8700k
Motherboard: Asus Prim Z370-A
Microphone: Samson Go Mic
Mouse: Logitech G600
Chair: Staples Gaming Chair
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