Songs That Shouldn't Work Together But Do #2

Avaldati 17 nov 2020
These mashups are INSANE!
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Another instalment of songs that shouldn't work together but do. It's incredible how some completely unexpected songs create the best mashups ever!
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Edited by Rikard Tholén


  • 6:11 the only thing better than that mashup is that movie. Mystery men forever! 😂👏🏻

  • Damn they did William Maranci dirty by choosing that one. His mashups are incredible!

  • You should look at Thomas writes sins not tragedies by Oneboredjeu music. It mashes Thomas the train music with writes sins not tragedies and it’s hilarious and I love it you should check it out!!

  • All i want for Christmas with wap....... tiktok destroid aIwfc hahahhaha

  • Creators : have their songs copyrighted. Roomie : hold my video. Creators : ok I got money thx bye

  • You should try dj comberbon. His Crazy Train + Earth & Wind is pretty insaneeeee

  • There are a Lot of really good William Maranci ones, but most of them are made to be bad/funny

  • Please check out the Ghostbusters/Thunderstruck mashup. works way better. Also the Another Brick In The Wall (pt2)/Stayin Alive one is super good

  • the trombone noises for the badwords its funny hahahaha

  • "I've forgotten about Rammstein" UNSUB

  • The limp biz kit one though😂

  • RNG mashup's is da best and roomie👍

  • Shooting star and Electric Love by WupWup Merp is amazing

  • You haven't heard a mashup until you've heard Justin Bieber - Baby x Slipknot - Psychosocial

  • how long you on 6,66 (666) xD

  • 6.66 mil subs...

  • 6.66 subscribers

  • where is cooking by the book ft. lil jon

  • xxxx

  • 6.66

  • Joel it's not here it's HERRE pronounced hurrrr

  • Who’s better Like: Roomie Comment: Black Gryphon

  • pls react to pillar theme x kda xdd

  • 6.66 mill subs lol

  • Y'all cans say this doesn't look like kwebblekop 5:22

  • CRAB GOD??????????

  • Roomie has 6.66 mil subs

  • 6.66 m Sub🤯

  • Guile theme vs Fresh Prince of Bel air..... enjoy :P

  • ehm roomie i think satan is back look your subs

  • You need to year goodnight n say so! In my opinion, it's the best mashup ever!

  • In these trying times getting down with the sickness isn’t very cash money

  • 9:22 Sean Paul?

  • Someone also made a mashup of Bohemian Rhapsody, Rocket Man, and the Pokémon theme song, and it actually worked.

  • The Disturbed one was waaaay too good.

  • I think roomie miss his dad

    • Pleasa make a song your voice is on point👌

  • LOL!!!!! Ed Sheeran shape of you and Disturbed Down With The Sickness was, HILARIOUS!!!

  • Aside from the DJ Cumberbund mash-ups, look for the Earth, Wind and Fire - 21st of september and Foo Fighters - Learning to Walk Again mash-up, it's amazing

  • I'm so simple. I see billie , I click.

  • 6.66m subs woah there

  • I also figured out that Under Pressure works really well with Ice Ice Baby which is cool


  • 6.66m subs, hmmm....

  • Anything with Vitas...

  • He does not realize that all star goes with any song.

  • you should check out Neil's other mashups

  • Maki ligon is legendary. Check out their mashups. Very high quality stuff

  • Mariah Carey & Marilyn Manson - all i want for Christmas is the beautiful people. You wont be Disappointed.

  • Räämstein😂😂

    • Do a part 3! Also kahoot plus six6nine9 is amazing

  • Pleasa make a song your voice is on point👌

  • most of these songs I'll leave outside for the ASL

  • They somehow 𝗽𝘂𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝘁 𝗼𝗳𝗳 𝗪𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝗴𝗹𝘂𝗲

  • You found the better mashups... Try listing the dreadful ones for reactionary purposes

  • this is just like black gryph0n's mashup but joel doesnt sing it or produce it I think

  • Yes joel, that IS e flat 5:37

  • I immediately went and listened to the Pokemon theme song 3x in a row after the mashup finished. Worth it

  • nice!!!

  • What do they do in this case with the copystrikes? The first one to strike keeps all the money?

  • 3:20 Jason Paige STILL sings like an angel! Some of these are hella Spicy/Jazzy.

  • petition for roomie to react to agoraphobic and dreamy night

  • i loved the seinfeld and limp bizkit mashup

  • Yes! I saw the Soulja boy and Mariah Karen one in august and I’m so glad it made it on here

  • Do a part 3! Also kahoot plus six6nine9 is amazing

  • U know, these videos are great!! Like I don't know how anyone could hate the RoomieOfficial!!

  • Do all Swedes have kinda cursed sense of humor?

  • dj noiz makes em good

  • Look up Andy Rehdfeldt, he is the master of mashups!

  • you should check out LemonDemon on spotify- he has mastered mashups before this tiktop crap

  • You should listen to all I want for Christmas is you -Mariah Carey and Welcome to the black parade - My chemical romance

  • All I want for Christmas also works well with the boku no Pico opening song 😂😂👌🏻

  • Don’t worry he wasn’t sticking the middle finger, he was just balancing apple juice 9:18

  • foo fighters and pokémon are me and my sisters dynamic

  • Bill McClintock makes INSANE mashups.

  • PaRt 3 pLz

  • Someone should’ve tried to mashup Ice Ice Baby and Under Pressure

  • He does not realize that all star goes with any song.

  • Doom eternal “the only thing they fear is you” and Soulja boy crank that are very good

  • I suggest you to react to popular anime openings next

  • fun fact: the all star/under pressure mashup was made by the man who sang two trucks

  • So glad you covered neilcicierega their mixes are amazing. I’d love if you did a video on just their mixes! Some of them are really funny and would work so well in a vid.

    • BRING BACK GROOVY Groovy /c̶o̶o̶l̶

  • I love it when Roomie gets super technical in describing why song mashups don’t work.

  • The Gotye vocal chopping and restructuring is really well done.

    • "It got a little bit off track there." Come on, Roomie, it can deliberately be off track there and still work. Feels like just a little bit of flavor to me.

  • Apple juice lol

  • HI

  • Roddy ricch - the box / Alice in chains - man in the box

  • pretty sure no one will see this, but I'm surprised we didnt see Magnetic North and Telephone mashed up. I mean hell, that was the whole gag for Magnetic North (By Alestorm).

  • If you like Pokémon and I think you’ll love Jonathan Young’s metal cover of the Pokémon theme with the original singer from the original song.

  • Bruh

  • That is daft punk w pharrel

  • Isn't it weird when your dad and mom are in a band so you know what roomie says when he talks about music

  • That Rammstein x Gaga mashup is god tier

  • 8:30 I would say the music is too loud for the singing but not gonna interfere with a pro just putting out my word

  • For a part 2 you should checkout the mash-up of AC/DC - Back in black and Oasis - Wonderwall. It's a masterpiece

  • BRING BACK GROOVY Groovy /c̶o̶o̶l̶

  • For Pokemon and Foo Fighters, I think you're overthinking it too much. The way I heard it, the Foo Fighters voice comes out more and the rhythm and general feel of Pokemon comes through, I don't really hear the clash, because I'm not looking for it. You're looking for clashes using music theory. But It's only theory, not law ;)

  • Bruh why your mic-stand so LARGE

  • Look up "Davidwiththelonghair 7 Rings suicideboys" and "7 rings BTS" for some great mashups

  • The first song mash up was dreadful and does not work

  • Disturbed and Ed Sheeran was really good!!!

  • React to Melanie Martinez carousel + lazytown we are number 1 please, it has a really good bop and a groove to it.