Most ANNOYING Songs of All Time #1

Avaldati 8 veebr 2021
Why are these songs are SO ANNOYING?!??
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  • I was waiting for the end and as it started I turned my volume off thinking it was Rick roll. Who els did that??

  • In year 6 we had to do the 5, 6, 7, 8, dance with the song

  • Akon is awsoommmeeee

  • Pop cat

  • Cotten eye joe is a bop.

  • I don't think he knows what happened to the wip and na na guy

  • People just don't like Through the Fire and Flames because it's so damn hard to play in Guitar Hero!

  • Me: ah yes a new Joel video I'll for sure love it as I always do ! Me washing the dishes 4 hours after watching the video: copa-copacabana Copa-copacabana.... FUCK

  • Very little of these are actually annoying in my opinion.

  • Crazy frog is a child song


  • I bust up laughing at the Nyan Nyan cat song EVERY. DAMN. TIME! I don’t know what it is with that stupid video/song. I see that rainbow farting poptart cat, and I lose my sh*t!

  • 13:31 be me and the monks at 3am.

  • 4:10 - 4:13 Squeaky and crazy GOOGAGA in backround

  • Me, British: Yeah... crazy frog. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE STOPPPPPPPP

  • I'm surprised Rebecca black's Friday isn't on this

  • Kill baby shark

  • [inserts who let the dog out] me : wait SMG4 DID YOU LET THE CHAIN CHOMP OUT

  • Rip Filthy Frank

  • Peter Griffin is happy you didn't dis bird is the word

  • yo i don't see any justin bieber songs, i think u wanted to protect our ears because we all know how trashy his music is, so thanks for not putting him here to destroy our dreams in the next 6 months

  • Man Eff you and your list! Most of these are amazing songs & are loved by millions..

  • Crazy frog amazing

  • Baby shark makes me lose hope in people and make me lose my will to live.

  • So annoying🙄🙄

  • I see nothing wrong with nyan cat 🐱

  • For me crazy frog is " unforgettable " ever as once heard.. it's that gd.. especially the beat

  • I only like this channel cuz it’s got a enough edits to make an old person pass out

  • 1:56 lets go

  • Crazy freg


  • ik a annoying song i think name: derp

  • I agree about the Ace of Base song. I think I have it on my ipod. I agree about Copacabana too. I like it because it's so catchy and maybe a bit silly. The Bryan Adams song was too sappy. The Bad Day song to me was just overplayed.

  • Who evers an idiot would comment all of the songs weren't annoying

  • The way he say it (3:45)

  • I love half of these songs

  • Oh man i love Nickelback its one of my favorat bands

  • Bad day is a great song. Bad Day and Biology and Lonely and Dont cha and Girlfriend taught me how to sing. soooo these songs can be annoying but awesome at the same time.

  • 1:01 now that’s my kind of jam

  • I think girlfriend is not annoying its awesone

  • I like womanizer

  • I like avril lavigne but when baby shark was on I was glad other people find it annoying but I would rather hit myself on the head for a week then listen to 5 seconds of baby shark

  • Everybody dance know? jeez that was a changed song know its a better one XD

  • Baby Shark is just Depeche Mode...Just can't get enough.

  • Why are these songs are SO ANNOYING?!??

  • lonly is act kinda awesome

  • Bad Romance is good tbh

  • U need to include some Caribbean songs there r a few that's annoying

  • Oy10?6, itunes ocb get a full uu and the dyusu juicy h

  • J read ring red Becky

  • create an annoying song

  • What is wrong with James

  • He forgot cringey

  • Hi🖐

  • Your voice is very very precious 💖

  • By the way what's up with Mel B's censorship? it's because the nipples?? o__o

  • Aserejé at least would earn a point for the lyrics XD, since it's the "gibberish english" these girls understood from Rapper's Delight song (The Sugarhill Gang). So classic here in Spain... too classic it's annoying XD

  • Tacata was 2nd most popular in my country...

  • Please not baby shafk

  • The Pina Colada Song. Need I say more?

  • Nyan cat is not annoying, it’s a headbanger

  • I was suffering this whole video

  • Me hearing barbie girl: Eyes + Bleach


  • unpopular comment but I actually love James Blunt and you're beautiful is one of my favorites.... I'm so sorry for that :-(

  • Roomie: Ah, baby shark Me: THAT IS THE RIP OFF BABY SHARK GET PINKFONG Also Me : *pushes ipad* Lol can u relate

  • where the fck is baby from Bieber that's annoying hahaha

  • The first one tho NO

  • 0:10 he's secretly dantdm

  • Me at the start of the video: *I am expecting kars 4 kids*

  • Is it just me or joel kinda looks like Cole spouse

  • when cotton eye joe went on I was like No!



  • Me when Axil F played: dies

  • I'm mad why bad day was in the list. -_-

  • I would way rather crazy frog than baby shark

  • Simanik is indian and almost all the early 2010 songs sounded like that

  • I was kind of mad about Watch Me Whip and watch me Nae Nae because that was like the most popular song they would play at school dances

  • Sexyback is not ann

  • Why do I like most of these -

  • The video: Playing Surfin Bird My Brain: PETER GRIFFIN?

  • Me loving girlfriend: 😢

  • Nanananana

  • I used to watch Nyan Cat for 10 Hours a week. Its an S+ on the adiction Tier list for me

  • Some of these songs shouldn't be on this list

  • Some of the songs I do not think they're annoying (Don't come at me it's just my opinion and I know most of the songs )

    • Name them. I liked Copacabana because of the throwback vibe.

  • New title: Joel Getting Annoyed By Songs Description: Like if you agree! 👍

  • "I also have a grandma" WHAT?! WHO KNEW!

  • 2:11-2:15 I swear I cannot stop watching

  • Oh my gosh you are pretty stupid baby shark in neon cat are supposed to be childish

  • the way he looked away while he just kept saying "yeah"

  • How tf isn't despacito on this??

  • 11:09 I couldn't stop laughing lol

  • 0:00 I don't think im ready

  • (Im weird) i like barbie girl song.

  • When you realise Barbie Girl was in the 2000's 😳😳

  • Nyan Cat is a meme, it gets stuck in your head, so that makes it annoying

  • Me telling my friends i love the song you're beautiful Me in the corner am i an alien.

  • Kul video höll med nästan på alla