VP Fly Debate Cold Open - SNL

Avaldati 11 okt 2020
Susan Page (Kate McKinnon) moderates a debate between Senator Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) and Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett).
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  • I died when “Kamala Harris” said “then he got down on one knee, and that’s when I knew, that he needed help up”😂😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  • She hit it on the nail. Amazing

  • They even have Kamala Harris hair on point in this sketch.

  • She plays Kamala Harris so well.

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  • I wonder what Kamala Harris thinks about the impression of herself?

  • 3:57 Kate McKinnon laughed right? hahahaha

  • 3:22

  • Funny how all of this is true

  • I just came here for Maya 3:56 here you weebs

  • Bro, she did KAmala better than Kamala did Kamala

  • 3:57 is that a jojo reference

  • Hella funny

  • They did spot on impressions.

  • honestly i prefer this kamala harris rather than the real kamala harris, she makes more sense 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This shines a favorable tone to Pence and D.T! Lol

  • Maya Rudolph is awesome!

  • What.... the.... I just.... this is the worst SNL skit I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying something

    • Biden2020

    • @Zachary Reitsma ok

    • @Connor's universe I read “one of the best” as “the best” my bad. But I still stand by what I’ve said. It’s clear I won’t change your mind. Good day Connor

    • @Zachary Reitsma i didn't say it was the funniest....

    • @Connor's universe come on, Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks was much funnier than this

  • This is disgusting

  • Whatver vanilla face

  • Let’s face it : you have watched this over 5 times

  • That was mildly funny. Haha. It is funny when they satirize BOTH sides. When hatred for one party causes their partisanship to show thru, it isn’t funny. Kimmel isn’t funny anymore bc his lines are written out of anger & hatred. And yes...Sleepy Joe DOES like to sniff people’s hair...esp young girls, so Biden as a fly on Pence’s hair was spot on!

  • The idea that government can cure diseases is absolutely silly. That said Maya Rudolph is an awesome Kamala.

  • Snl is liberal bull crap stay out of politics

    • Not at all I just believe in fair truthful reporting. Not just trashing one party

    • Aww little baby going to cry?

  • Maya Rudolph is so great as Kamala Harris! Best SNL opening in a long time! Ja-Biden will frack-you so good Pennsylvania, lol! "Everything is fine Herman" ha ha!

  • why is it so hard for democrats to say "it's republicans who are packing the courts, we must counter this attack on our democracy and the bill of rights."

  • Wait I thought this was the real debate

  • Haha what communist Hollywood and all these crap actors are

  • O

  • Don't know why SNL decided to made Kamala into a cool aunt instead of portraying how condescending, scripted, and lying she was. Till the end, Mike Pence took a step down and relate to the sad letter that speaks for the wanting unity Americans; Kamala still stayed in her robotic politics speech. That just shows how much the democrats representatives can't be humanized any longer. What's with this, why we are fighting for these bullshit parties, why don't we have more parties in power so this kind of bullshit wouldn't be shoving in the Americans' faces any longer.

  • The actual debate was funnier than this

  • Pence in 2024!! Kamala, Kimala or however you pronounce her name (notice the left didn't bitch and yell racism when Biden mispronounced her name), she is nothing but a two-faced liar. Every time she does into her sadistic laugh you know she is lying, such as when she claims she was only joking about believing women over Biden around sexual harassment saying "it was just a debate". What a liar. USA deserves better.

  • death note

  • My only disappointment was they didn't show that fly coming from Harris stinking crouch😅😅😅😅

  • TRUMP PENCE 2020

  • And all of the gays 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • They could have just used a camel

  • She did great with Kamala, we all know Pence ran that debate though.

  • 'How did trump ask you to be his vp?' "Oh my god. I can't believe those religious psychos, made me pick pence. Oops wrong person"

  • (Gotta walker) 6:00 - 6:34 😂🤣😂🤣😂!!!!! No clever words here, just check that one out LoL!

  • I honestly like, how the person impersonating harris is enjoying the fly on mike pence's head and who is the actor for mike pence?

  • Why did the audience not react to the HILARIOUS Mike Pence lines?!

  • This is so funny GO TRUMP 2020

  • 3:55 did anyone notice the jojo reference 😳

  • Announcer: America, we will have two new presidential candidates for 2024. Me: Awesome. Announcer: For the Democrats, it’s Kamala Harris, for the Republicans it’s Mike Pence. Me: Damn it, I thought we were done with this era

  • eeclone.info/glo/qJiTe6eto59fy6g/video

  • This was funny, but they could of made the fly part much better

  • This was so corny and unfunny.

    • @Limewire says the little kid. “2nd grader” more proof that you’re a little kid. You’re a weak little kid who is socially awkward. You’re weak

    • @Andre Johnson you’re not supposed to make yourself look like an idiot when you attempt to troll someone. You failed miserably.

    • @Limewire little kid is still in school and worries how things are spelled😂😂😂 ur ur ur ur, cry little baby

    • @Andre Johnson says the guy that spells like a 2nd grader.

    • @Limewire it’s called ur a little kid and you don’t understand satire so don’t act like you understand it little boy, ur a kid so u don’t react well to adult jokes

  • Vote Ja-biden 2020!😄

  • Funny when it is bipartisan instead we try to make one side the hero and the other the villain. Do better SNL as it is old and not sure what y'all gonna do if Trump wins

  • Kamala Harris makes Hillary Clinton look like a saint by her nasty demeanor

  • Horribly funny

  • Crazy ! Crazy ! Crazy ! 😁😁😁

  • If your skit is going to be this unfunny, please. Please. PLEASE. don't make it 12 fucking minutes long. Jesus Christ. I started watching this episode for bill burr and I actually had to stop watching before he even got to start his monologue

  • This was birthday, christmas and a snow day all wrapped into one! I can't even anymore!!!😅🤣😂 God Bless the USA

  • So slanted. Smh. Politics lately have just ruined television for me forever. Used to love some Saturday Night Live! Trump 2020!

  • what the difference between a bitch and a dork

  • Trump


  • She did great, VP im speaking lol, ty I needed a laugh With all theses bad jokes running around

  • The fly lol. I wasn’t expecting them to add it in but I cracked up when they did.

  • When he said Apartments.com I lost it

  • Trump 2020 and beyond

    • @Ron Norman little kid confirmed

    • @Andre Johnson what are you with Hunter Biden smoking crack ?

    • He’s a little kid that can’t vote

    • nobody asked :)

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • The moderator lady is a hot one

  • Loved the The Fly reference haha! It got so absurd!

  • Can I just say I love SNL and the Lincoln Project.... LMBAO 😂🤣😂 Lincoln Project can you please make your next commercial about that big ass Dictionary/Bible that the Orange Tang's administration gave Leslie on 60 minutes!!!


  • everything snl produces is gold, kate mckinnon is a wonder, maya rudolph is a star, and beck bennet is an excellent pence. the fly sketch i personally found crude and unfunny. i think it would have been better to have the whole fly thing be shorter.

  • SO MUCH OF SNL JUST SUCKS!!! , GOTTA DIG DEEP TO FIND ANY HUMOR HERE, UNLESS YOUR LAUGHING AT HOW PATHETIC THIS SKIT (h) is! PERFECT example of whats wrong in America. Anyone who is really entertained by this skit needs a life!


  • Hahaha get it? He doesn’t like jazz because he’s racist!! Brilliant

  • Trump help make the economy better....check your facts

    • who asked for ur opinion lmao

    • Awesome grammar

  • Cant wait to vote Trump

  • BOYCOTT APARTMENTS.COM BOYCOTT ANYTHING owned/run by CoStar. BOYCOTT COSTAR! Vile company that has a monopoly and sues everyone into bankruptcy so there is no competition, and no one is taking them down. It's time we start! Where do we go to report them? They need to be eliminated.

  • Stopped watching decades ago

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kate should have played Chris Wallace 😂

  • This is funny

  • Lysol to keeps the flies off her twat! That's where the fly came from!

  • Dont ever change SNL!! You guys ROCK !!

  • I Love SNL!! LMAO Hahahaha

  • Big Ten Football started up this past weekend, check out this spoof on the President claiming to be the reason for it coming back: eeclone.info/glo/r57FfauieI-J2pg/video

  • Imagine in hailing that disinfectant

  • Maya Rudolph is an amazing actress! Wow! She nailed it

  • Pence must have been really sweating!

  • Joe biden is a cheerleader of the fxcking China

  • Dr. Handsome Liar tho 😂😂😂

  • Joe Biden Confuses President Trump with George Bush, “4 More Years of George, Uh George…Uh” (VIDEO) twitter.com/i/status/1320530967619084288 25 Oct 2020

  • So this witch Kamala was sitting few feet away and did not mention to him about the fly to him while he was on National TV. Wow ! That tells a lot about her.

  • Nice JoJo pose very well hidden

  • Holy not funny batman!

  • They are all acting geniuses!

  • *The Herman Cain bit was in poor taste. I guess that is what happens when you substitute cocaine for writing talent.*

  • This could just be ten minutes of pence beating the shit out of khamala

  • If you close your eyes it REALLY sounds like Kamala

  • Very demented to have Herman Cain on here. And yes, he had cancer. btw, Pence destroyed Kamala in this debate.

  • TRUMP 2020!!

  • That was hilarious they killed it

  • A- for intention F for execution