SCP-990 Dream Man (SCP Animation)

Avaldati 18 nov 2020
TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-990 Animation.
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SCP 990, also known as Dream Man, is generally a human male dressed in a Cold War era business suit who appears to Foundation personnel through dreams.
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  • I love how Rubber's mouth is like a cat's

  • SCP-999 Safe Class Objec please

  • plot twist: this guy is a speed runner

  • Maybe we can dream about a highly secure prison and that can stop him?

  • A lot of people are getting SCP-990’s revelations mixed up as this is in reference to the SCP-001 proposal “past and future” that relates to the planet of hands. Highly recommend reading the whole thing or watching the exploring series’s videos on the proposal.

  • Hay I see him he said you will die of in 2023

  • The thing is the pain is reall thats not fake i literlly felt the same thing when i was having some kind of a dream

  • RIP agent 2:01

  • “The primary mover behind what we know as scp-001 above all other things is love” I have a feeling this is referring to how scp-999 can stop scp-001 and that’s what he’s saying, looking at the video about scp-999 and how it can potentially stop scp-001 with its power of love

    • I had another view of it as to the "Why?" Story, it involves "something" in our heads that every human being has, that said something is the one that allows us to feel "Love, Pain and Feelings" that has impacted humanity negatively, I took it more on that view, since that "something" was so different, that the SCP Foundation waged war agains't all humanity, some of the Foundation being "cured" of that "something" , some of the people who learned the truth started to go insane and attempted suicide. It's a very neat story.

  • Minecraft

  • Its scp 682 that hasnt been born yet

  • Who else thinks the scp that hasn’t been born yet that 990 said would end the world is the last baby of the seven wives of the scarlet king

  • I just realised something in the story about the scarlet king it said he despises hate anger and violence and here it said 001 is love above anything else coincidence?

  • and I thought it was a normal dream

  • I see him in my dreams

  • he's real

  • Object classes don't always mean they're dangerous It just means easy/hard they are to contain (For those who don't know yet)

  • 001 I think he means the scarlet king

  • Is the 3rd revelation supposed to lead to SCP-5000 “Why?”

  • She? Three digits? Not born yet? Is this mystery character SCP-053?

  • By any chance is it scp-053

  • les just talk about the fact that the key to SCP-001 is love and not violence I think this is where SCP-999 comes in :D

  • wait so he isnt a keter class but a thaumial.. since he helps the foundation reduce threats

  • I think I will work for SCP foundation to get answers on the tests of school, Haha I'm smart.

  • hmm looks like the one that dreams about him have a spirit realeasing skill :/

  • I know who is scp-001 his father is scp-343

  • Ummmmm oh I see him in my dreams except I stay alive

  • Oh shit... SHE HASNT BEEN BORN YET... looks like Montauk failed.....

  • Dream is getting more overrated Everytime the word "dream" is in a title to the point when im goin to call yall stans

  • My time to shine.

  • 3:47 like you are right now?

  • So the dream man talks about the Scarlett king

  • Does he mean SCP-053

  • So basically he is a wanna-be freddy krueger

  • How to kill SCP-001 Step 1: love

  • yo 990 is always in my dreams and i`m a kid i don`t even have a job

  • Short Report: we have currently attributed the events of 990-07 to tie in somewhat with the grim future foretold by the recording when first entering 1678. Remember: SECURE, CONTAIN, PROTECT.

  • idk but i feel no one here knows about scp -001 like does no one know what scp-990 is talking about?

  • Yo, 001 can see these dudes?

  • i think the SCP he predicted is 045 just a theory

  • I once dreamt 990 said to me the world is ending,I punched his faceLmao

  • Have you thought about making video about SCP - 001? I truly dont understand well who/what it is?

  • Him: SCP-990 keeps people trapped in their dreams. My horror fan ass: So Freddy Krueger has a cousin?

  • I feel like scp 990 is a thamiel more than a keter.

  • The threatening scp he mentioned is soon to be birthed by 231-7

  • The design reminds me of DC comic's The Presence.

  • That's jose rizal

  • Plot twist: LALI HO

  • Imagine you stealed the Hat

  • This man wants to make the SCP universe have an actual narrative lmao. Sure, maybe in the next life.


  • It’s the gman

  • For me, SCP-990 appears to be an traveler of Time and mirror dimensions. If it's so, then he can deduct to most possible outcome of any given situation and is also existent in a phantom state that is more or less trapped between different world lines...

  • Oh

  • Did u make a vid on The Who of what he mentioned

  • OMG finally scp 999

  • when i first saw the moons i thought that they where chips

  • I saw the scp whete i was 3

  • Easy if he only goes to the people who are in scp foundations I would say have nobody leave but what I’m really thinking is a uhm nvm can’t describe it because I can’t spell ;-; like the thing that contains the old man and see if it works

    • Wait the scp that is a threat is a girl FINALLY IT ISNT A MALE OR IT DOESNT HAVE A F-CKING GENDER

  • Wow 990 was talking about 058

  • Sounds like the premise to ID invaded

  • I only have 1 question... Why is he not green?

  • Is it weird that i have seen a guy like that in my dreams??

  • so this dude is just a mad lad that can tell the future

  • *_This reminds me of that 'Have You Seen This Man?' poster._*

  • Hehe lol

  • maybe the she he talked about was scp 53 or it’s a scp that’ll never exist to keep it’s mystery

  • The bad one is scp 053

  • I’d say scp 053 or scp 847

  • Everyone:SCP-990 Me:The best speedrunner

  • So we can think that SCP-001 is probably the scarlet king, as it's known weakness is SCP-999, which gives kindess and love to overthrow the scarlet king. It could also be the gate guardian, but I don't believe he's referencing him, as he isn't shown to show any emotion, or have any personality or feelings at all. Unless it's the papers or the factory or something, and 990 is messing with our head (also about the warning of the redacted scp, it could be the young girl, or maybe a child of I'm the seven brides. (or 999 ;-;)

  • G-Man himself

  • Plot Twist: SCP-990 Is an alternate universe version of the stand Wonder of U

  • Could 990 be talking about 231-7??

  • He’s all dripped out.

  • I created a story about an entity in a dream although mine is a lot different. Mine is hostile towards the 'dreamer'.

  • It's obviously question.

  • So that means only SCP-999 can save us.

  • Imagine you have a dream were you walk along a path and then see SCP 990 stand in front of you

  • SCP-990: "Now SCP-001 can't find us." Me: "Which one?" SCP-990: "...."

  • Maybe the SCP that 990 was saying is 053 or the phetus from other one

  • I heard mid-Europe and now I don't feel safe here anymore.

  • scarlet king is scp-001 confirmed. love refers to scp 999.

  • Imagine watching it when your company going sleep

  • The real question is *What is the scp he was talking about?*

  • This is dream speeddreaming in real craft Edit:(real) life mine (craft)

  • Anyone peep that... She has been born yet. Daughter of the scarlet king confirmed?

  • I have a feeling that SCP-001 is the reason for the event that took place in the SCP-5000 article. Let me explain: In the third revelation by 990 in 9:16, he said "The primary mover behind what we know as SCP-001, above all other things, it's love.". In the SCP-5000 article, it seems that the Foundation has removed the humanity, as well as the emotion of its members involved in the wiping out humanity thing. Love is an emotion and the actions of the Foundation in the SCP-5000 lacked love, so what I'm trying to say, they eliminated humanity in an attempt to eliminate SCP-001 as 001 works possibly through emotion, especially love.


  • Scp-001

  • He seem familiarity

  • I see him...

  • Who else thought that the moons looked like potato chips-?

  • He seems like a pleasant guy

  • *SCP-999 is the key.*

  • If love is what does stuff for 001 is it a Subaru?

  • Hold on, it’s just bill cipher

  • I did have a dream a man was at the city telling me a crisis

  • How much you wanna bet that he's talking about the scp known as the little girl

  • Is he talking about the little girl. Who is considered to be death?