Film Theory: Follow The Rabbit... Decoding The Walten Files.

Avaldati 10 juuni 2021
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Finally, there is a Five Nights At Freddy's type of content I can cover on Film Theory. Theorists, welcome to The Walten Files. It is a video series created by Martin Walls and we HAVE to talk about it. It is not your standard haunted animatronic eatery story. Sit back and grab a snack as I introduce you to the series you NEED to know, what it's telling us, and where I think it is going. Just press play....

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0:00 - What is The Walten Files?
7:25 - Special Thanks To Google One
9:27 - Piecing Together The Timeline...


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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Banana splits is honestly just funny

  • tbh i loved sha the sheep at the start, and them the horror started

  • "The other bunny because redundant" the 13 different versions of Bonnie laughing in the distance

  • Sophie is wearing red🤦‍♀️

  • scott cawthon is jealous of this series and he wishes he thought of it because its way scarier and overall better LUL scott get owned

  • The amused creature normally reduce because peony primarily blot mid a spectacular fly. female fertile, finicky tortoise

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  • my theory: i guess susan died from thirst/starvation and later her corpse was found by bon and then stuffed into the purple rabbit?

  • Hey everyone Spell ICUP or else...

  • wa-wa-walten

  • Game theory is so massively successful that google themselves sponsered you

  • Jesus Christ loves you.

  • i liked willy's wonderland - it was hilarious!

  • Also the creator said that freddy fazbear is present in this universe, but nothing ever bad happened there

  • wawa walten :sunglasses:

  • What if Scott Cawthon secretly gave this guy the task to make an extremely fucked up version of FNAF because FNAF has become too big of a franchise and Scott spends too much time maintaining it instead of doing what he wants

  • Wa-wa-Walten bish Û3Û

  • Wa-wa-Walten

  • the cover art for The Walten Files remind me of stage four of Everywhere At The End Of Time ... well, coincidentally, sophie is taking these mystery pills to forget, and also that one tape where it played the song "It's just a burning memory" in the background

  • carefull

  • ßóül

  • wa wa walten

  • Willy Wonderland was like a train wreck gone right

  • Wa-wa_walten

  • wa-wa-walten, Wait Sophie’s wearing red not purple

  • Wa-wa-Walten

  • Wa-wa-walten


  • BON was in special strike rebellion:D

  • It’s always the vhs cartoony 2D characters that always give the creeps but are so hard to look away.

  • Wa-Wa-Walten we wanna watch them

  • wa-wa-Walten

  • Ok the google 1 sounds cool but what I’m asking is if it supports apple devices……………just asking…………..

  • Do the faces of the robots mean anything? Bon looks like he's sad. The purple rabbit looks angry and that humanoid animatronic looks tired or bored.

  • Wa-wa-Walten!! Yes, Matt, I'd love to see more of this covered.

  • Oh boy! Wa-wa-walten

  • Wa-wa-Walten

  • How do you sleep at night....

  • The comment at 6:32 being given a classic censored bar is called Sy05 which is base64 code for K9. I have a feeling that brian gave bon a laptop and a youtube account.

  • Wa-wa-walton

  • I will never unsee that will I

  • Wa-wa-walten

  • Wa-wa-walten

  • I found these two scenes 12:10 12:33 kind of similar to the first scene in the movie Us where you see caged rabbits and the scene where the woman talks about a the story of a girl and a dark shadow.

  • I’m so glad that Edd Crouse is staying relevant that always makes me laugh

  • hy does shadow man kinda look like Mr game and watch lol

  • wa-wa-walten: Martin Walls replied to Sy05's comment on the first tape in Morse code that translates to "SEE YOU IN THE BACK DOORS+" so that's cool


  • Wa-wa-walten

  • wa wa walten :0

  • Thx for the theroy. I've got a Game Theroy request/challenge for you. Can you try to piece together the timeline of everything that happens in Count the Ways? I'm confused on where it fits on the FNAF timeline. Edit: If you do end up seeing this and make a vid. and mention this comment, please blur out my name. :)

  • Wa-Wa-walten

  • martin had replied to the redacted comment now, its morse code and it says see you in the backrooms, it seems important.

  • QXJlIGxpZmUgaXMgYSBsaWUgeWV0IG1vcnRhbHMgbGlrZSB5b3UgZ3V5cyBzdGlsbCBlbmpveSB0aGlzIGxpdmluZyBoZWxsIHBlb3BsZSBjYWxsIGxpZmUgYXMgZm9yIG1lIEkgYW0gbGl2aW5nIGluIA0KYSBwYXJhZGlzZSBjYWxsZWQgaGVsbCBidXQgeW91IGd1eXMgdGhpbmsgaGVsbCBpcyBhIGJhZCBwbGFjZSwgSSBob3BlIG9uZSBkYXkgSSBnZXQgdG8gbWVldCB5b3Ugd2l0aCBhIG1vcnRhbCBzb3VsIGFuZCBib2R5

  • Wa-Wa-Walter. Imagine they made a game of this because this is so cool

  • When it said shadow man I thought you were talking about Marvin😅

  • 10:28 lol what the heck scout

  • Wa wa Walten

  • wait shadow man bo3 zombies?

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  • Wa wa walten

  • Jack is most likely bon

  • Plenty surprised with the quality of this episode! Wa-Wa-Walten.

  • Isn’t Sophie’s uniform red? It looks nothing like purple to me


  • My name is anthony....

  • Wa-wa Walten.

  • Sophie is bon

  • I know

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  • Wa-wa-walten: seriously, this stuff is creepy

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  • You now my man is big when he's sponsored by google

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  • what is the color of the circle? you have games, films and food what is next?.

  • Willy's Wonderland felt like I was watching someone's dream after they played too much Five Nights

  • Sophie is red

  • Wa-Wa Wario #1 :D

  • * Matt talks about how Scott has Mutty timelines * (Scott leaves couple days later). HMMMM

  • No... No.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Walten files is horrifying I can watch this without the bunny that looks like Bonnie and the Clown*

  • I feel like no one noticed that in 11:30 you can see the man in the back.

  • I live in Pinckney not far from briton

  • Hey man i hope you get this comment, cause there is another video similar and possibly related to the Walten Files you may wanna see.

  • After watching "Lucky You" I have began to think that big boy bunny is being forced, or that sofie has a big relation to to bunny being in the suit, as if sofie was the one who made jack beautiful, or the shadow man did, and sofie is some relative that bunny wants in the his family The birthday party is also crucial to the story(duh) because some of those kids are linked to bunny, assuming that there are more souls or kids taken that haven't been shown.

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  • susans face is chill factor

  • If theorist HQ was real I’d apply

  • Wa-wa-Walten.

  • You know when Matt pat gets sponsored it's gonna be a wild ride

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  • Wa-wa-Walten

  • I've stared at the missing poster for days on end by now. Jack Walten's poster physically seems near impossible to readd 06-11. 1974 is consistant no matter how long I stare at it. But 06-11? No.

  • Wa-wa-Walten

  • I dare everyone to count how many times he says horror in all of his videos. Thats right, you cant