NEW Lamborghini Urus Review: The Ultimate SUPER SUV? 4K

Avaldati 12 veebr 2021
Fast SUVs are ten a penny these days. Rory hops aboard the original super-SUV to find out whether it's still king of the hill, or if rivals have begun to catch up.
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  • I just watched your GTR vid and you used the exact same line: “biggest brake discs of any production car.”

  • rather a r8

  • Not a fan with Lamborghini, i prefer the Cayan turbo S.

  • big and ugly..

  • The one tin of beans make u fart less

  • learning five italian words can't be that bad. Consider non english speaking people have to learn many new words every now and then... anyway love your chanel

  • Sorry that is an ugly suv. Nothing special.

  • Subscribed!! Great car and review!🔥

  • Here is the best channel for me to watch brand new cars and improve my English simultaneously as an Automotive Engineer. I appreciate it.

  • Still slower than a Dodge Durango Hellcat from a dig. :P

  • Ugly

  • Why I'm I watching this, this thing is ugly wow. Not for me, I don't like range rovers but they look better.

  • incredibly honest review. subbed

  • Lamborghini urus mansory edition my dream car إن الله هو الرزاق ذو القوة المتين اللهم إني أسألك من فضلك و رحمتك فإنه لا يملكها إلا أنت

  • Isnt this guy the one who is commentating in manu highlights

  • I'd go for the Urus simply because I like the way it looks. The Urus is one of a handful that considers itself an SUV, but it's styling is definitely not traditional. Plus I expect to get tons of fun from it .

  • That's a full-on Porsche engine in there. Lambo tunes it way up to 650, whereas Porsche stops at 550 for reliability.

  • Saw this car a few days ago. Amazing looking.

  • His a Great presenter

  • Nobody: The subtitles: UTERUS.

  • Rory is a premium quality presenter, and a superb writer. Listening to him is a Shakespearean experience. Brilliant. As for the Lambo, the car / SUV seems perfect for the former rich playboy bachelor who is now a new dad.

  • Video quality 😍😍

  • But he didn't tell us the difference between the 2 cans 😁

  • Super School bus

  • Best car reviewer ever! I feel like I’m been taken on a journey with him each time! Top class videography and presentation 👏

  • "No one is stupid enough to take a 170k punds to off road". meanwhile TheStradman taking this Aventador in snow, ice and changing the wheels for them tank ones like its nothing.

  • Cool review...I did not like the vehicle though...looks rugged.🤗

  • Sabia=sand Neve= snow Terra= earth

  • I have Scotty.🙄

  • Who is here after kartik aaryan bought this car

  • Still not sure why you would pay the difference from an Audi RSQ8...

  • Ne vrijedi ni 70.000

  • We are here for kartik Aryan😂 reviews who recently bought this amazing car

  • I see them a lot where I live but I do not understand why anybody would buy this car. It costs $200,000 dollars and it looks like a regular SUV, you need to look hard to realize it is a lamborghini.

  • 2:20 the Audi stole the moment a bit didn't it

  • This costs 350k pounds in India. Over half of it goes as taxes.

  • This guy is the colion noir of cars.

  • Try tasting the cheap beans to the expensive ones and see how they taste so 😂

  • Love your channel because of a thorough review. I really was not feeling the Urus. Your comparison was informative and validated my feeling that the Urus is not all that.

  • I need a new car for the school run. Got one as long as I can get a baby seat.

  • If lamborghini want to move the goalposts then what their v12 in there

  • First time viewing the channel I love the content as someone who works in the automotive industry. 👍

  • I watch this show only to hear Rory classy and elegant.

  • Shelton Benjamin

  • Which is more beautiful and powerful than that?

  • Sounds like range rover sport on crack.. hahahahah

  • An Audi RSQ8 wearing LV shoes

  • I wanted a car that does 189, not one that needs rounding up.

    • Couldn't agree more. 189 is plenty, unless CNN are buying.

  • rent one! i recommend it strongly. 1 quarter million dollar saved :)

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  • asmu

  • aol556668

  • Nice Subaru Forester STI at 3:00, pretty rare these days.

  • So you pretty much can buy that high-trim Audi Q7 and flex it as Lamborghini Urus and no one can argue.

  • 7:17 it should be "falling off a building and kicked by a bull"

  • $ellout .. both ... car .. and .. the presenter .. -) ..

    • Say waaa .. ?!? ..

    • Wat

  • a little mistake in the video is that it is not based on the Q7 but the Q8 instead

    • The Q8 is based on the Q7. Therefore...

  • kicked by a bull not a horse.

  • Like a space ship😂😂😂😂

  • Bro stop kidding.... 😀 All fast cars are highly priced....🤣 Don't compare Audi vs Lambo ....😁

  • It's a Audi engine but Audi can't compete with Lambo....! engineering , production, design, fast car interior, wheels, gears...all counts for high price of Lambo urus....😋 Lambo is not a brand it's art of @engineering & years of team @hardwork 😋😃😘

  • U saw the new one

  • I love this beast

  • Nobody takes a 170k urus off road: Harry Metcalfe enters chat....

  • Me here after watching this car in js films video😂😅

  • Maybe one ill buy one if I'm able


  • 0- whatever violently 😂🤣

  • I wanna see a V12 Lamborghini truck

  • The perfect solution when the grocery store is open for three more minutes and you live out in the country!

  • Going from zero to wherever violently!😂

  • Oye! Why did you throw those perfectly good tins of beans???

  • I love your reviews but the constant mispronunciation of names really makes my ears hurt 😅

  • 3:04 Is this legal?

  • 7:12 when I'll buy my first Urus..:') tears kept falling down on my pillow

  • Around 5mins, he is getting to the nub of much of it. The Lambo is an Audi. A fantastic Audi, with a Lambo badge. But an Audi nonetheless.

  • Wasnt the Range Rover SVR the first super SUV?

  • Should've atleast compared the Urus with the RS Q8 (on which it is actually based) instead of the base Q7 🤦‍♂️

  • Lamborghini Urus with its 650 horsepower, is a beast in wool wack leather, and it is so fucking beautiful Suv racer❤️❤️❤️

  • Video quality and narration is top notch.

  • ​#HOGE Finance Coin to the moon!! get in before it hits more exchanges...🚀🚀🚀

  • Hey what is that design showing on widow when you are driving through a farm road

  • Audi in a Lambo? Pure stupidity.

  • You are one of the best out here

  • 5:53 they are italian words: sabbia = sand, terra = dirt and neve = snow

  • What a car! Brilliant review too! That is apart from ... "its a Turbo charged V8 and you might not expect it to sound very good" really?? Haha I don't think id ever sit in a Turbo V8 and expect it to sound anything other than amazing

  • The quality of the content is just straight up “BEAST MODE”...!!!

  • give this man a tv show!!

  • Long back I just subscribed u only for the fabulous way you present any car like Noone does.... 🙂👌👌

  • He's trying so hard to hype it up even as far as saying that it might even beat a supercar on the track after saying that it's just a rebranded Audi Q7. Lol That's not how it works, chief.

  • 💋🚗

  • My dream Lambo!

  • I really love that New subscriber here

  • So it's about 30% slower on 0--60 than a Model 3.... nope.

  • You'll be eating beans to insure it 🤣

  • Love this guy

  • Audi RS Q8 is the equivalent comparison, alongside the Cayenne Turbo, not the diesel Q7

  • Range Rover sport on crack😂

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