Why won’t Starship have an abort system? Should it?!

Avaldati 16 dets 2019
Time stamps:
00:00 - Intro
3:05 - How abort systems work
5:25 - Space Shuttle Safety Margins
10:40 - What Made the Space Shuttle so Dangerous?
16:00 - How Starship Will Differ from the Space Shuttle
21:00 - Engine Reliability
30:25 - Starship Abort Options
34:30 - Do Abort Systems Actually Make a Rocket Safer?
38:55 - How to Improve Rocket Safety Without an Abort System
41:50 - Are Launch Abort Systems Necessary for Human Spaceflight
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  • This thing is supposed to replace airliners now. Like you're ever going to be allowed to shoot ICBMs at population centers while subjecting passengers to 25Gs.

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  • This video came out a year ago and it is safe to say that whatever Space X did not include in the plan at that time is under revision currently. Who knows what Starship will look like a year or 2 from now when a working model is finalized.

  • What if each astronaught had a bullet proof glass bubble surrounding their seats, with a parachute attached

  • That 0.5% succesfull abort made the difference in between death and life. I go for an abort system.

  • at the end, if they wanna make rockets as safe as planes... don't ever make an abort system. Thank you so much for making me full of knowledge without paying anything.

  • One thing this video fails to factor in is the sheer number of launches and reentries a fully crewed and operational Starship is expected to have - far more than the total amount of crewed spaceflight missions in history presented in the grid chart.

  • Does NASA’s predicted safety model take into account human errors?

  • The lunar starship could use its lunar landing engines to abort off of the super heavy booster.

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  • starship will not use for ascend with crew, it's will use for transport fuel from earth to startport and from starport to Moon and Mars

  • There's also the fact that they want the starship to be able to carry a lot of people. 100 people was cited at a time, but i don't know if that number is still on the table. Even if there are 50 people on board, that would be a very large abort module, big rockets and lots of fuel. But i don't think that they will be allowed to carry anywhere near that many people until it's proven to be extremely safe, so it could have some kind of smaller abort system for fewer people until it reaches that kind of reliability.

  • Excellent

  • Redundacy of Falcon 9 engines requires that they deeply searched eliminated any systematical failure that could lead to events causing ALL engines failing from the same cause (common modes, that for instance caused the Ariane 501 loss)

  • yeah, I got the same doubt a few days back.

  • Starship _is_ an abort system... For earth

  • Hello Tim, Not sure if you’ll see this but I’d like to congratulate you on producing such an amazing post. Excellent research, clear explanations and confident presentation. You rock, man!

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  • the star ship is the aport system....

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  • The only abort system, I need the parashoot. Ok enough jokes. They just need to destroy/break apart the oil tanks and land the top of starship(main) and land the shuttle.

  • cargo ship

  • YES

  • "wings are a flaw for flying" tell that to birds and airplanes stupid

  • You could just seperate the srbs and then detach the shuttle

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  • Better to HAVE ONE and Not Need It... Than the other way round!!!

  • It really seems that NASA was just not good at engineering.

    • if you see all the flights of rockets designed from engineers of NASA or only parts of space stations, and in the 99 percent of the programs they need more budget, they do what they can with the budget they have and in apollo, with practically inlimited budget, with only a little of experience, they done historical landings

  • Space shuttle dangers one of them is the SRB's

  • Put in an abort system with no engines.

  • 24:53 "Before, vertical landing was considered impossible". That doesn't sound right. There have been several vertical landings, for example, mcdonnell douglas DC-X, and basically any landing on the surface of another celestial body starting with Luna-9. On paper, the technology has been around since early 60's it just wasn't required from R&D to implement it because everything revolved around making ICBMs better.

  • Airlines also had a business motivation -- people saw the economic potential in air travel that would never take off if the public saw it as too risky. When space travel gets to the point of showing an obvious economic potential, the stakes will shoot up and money will be brought to bear on the problem. Airlines were still working things out in the 1970s e.g. with wind shear on landing. It seemed that every summer a plane dropped out of the sky at EWR.

  • I look at the record,We perfected along the way I am convinced that this is indeed a far better option.THOSE ENGINES Can NOT FAIL and They WON’T

  • The Space Shuttle was the only NASA vehicle that had no launch abort system and we can see how that worked out.

    • Michael, everybody knows that, that's the point of this video.

  • Airplanes have wings and can be gliders. Helicopters have auto-rotation. Rocket have none of that.

  • I think because is only a prototype?...maby later when they are ready for people they going to use it...🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Where did you get the rockets that are behind you?

  • Cause abort systems are for sissies

  • You really need Wil Wheaton on your channel Separated at birth

  • Reporter: What kind of Abort system will you have in a Starship? Tim:I prefer no Abort system as I'm not flying

  • no it is perfect so why waist money on that?

  • apollo 1 faild

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  • You would experience 10Gs During and Abort System *I think I’d rather explode*

  • I just want escape pods 🤣 lmao

  • Sometimes I don't get dislikes. Who would dislike this video??? Why take the time?

  • It should, otherwise it would make it the next Space Shuttle. Emember-Rae the allenger-chay insident?

  • Skip to 44:53 if you want the final conclusion without suffering through all the Elon Musk fellatio. Spoiler alert abort systems are useless because Elon said so.

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  • Happy N Y Tiim. Fins are Electrcally operated by servos. P🇦🇺

  • Just put in this way: The Titanic at that time was claiming to be the safest vessel on the sea and than what? How about if it didn't happen no safe boats? Considering that some of rhem failed to be released during that tragic accident. Safety comes first, period. We don't get health insurance expecting to be sick. We get it "if", just in case. No regrets here.

  • I've ordered the tri motor fsd cyber truck..BADASS!! No One Does What Elon Does..the S is my next buy..I love SPACE X TOO

  • Well, my seatbelt had never saved my life yet. . .do i not need it then?

  • I wouldn't make to much of the lack of an abort system. We want the Starship and what comes next to be as reliable as commercial airliners. Space travel has to become mundane. I wouldn't doubt that one day in the future one of the spacecraft, or habitations, will undergo a horrific accident which kills hundreds in an instant. You know, like then a commercial airliner crashes. Commercial airline accidents kill hundreds of people at a time, but yet there is virtually no change in the number of people lining up to get onboard the next flight. Air travel has become mundane. Space travel will one day enjoy the same status.

  • When I board an Airbus I am not given a parachute.......but I know that this Airbus is flying every day for years.......

  • iT'S a real threat.

  • Don't let foreign governments hack ....SPACE-EX......................................................

  • testing of rockets shoulD BE DONE ON THE TEST STANDS....Like run them till they faIl .....then beef them up like....the Harley Davison V_ROD......That is a best comparison I can tell you

  • ...just use condoms!...

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  • Isn't there an infamous story that the only reason the Space Shuttle was approved was that they build a toy model for then-President NIxon to play with?

  • why wont Space X use paratchuts

  • I think I’m right there with you. No need for abort systems. Weed out all issues over many launches of reusable systems. The percentage of failures will lesson over number of launches. So the percentage of possibility needing to abort will lesson. There is still a percent chance of crashing in an airplane. Still there are no abort systems for those. We will get there someday with rockets! 👍🏻

  • Starship is the launch abort system on top of super heavy, don't you agree.

  • wouldn't tungsten be a better heat shield?

    • Tungsten is so heavy that it'd almost take all the weight of the payload possible.

  • 1 death is 100% failure 15 deaths is criminal negligence

  • Suggestion #1: dial down your scenecut music... Annoyingly loud.

  • Airplanes need hundreds of test flights to get certified. Rockets only need one. Surely there's room for improvement.

  • 5,894 orbital launches? EVER? That's rookie numbers. I don't know what spaceflight subsidies are like already, but we should be heavily subsidizing uncrewed spaceflight to gain experience in reliability and automation.

  • alot of those millions of parts are actually passive systems so they are highly unlikely to fail.

  • thumbs up

  • I just think that has SpaceX thought about any abort options which might work while their starship is on the moon/mars???

  • wow this guy is sheer enthusiasm. you can really feel it.

  • Thanks for this amazing video. The question abort system y/n is not an engineering question, but an ethical question: Can it save lifes? Yes! Did it save lifes? Yes! Do you need an abort system? Yes! My opinion. Love your channel!

  • @ Everyday Astronaut What is the name of the game/program at 32:38?

    • @Lee Abeille Thanks

    • KSP

  • SS is an abort system from SH?

  • Everyday Astronaut surely Elon Musk best youtuber friend.

  • 4:05 ejection seats are terribly old names! they now have a fancier name: Life grabbing High G load space couch system (LAHGSPCS) Which Gus Kerman blames for its long and unrhymed name, and walt kerman's hazmat suit really worked.

  • excellent and very informative i never knew that i didn't know anything about rockets

  • just seen one of these rockets land into the sea could starship have airbags fitted in case of a failure and then land in the sea then tow it to a dock in an emergence ????????????????

  • "rapid unscheduled disassembly" is probably the best expression for something blowing up :'D

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  • 'order of magnitude'. Trying to sound like Elon

  • I would most definitely fly on a rocket and even StarShip without an abort system. I know that space costs money, but sometimes I feel like space companies are going to slow and should speed up the production rates. Like with both Blue Origin and some of the others, still not sending up passengers, "Really". So, it is my opinion that we need to speed up, we need to push harder. We need to stop dicking around.

  • This shit's crazy.

  • now we know why, the nose cone is so protected by the rest of the rocket that it will survive the crash anyways XD

  • Why didn't NASA use stainless steel back then, if it sounds like the very simple and cheap solution? What are the downsides, can someone tell me?

    • stainless steel works best only on reuseable rockets

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  • Something you spoke about Tim, indirectly-without stating what should be the rule-is: a non jettisoned exterior-situate re-entry module crew compartment should never be situated below a leading edge which disintegrates at launch.

  • If abort systems have rairly been needed, then yeah, screw them. I'd do it!

  • Do you have more beginner level vids? stuff like what is the point of a two stage rocket? why not just run one engine longer instead?

  • Video List: Lunar Base I'd love to know the latest for Lunar Orbiter/Base plans

  • No i wouldn't get on it until it's flown 20 times

  • Guy looks like will wheaton

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  • Hasnt the airline safety also has to do with the safety refulations of ESA and FAA. To be honest i do not know how it works within the space industry. But if Boeing has increased its reliabilty for its airplanes. It is noticed by the FAA and implemented for future airplanes. This improvement can also be used by EASA and maybe made mandatory for Airbus. So hasnt it also have to do with cooporation between safety agencies and rocket companies?

  • Good or bad... they are necessary