How PlayStation and Xbox Name Their Consoles

Avaldati 20 nov 2020
A lot of science, expertise, and genius go into every single console name.
Well... okay maybe not into every one.

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  • Honestly, I had so much fun making this stupid cartoon and was chuckling the whole time while editing it, so I hope you enjoyed it as well!

  • that beat drop at the naming of the 6 is the cherry on top.

  • Wow I'm a xbox person and yet I only though there were,The Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X and S, Xbox Series X and S

  • The moment I heard were not worthy a ps5 ad popped up

  • PlayStations are better named. Just numbers is not confusing. The best consoles. Their terrible forays into handhelds is something else. Yikes! The Vita. FFS! That thing was a bomb from the start. It's the thing we do not speak of of handhelds. Lol. Nintendo make some sense. XBox is somehow repetative and confusing.

  • Lol so true

  • Bow

  • Nintendo:HEaY!!!! LEts CalL tHe neW cOnCiL thE Us!!!!

  • wait a second... X Box One X "X-B-O-X"

  • Hasn't Sony already copyrighted the name Playstation 6 & 7? Cant remember were I heard it from tho.

  • I honestly believe that Microsoft’s plan is to keep naming consoles in a way that confuses the consumer into just buying the most expensive one because they don’t know what the difference is but they want the best one

  • That doesn't explain the ps vita

  • I don’t know if Ps6 will happen

  • I already know Todd is secretly father

  • PS6 is a dumb name, just skip to PS7, 7 is superior to 6

  • all PlayStation things PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSVITIA, and PSVR and i have PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PSVR

  • hm

  • Xbox's strategy is to fool Playstation into thinking they're 355 consoles behind.

  • X.B.O.X. X Box One X

  • Oh, do I like playstation? Y'know, imma just show ya, aight? Playstation One PS1 Playstation Two Playstation Two Slim Playstation Three Playstation Three slim Playstation Three Super Slim Playstation Four Playstation Four Slim Playstation Four Pro Playstation Five Playstation Five Digital Edition

  • The Xbox 360 E is the only console I've ever owned.

  • 1:14 is that the odd ones out

  • Where is the gaming fridge

  • I think of the Xbox one being named ‘one’ because at the time they wanted it to be an all in ONE entertainment system, which was a crappy move

  • Lollipop RainBow is a good platform name I'll love ❤ to create for all and everyone no matter who they are or where their from.

  • Oh my gosh the PlayStation 6 we could have never thought of something like that!🤣

  • The naming master tod Tyler I don't know

  • People ignoring the 3 or 4 different PS2 and PS3 models. Or the fact that PS4 and PS5 have multiple models. Personally I don't have a horse in this race, but here's the name logic for Xbox. "Xbox" was the first system. Nothing crazy. I think it was X for XTREME IIRC. It was a different time. "Xbox 360" was for "the experience is all around the gamer. 360 degrees" basically saying "the gamer is at the center of their gaming experience". It was dumb, but showed what they felt was important at the time. To put the player at the center of it all. "Xbox one" was for "all entertainment in one" the idea it was marketed on, even though everyone forgets now, is it was supposed to be one device for all entertainment. For streaming, playing bluerays, music, and gaming. Naturally that part meant it had some serious issues because since it was a game console not focusing on game but everything except games. As for the X/S thing that's started to pop up in these consoles at this point. It's basically "eXpanded" and "Slim". You'll notice S models are generally smaller, while the X models have more powerful hardware. The interesting with the Xbox Series was the lack of a "base model". It's apparently it's so that they can have multiple models, or rather, "series" of console. The actual name for this generation is apparently just "Xbox", you know like how DOOM 2016 wasn't "Doom 4" it was just "DOOM". If what they are saying makes sense and works how they implied then a portable Xbox would be called "series P" a cloud only model would be "series C" and next gen would likely be "series S/X 2". Basically they are trying to stop with naming gimmicks and create discreet series at different price points and levels of power that you can follow along with. Oh also the Xbox 360 E is basically just it being the fifth model. The 360 had standard, elite, arcade, S and E. Model E is just the fifth model. Nothing fancy. Models are often iterated by letter internally and the E came at a time when the one was already on its way.

    • JEEZ this video is a joke

  • xbox series e

  • Introducing ourselves in class:

  • Seriously PlayStation has it easy for the naming now all they have to do now is give us backwards compatibility we got the damn discs

  • Sony: Names their consoles PS 1, 2, 3 .Microsoft: What kind of sorcery is this?!

  • Microsoft is so weird and random with xbox names, there is a joke about it in TBBT where Sheldon compares evolution of PS with Xbox.

  • im just waiting for my xXboxx xSeventyx-xThreex xxXxx X Y Zxx it should come after the Xbox Series X.

    • X

  • He be like every word he does he goes “Hugh”

  • PlayStation 6 for the sixth console Them: bow down the king how does he come up with these names

  • We going to talk about the playstation tv it playes modile games and it was 100 bucks

  • Xbox 360 E was real because I had one

  • Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox Series X Who the fuck names these?

  • How about the PlayStation 5 series x

  • The ps5 guys are idiots

  • DONT FORGET PSP which sucks

  • What about Vita and Portable

  • I will ruin the perfect 8000 comments, no need to thank me

  • Xbox: names that make no sense PlayStation: names that are in number order Nintendo: names that are creative

    • Wii u

  • Welcome to the 50 billionth video on how weird it is that xbox names their consoles. This video is so whacky and original.

    • It is

  • at least ps names make sense, unlike xbox

  • *hey the e slim is special to me* ;(

  • Admit it, you knew what was coming with the playstation 6 joke and still laughed.

  • As an avid Xbox player even I must admit that the naming is a bit janky. But I got the new Xbox One X and I couldn't be happier with it!

  • Switch be like: wow we come up with sooooo original names

  • I cannot name the most powerful Xbox console out right now, so I guess I'm never going to be invited to their focus groups for evaluating console names.

  • Whats funny is that xbox one x, and series x was so similar that a 400% increase in sales happened on the one x around christmas time last year because some people didnt know the difference. Oof.

  • Xbox seires s is basically an all digital console no gamesdisc no DVDs

  • Playstation master of names Xbox experts of quality

  • Guys I just spoke with Tod Tyler and the new PlayStation is gonna be called the PlayStation 7 WHO WOULDVE GUESSED

  • 1:04

  • PlayStation4pro?

  • Please stfu I don’t want on other war

  • Xbox s , Xbox e , Xbox x. S.e.x 😏


  • Xbox 360 love free game download (^o^)

  • oh well I'm the one that names the PlayStation and i think after the ps6 were gonna do ps7 then ps8 then ps9 then ps10 and so on hmm i wonder what Nintendo is up to

  • Hey nintendo here, now we released a console that's a sphere so we're gonna call it the nintendo sphere

  • Team PlayStation

  • What's the difference between the Xbox series X and series s

    • A Letter

  • srylsly wo dislikes this?

  • Xbox 360 S. When you want an Xbox 360 that won't commit suicide.

  • ps is sooo true thoe

  • They use S, E and X in the names I dunno if this is in purpose

  • Six months later and they still haven't fixed the amount of consoles produced


  • So PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 slim playstation 3 PlayStation 3 slim PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4 pro and now PlayStation 5 what's next PlayStation super pro let's not forget the PlayStation mini

  • thats some creative names

  • I think its so nice that he's not hating on either console he's just making jokes about both of them

  • 1st 3 xboxes beng really confusing:panic ps not very confusing:calm EVERY GOD DAM XBOX IS CONFUSING AS HELL:PANIC

  • How do they do it?!

  • Big bruh lol

  • He could have told you the Xbox 21

  • My cousin had an xbox 360 e

  • I actually have the xbox 360 E

  • I have x360 s

  • XBox is the finalrevisedfinalfinalrealfinal3.doc of consoles

  • I originally didn't know the the xbox 360 e was a real thing

  • What's wrong with the xbox360 e

  • S=super E=epic

  • Xbox: makes no sense PlayStation: too literal Nintendo: *da f-ck they doing ovader?*

  • Man... who ever named the xbox consoles needs to be punched in the kidney. Yes they sound cool but for parents or whatever looking to buy them as gifts,shits super confusing and illegible to them,not to mention for some reason they often put forward bare mimimum effort toward actually figuring out which is the newest one

  • ....

  • The only way Microsoft could makes things more confusing is calling there next console the PlayStation 6

  • One is too complicated and the other one too simple. 🤣

  • So one creates elaborate names that have no relevance and the other Creates consistent predictable lazy names that make sense

  • Guys I have figured out the ultimate secret of playstation naming techniques they use **ratio est numerus**

  • Thank God that PlayStation doesn't have the rest of weirdo Sony names, like the whxm100mark3 etc

  • Microsoft: we name our consoles like this so those lame stuttering people can never buy one because they can't pronounce their names

  • Well at least the word "Playstation" let's people know what they're buying from the name lol

  • I wish I had an Playstation 5

  • PsP and PsVita: am i a joke to you? (the answer is obviously yes lul)

  • PS69

  • I had the Xbox 360 E