My Class Trip Went HORRIBLY Wrong

Avaldati 25 nov 2020
Lake Havasu is a trip that Seniors at my former high school looked forward to every year. Little did I know at the time I was in for a big hurt.

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  • haven't laughed so hard in weeks :D ty

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  • Yong: "Watersports" me: *Internal Screaming*

  • It’s pronounced leik ha-vuh-soo

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  • "Or possibly inhaling some lake water and contracting a brain eating amoeba" I think i just found a new deep fear inside me

  • I wish that my life was as eventful as most content creators.

  • I feel john is similar to James @TheOdd1sout

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  • I’m a skier

  • The transition at 30 seconds in the video... wow

  • you should tell us about the many times you got hit in that area

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  • you know you can water ski on one ski

  • Glad you got better. God bless and have a great day.

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  • Not to be rude but #fakeOddOnesOut

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  • As soon as he said water skiing I knew what was coming. One of the main reasons why I knew it because this is my worst fear when water skiing

  • snowboaders for life!!!

  • Wanted weird slugterra (if anyone knows what that is) blaster because saw it on EEclone vid I WAS LIKE 7 OK

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  • In our school we go to England for a week on 6th grade, and this year was my class’ turn to go. But, guess why we couldn’t go? Corona. Corona stopped me from going to England with my friends, AND I HAD BEEN WATING FOR THIS FOR SIX YEARS, like- I take corona very seriously but it’s such a shame that we couldn’t go :(

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  • I remember going to camp a year ago and we were doing a challenge and someone drops a huge plank of wood round 10-20 kgs on my finger and it was not good

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  • Yes

  • I’m sorry you were in a lot off pain but the scream and the position that you were stretched out in was kinda funny...hope your doing much better though god bless happy holidays/new year’s hope you have all you want and more in 2021

  • Same, with a rubber Dodgeball.

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  • Id rather just watch anime if i was on a school trip..

  • Even though I’m a boy I don’t see how getting hit in the crotch hurts

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  • I have trust issues :(

  • ive been watching u and theodd1sout for like 2 years and now i can finally SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • can you do more vids on the dubia roaches plz

  • Trigger word for me is winter or summer break

  • Hey my name is on the thumbnail Guess ill watch the video

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  • at my old elementary school, all the 5th graders got to go to lake allen for a day, but when I was in 4th grade our school system changed from elementary-middle-high to elementary-intermediate-middle-high so I got cheated out of a really cool trip :/

  • If you are under 18 the channel that are trustworthy,( for now): haminations, this channel, and oods1out, jaden animation ect Do not trust: alex clark, brody animates ( brody is for people under 13)

  • Im Bob Duncan lol

  • James,why you chanched from marshmelo to tofu?

  • I got hit by a pice of a fire work there

  • I feel bad sorry young

  • Your character look like square kirby

  • so u were a rich kid

  • Let's just make those legs "DUMMY THICC"

  • I feel your pain when I was seven I hit my jewels of the edge of my grandpas pool breaking one right in half hurt for like 2 weeks and i still feel pain to this day from that

  • I forgot this channel name and I just search "young tofu". Nice.

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  • Did you find me No? Your still here dang respect

  • Great video can we have that merch in Europe too

  • Havasu

  • I dont like water because i cant swim

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