Airport Uber in TheStradman's FERRARI CHALLENGE Racecar!

Avaldati 15 veebr 2020
TheStradman has just bought a Rolls-Royce limo, yet we still choose his Ferrari race car for an airport drop-off! The Silver Spur is perfect for the job, however, something about the silliness of the F430 Challenge was more appealing. Let's have a mini garage tour and then head out in the full blown race car!
Kicking off with a look around Strad's cars in the beautiful state of Utah, he's shuffling them all about for a photoshoot before we head over to catch my flight out. Obviously the least practical car became the car of choice for the run, with my case fitting perfectly into the 'luggage space' of the F430 Challenge race car.
Being a race car, that means a straight pipe exhaust system, full bucket seats and harnesses, plus absolutely nothing by way of sound deadening or comfort features. However, it seems to be just about ok! Next time, I think we should take James' Rolls-Royce though, it would probably be slightly more comfortable.
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  • When you need to get to the airport and TheStradman has just bought a Rolls-Royce limo but you take the silly Ferrari racecar anyway...!

    • Ttttykymmm Mjtmmmkarate

    • The race car Ferrari is awesome not bad

    • Lol my dad watches shmee and y watch strad and we watched this together

    • the mid rolls tho

    • 7:36 the Ferrari's tale lamp is shining like you shmee150

  • 10:52, Me running downstairs for my McDonalds delivery.

  • 3:41 😂😂😂

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  • The focus is dangerous

  • if stradman ever visits you in london you need to do an airport run in the senna

  • Beneful Juliet

  • Senna vs aventador

  • The most unpredictable car would he a f1 car

  • RIP EARS 2020

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  • Seeing Strad from another perspective is super interesting 🧐

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  • My ears ringing after listening to the 430 challenge car from my iPad

  • 10:51, all that noise clearly means he's about to merge xD

  • First time steadman in not holding his camera while driving his car😁

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  • He is gonna buy a Bugatti and a 458

  • Oo it's called a Waiver

  • Did you have him sign one of those papers, in case an accident happens, it was Shmee150's fault for getting in the car in the first place. XD. I think I would at least think of that....

  • This guy should be arrested for that color on a ferrari

  • @dreamfyre right bro

  • Who is watching this video after James/TheStradman sold his F430 challenge car?

  • 10:04 and use captions Thank me later :3

  • Rip challenge car 2019-2020

  • F430 cool

  • That combination of Englishman and American is really cool

  • I have the same Rolls Royce Limo which is 1988 silver spirit. The 6.75 V8 engine is so smooth and the parts are so cheap to get. I actually have the red carpet to come with the car as well. I did 90 MPH from Bradford to London within 4 hours and it feels like a tank.

  • 13:58 cc

  • "the focus for my dog and my dog hates it"

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  • someone needs to make this a assetto corsa sound mod lmao

  • are you in Colorado? i live in Nebraska .I just saw the mountains and thaught he lives in Colorado

  • I don't know what's funnier, the title and use of the name "Ferrari", the salt on all the cars, the use of the word "collection" of cars, "photoshoot", or the fact that he acknowledges himself to be an "idiot" in a previous video.

  • In the ending there was 3 consecutive subaru foresters moving down from the 2020 model to the 2009 haha!

  • guys im deff

  • Shmee : I thought the Aventador was loud! StraightPipers : 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Bogus Exhaust 😂



  • Shmee has 2 m subs Strad has 2.6m But this vid is still at 700k

  • 10:06 turn on the captions😂😂😂


  • he should check his aventadors engine it took a little bit to start

  • Next collabs gonna be like «going to the airport in a f1 car»

  • I love to stradman

  • Do you have now in that farrari

    • I meant do you Have NOS

  • This is the ultimate car for when the flight is in 10 hours but she needs to not miss the flight

  • All of strads cars are so ugly. Its literally like giving a 10 year old a bunch of money... i do wonder where he makes his money. He acts like a little child.

  • Do you soon visit my garage in denmark ? :)

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  • stradman: abusing his own aventador shmee: *says* that car is stupidly loud

  • Fast forward 3 months later, stradman buries his rolls Royce

  • Two people i didnt really expect to get along that well😂

  • This is unnecarry does it anyway

  • strad is the epitome of the saying "all the gear, no idea" so abundantly clear he has no idea how to drive nor anything substantial about his cars

  • You don’t even need a number plate because it’s so unique

  • I like his intro ool

  • 10 out for 10

  • the rolls roys is accually loud with the squealing brakes/ not power steering

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  • 666th comment? Weird....

  • He should’ve washed his cars before getting them filmed.

  • 11:31 yeah I sure hope it does 😐

  • Is that road legal?;AND INDICATE

  • i see nos

  • This gonna sound stupid but is that thing road legal ? The only reason I ask is because he pretty much uses it in every video I’ve watched.

  • Shmee has a loud aston martin and then he saw this haha

  • Is it even road legal

  • not road legal right?

  • Welcome back, I’m SHMEE.

  • Lol the limo is a v8 and a suv from Chevrolet is v6

  • James getting excited Me: *cringe*

  • You guys are complete opposites and it makes amazing content

  • What about your SLS

  • in denmark we have 100 octane


  • The smile on face during this video is probably the biggest I've had watching ur channel Shmee :) Not like i don't smile during ur vids just this was an exceptional one!

  • my highest octane in my state is 93 (sorry james)

  • If you pause at 7:17 the aventador kinda looks like a murcielago

  • Shmee and strandman yay

  • Shmee and strandman yay

  • It’s a Ferrari challenge car and it’s a challenge to be in it! Lol

  • I liked hes ferrari 430 with the spoiler wing

  • And he was missing a lot of cars

  • Hood, front bumber, rear spliter and bumper from the Scuderia GT3 car...put on that wing and the BBS wheels to complete the convertion to the Kessel Scuderia GT3 car

  • So it’s not street legal?

  • Shmee:Welcome to the beautiful state of utah James AKA Strad:Thats my line!

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  • Hi stead can you wrap you gallrdo purple and white rins