Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

Avaldati 12 nov 2020
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  • I have the exact same mannequin and His name Is exactly the same. Bob

  • Вот бы я еще понимал английский, было бы вообще круто...

  • punches in anime be like:



  • 5:00 Bob looks tense

  • My mans bob got the kakyoin treatmemt

  • That was about the coolest thing that I have EVER seen... (Well done!)

  • The most entertaining science video I've watched recently!

  • Now we kneed a glove cannon

  • That's a Tank

  • that baseball is going faster then most handgun bullets and even some rifles

  • "bob is gonna die"

  • 3:45 “Bob’s gonna die” *says in the most American accent possible

  • Great idea, shoot a pig carcass with it.

  • Awesome! Bike Bro

  • crazy guys :):) it was fun to wach this !!

  • 5:30 everything reminds me of her.

  • Everything in this channel is intresting

  • bob life matter

  • What's the ring of blue behind the ball? Is it air collapsing back on itself from a supersonic speed to normal speed?

  • Coolest job, ever..

  • So.... when does this meet the 250MPH bat?

  • 10:52 Look exactly behind the ball. Static charge and friction generate tiny rays like a volcano eruption. If you could double the speed, in "certain meteorological conditions" you would be able to throw a ball with rays, like flash

  • 6:24 the ball has an aura?

  • i actually gettting smarter evryday

  • Is it just me or the audio is messed up?! 🤔

  • You could take the downstream shots with a mirror and keep the camera safe

  • 6:25. I think I just saw blue fire on the base ball

  • There’s fire before the ball hits the basket weaved glove when they find out it also more presentable on impact🙊

  • 13:24 😯

  • I love the innovative way you and Jeremy think, amazing thing your hypersonic baseball cannon, now you need to team up with the Trash pandas, and instead of destroying baseball equipment and help poor kids that can't afford baseball equipment, to be able to play baseball !!!

  • You guys have to try it with a basseball bat.

  • Look im watchin this instead of playin red dead redemption 2

  • Supersonic pitches should not be allowed in baseball. Think about the children.

  • The first time the ball went through the glove before the glove it was on fire well that was What it look like

  • At 6:25 love the slipstream on the ball

  • What if all the gloves were stacked together and touching? More like shooting a bullet at a phonebook rather than hundreds of sheets of paper spaced apart.

  • do you only use the vacuum pressure to get the ball moving after the seal is broken? how many psi do you get it to?

  • Rip Bob 2020-2020

  • you should try shooting this through kevlar (bullet proof schtuff)

  • Police comes to his house Police: we heard you have a new execution device

  • This is what happens when Southerners go to grad school. It's still "Dude, let's go out in the sticks and shoot stuff," but with way, way more sophisticated guns. XD

  • This is super interesting. The leathers on the glove and ball fuse and they flame up thats crazy


  • Use a ballistic dummy. Way better results I promise

  • That’s cool and all, but no normal human being could ever afford this- that guy must be rich

  • Wan Yun Lai 大約是和KPI掛在一起了吧,QA加一RD減一的魔性迴路...

  • rasengan

  • 10:57 cavemen be like

  • You gotta do it with a pig carcass.

  • in the next one you could shoot it at a baseball bat, or several lol maybe even swing it, maybe build a bat that can homerun it

  • Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.

  • Oh, That's A Baseball!

    • yes, this is a Jojo reference

  • Starting at 10:52 and ending one second later when the ball disappears behind the mitt (right before impact), you can see that the ball is already on fire - a small orange stream trailing from its tail - even before it hits the glove. I thought maybe the guys had noticed this, but instead they hypothesized it was the friction upon impact between the two leathers. It appears to me that the atmosphere itself against the ball and its stitching was enough to cause ignition.

  • Больше 14 тысяч джоулей - ребята, вы чего? Какие перчатки? Этот мячик броневик остановит, а вы перчатки...

  • "Bob's gonna die..." That line made me spit cold coffee all over my keyboard and solidified my sub to this channel. LOL! Thanks all!!

  • Oh man you should totally launch this into giants gummy bears!

  • Wow that was amazing!!!!!

  • Can three bobs stop the ball

  • Absolutely loving this video.

  • Great video but the whole reason for getting behind the ball was completely wrong

  • The ball was on fire before it hit the glove. You can see it just behind the ball at 10:52 during the slow-mo and at 11:49 during the side by side comparison. It might have been caused by slight friction in the barrel

  • Hey can you design something and put a go pro in there going that fast just to see what 1050 miles looks like

    • Mate, that thing will probably go from stationary to plastic confetti within a single frame.

  • can i have a new mit plsss

  • Bob's straight face


  • i thought bob's going to die is so funny

  • Bob's going to dye 🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • Imagine: supersonic ball vs metal baseball bat

    • А теперь представь если получится еще и с ударом совместить...

  • Anime throws be like:

  • SmarterEveryDay? ''Well yes but actually no'' If you don't understand it means that catching a 1000mph isn't smart... I'm so sad I actually have to explain it for idiots who can't understand a joke ;-;

  • Hey I watched this in school and it was the best !

  • At 3:20, "Trent you had one job, dude!"

  • They laugh, knowing that the murdered Bob

  • In loving memory of Bob: he gave his life to learn more about science. RIP

  • That is adorable! Your daughter chanting just keep going, just keep going, I can do this! My Mom taught me to ride a bike and she did not really have a chant for me but her encouragement was priceless!

  • its in fire

  • "My Daughter Is Just Now Learning To Ride," if uno, uno.

    • uno uno??

  • FUN FACT: Thats How Fast The Earth Spins...

  • The sound mixing is really great .. is the supersonic sound added or it the real sound from the camera ?

  • If you shot the baseball straight up would the ball go into space?

  • I have seen some scary things in my life,but that baseball gun is insane wth

  • Make it ten times faster

  • I could see the air move past the ball in slow motion

  • Imagine if they bring this to a machine pitch baseball game

  • This is how it feels when you getting hit by king crimson

  • try to actually catch the ball, bleed off some of air pressure to the iron rail to start moving the glove away from the ball. Put the glove on some kind of sled system - maybe even a rocket sled that starts when the ball starts its motion.

  • Awesome video guys! Thanks for your work 👍

  • There is definitely fire in the Center of the trailing ring of the baseball before it even hits the glove

  • 3:36 Bob's gone die lol 🤣🤣🤣...somebody call David Blaine to try this one

  • Hey catch XD Counting fingers afterwards

  • МАК БУК С ВИНДОЙ, тупее быть ничего не может.

  • this man be doin irl redstone

  • You need an auxiliary pressure and vacuum tank on a valve that is simultaneously opened a split second before its fired. Would make it 2 stage on both ends to relieve the burden on the main seal. This can be added quickly and cheaply without a re design and rebuild. Having less pressure / vacuum differential would make the valve's open easier as well so you wouldn't need as strong of a seal and release mechanism.

  • Crazy, it went through a whole baseball team!

  • That is some insanely concentrated energy!

  • nobody: not a single soul: me: 11037 NO- danganronpa is becoming real life......

  • How much that sucker cost? 😂