I made your dumb Ideas in Minecraft again...

Avaldati 16 apr 2021
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So I made your dumb Ideas in Minecraft again... I thought it couldn't get worse from the previous one. I was wrong.
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So I made your dumb twitter ideas in Minecraft. This was absolutely hilarious and funny and horrible all at the same time. It featured Minecraft EEcloners from the Dream SMP such as Tommy, Tubbo, Quackity, but not Dream, George, Wilbur, Ranboo, or any of those guys. Maybe if you guys enjoy in the next one I can feature them :] Enjoy the video!
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  • hey you're a day late with watching this this legally means youre forced to subscribe. I dont make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • hey fundy! how are you? id like to gve you an idea, could you code minecraft in a way that when you hit a hostile mob it changes into another random hostile mob?

    • ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    • Well I have a dog, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (And actually I have already subscribed at the beginning of the year, but hey)

    • 1727271718827262626272726👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • im technically 6 days late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 9:49 Can we talk about the fact Fundy took the time to /enchant a flame bow and grab arrows instead of just using flint and steel?

  • Minecraft but every time you hit a mob they turn into god

  • Next funny is just gonna either make pigs immortal and have them say technoblade never dies or have a technoblade boss

  • Go on the dreamSMP and ask everyone to download "ice physics". Your mod.

  • Unban me

    • And unrank the person that banned me

    • I was banned from you server for no reason

  • The mother' day house of gold ok👌😊

  • Hey fundy can you react to house of gold! Plssss!!!!!!!

  • Minecraft, but you can play minecraft in minecraft

  • Watching this I literally have constipation no joke

  • Idea: Minecraft but it’s 2b2t (Demonetized)

  • You kill pig say LIKE ONLY 😆😆😆😆😆

  • R.I.P Fundy : Dream got stolen by George

  • He forgot again the password

  • Constipation is where its HARD to sh*z

  • Mod idea when you eat a potato it makes you fly

  • The only good EEcloner that doesn’t have shaders enabled RESPECT

  • Can you do fnf mod plz

  • Hello furry (edit: this is a joke)

  • "i don't see an ELON around" best quote ever XD

  • Put penguins in minecraft

  • Minecraft. but you go and no food

  • Ok hear me out, a minimap of your twitch chat! :)

  • I wish I never saw this video...

  • Moon Boots

  • Does anyone know the intro songs that he uses?

  • You r copying mumbo jumbo but mods instead of redstone machines

  • That one person that has non venti haver in their user hurts me bcs i have a level 80 venti

  • ... *i want the constipation datapack.*

  • What's the music in the moon boots thing?

  • mask a big flouting ailing with a castor


  • Hello fundy How ate you doing

  • Jokes on you, Fundy; I don't have a cat

  • It’s called freaky! when you walk on grass it give you levitate. flowers blow up When you walk on them. Iron golems are always angery. block when you break them it blows up like a charged creeper. when you break obsidian it summon a wither. zobies have netherite armor. and when you kill harm mobs they say this in chat, you have not seen the last of me, then in summons 50 of that mob. Bye!

  • Was fundy creating super mario's voice???(6:10)

  • Minecraft bit you always have to kill

  • Fundy! I got a new difficulty I want you to add

  • Fundy:why would u want something that is not even good Me:thats the point,stupid

  • Bruh

  • Some of these we’re pretty good and funny

  • 3:06 George and dream makin out

  • I want levitation jump mod

  • 3:49 yes please take it away it keeps making more cats with the street cats that have been living in my yard please

  • Haha okey


  • Fundy making a mod to crash the game every time you take damage Le my computer who crashes even if i join a server”if you are bad i am your dad”.


  • Minecraft but is among us

  • Fundy: *makes impossible things* Mumbo Jumbo: Hold my Beer

  • this is the version of michelle reeves but minecraft

  • I like your videos Could you upload a bit more often? Like only once in a week

  • E

  • General meow

  • He reposted-

  • Minecraft idea: minecraft but its a small portion of bee swarm simulator

  • you laugh like a maniac

  • Why would I subscribe to Fundy and Technoblade, bruh ? They both release like 2 videos a year (and Technoblade's last VOD disappeared before I could watch it, I feel robbed).

  • Why did you fucking destroy tommy's house

  • Add deer to Minecraft

  • Fundy reeves

  • Make one more! i like the dream one!

  • 3:03

  • Did u really have to add the meow?

  • And you said “every cat looks like me* Image “that’s dumb” -Fundy 2021

  • Why did you laugh at the raccoons. I love them.

  • Minecraft but you every time you Sprint. You become sonic

  • I want to see fundy dance in a maid dress in minecraft SOOOO BADDD

  • next episode you should make a working dababy convertible

  • I don’t understand the constipation mod

  • Minecraft but it switches cool efects every minute (example: neon then cosmic then dance party theme after funky theme and then glitchy theme (but in cool ways of course)).

  • 3:13 haha

  • 👁👄👁

  • This is ridiculous

  • It’s the animal crossing music for me

  • *I subscribed* Ok man you are super smart and super talented. I am a coder. At least wanna be.I wish I can be like you. I wish you can teach me these things.

  • When the letter said they were holding my cat hostage, my cat was next to me...

  • me use honney it no funny

  • 7:30 what is that song

  • Hey Fundy... do you remember that dream/nightmare that said you aren't real?

  • Imagine mlg water bucket in slow motion

  • Hey Fundy can you make world hard in minecraft that if somthing hit you you die

  • pigs subrice and like the video bruh fundy hahahahahhahahaha

  • Fainaly doig back flips right

  • 3:12 dream cheated on you

  • Minecraft but you can stop time

  • Linguini from ratatouille looks kinda like fundy

  • 2:49 My cat is dead 👍

  • Can you make a dumb idea again minecraft but every day and every night is 10 second

  • I subscribed and my cat still isn’t back, imma need to fight those parrots

  • First One Is Poop Ville 😂

  • 10:15

  • @Fundy what o you need to do to join Origin SMP?

  • fuuuuuuck yooooou fundy

  • Minecraft but it rains diamonds

  • fundy is died

  • When Fundy an dream was married an the video end an said to be continue?

  • minecraft but you can shit

  • WAIT make a kirby mod(if you want to)

  • Realistic Minecraft