Shovelware Variety Hour: Round Three - Scott The Woz

Avaldati 14 dets 2020
Scott really hates birds.
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"Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
"Main Theme (July 2014)" from Nintendo eShop (Wii U)
"Charge!" from Wii Play
"Hungry Land" from Chocobo Racing
"Jump Park" from Wii Play Motion
"BGM 06" from The Adventures of Bayou Billy
"Moo Moo Farm" from Mario Kart 64
"Main Theme" from Ninjabread Man (
"Title Theme" from Super Mario Maker
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"Style Savvy: Trendsetters" from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
"Obstacle Course" from Wii Fit Plus
"Minigame" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
"Multiplayer 5" from GoldenEye 007 (N64)
"Buoy Base (Underwater)" from Super Mario Galaxy
"Billiards" from Wii Play
"Main Menu" from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
"The Haunted Shrine" from Pocky & Rocky
"Ghost Town" from Sonic Forces
"World Circuit" from Punch-Out!! (Wii)
"Main Menu" from WarioWare Gold
"Main Theme" from Wii Sports Club
"Main Theme (Holidays 2015)" from Nintendo eShop (Wii U)
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  • I know one but I forgot the name. But I know the start. You and a friend go hunting. Thing as going good until a bare attacks you. I forget wat happened to you're friend. Gest Dead. Forgot the rest because I never got past the next stage. And used a Wii remote plastic shotgun. You pump it to reload the gun like a real shotgun. If you are wondering I don't remember the name of the game.

  • who's binge-watching old Scott episodes

  • Put of all the games here I have both “we wish you a Mary Christmas” and the bad other Christmas game

  • My question is, why is chicken blaster rated T?

  • 17:45 or Garfield's Diner


  • 20:15

  • i played chicken blaster and my mom even bought me the orange gun attachment for the wiimote, plus i own chicken shoot gold and chicken shoot 2 on pc. i dont know how i managed to own any of them

  • Wait, where’s Game Party 3?

  • Does the cars 2 game counts as shovelware? Because it was a full game in the 360 and PS3 and it was actually good (in my opinion). But the Wii version it's the one that I bought. AND I WAS F*CHING 16 YEARS OLD!!!

  • my dad bought shovelware

  • I remember played my hours of Chicken Blaster with my friend

  • Grouse?!

  • 2:29 Could you be more American than this? EDIT 4:30 My prayers have been answered


  • grouse

  • GROUSE???

  • Excuse me, those birds aren't illegal; they're undocumented.

  • "A little worse than chicken blaster" is now my new favourite metric after watching this video

  • Years back, gamestop gave my dad a free copy of chicken blaster after he bought a bunch of wii games to give me for christmas

  • Ocean commander is actually worth a lot lol

  • Is this bubbly279s 5th account?

  • Space Camp looks suspiciously similar to Six Flags: Fun Park

  • This is like if they took those cheap, mediocre games on the Switch Eshop and actually gave them a physical release.

  • Dude I remember Mercury Meltdown Revolution. I had a blast with that game when it came out.

  • SUPRISE! No game party 3

  • "The ducks right there just STEP on it" "The ducks right there just SPIT on it" It's evolving, just backwards

  • I don't know what I hate more, the games or the fact that Scott said he selected French when it was Spanish.... wich I hate it because I'M SPANISH, DAMMIT

  • 23:00 This Is An M&M. Scott: “Oh Wow, What Can It Do!?” 5:39 Scott: “Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Farm Animal’s Racing Tournament. The F.A.R.T. Huh? That’s Funny.” 2:04: Scott: “GROUSE?!?!”

  • Holy shit I had medieval games, I remember me and my brother played it once and agreed it sucked

  • I had space camp on the ds

  • 7:01 Calvin Tucker and the Fuckbusters

    • Can't wait for it 😁😁

  • Anyone else remember the squirrel in medieval games that jumps on you and slams your head into a stone wall?

  • 2021 gang wya?

  • 2:04 *G R O U S E*

  • This video is really good with the jokes. It's pretty consistently funny.

  • Data design is the scott equivalent of LJN

  • 14:56 That's not actually true; there's also the Freestyle BMX trilogy, although only the first two actually have Dave Mirra in them, as the third and most imfamous of the three was BMX XXX, which as the name suggests was inspired by raunchy sex comedies and even allows you to make the women completely topless; it's believed that the reason for this was that Acclaim saw that the game wasn't shaping up well so instructed the developer, Z-Axis, to put in sex appeal to drum up attention and sales, which Mirra didn't want, so his name was removed from the final product. Despite getting the attention they wanted, albeit all negative (maybe it was because of that, actually), that attention didn't translate to sales at all, and the game is seen as a major contributing factor to Acclaim's eventual bankruptcy in 2004.

  • Man I do not like this Sceet the Weez character

  • I had that build n race game, it's actually a lot of fun

  • This is literally the best and most funny Scott the Woz video ever, even better than Your not an RPG guy

  • Gosh okay being a game designer and watching these is endless pain



  • 14:59 This feels like an ending for a video

  • When i saw the mercury meltdown game i was like "Oh no... that game is very good, why is that one here?". At least he liked it xD

  • Chicken Blaster..... *I like That Chicken Stock* (GMEstockTradeRobinHood) Yeah, this joke will age well^

  • 10:03 Scott I don’t think anyone should ever have the words “lust” and “bloodlines” in the same sentence ever again

  • Y'all Gets Nosebleed

  • Most shovelware games on the Wii is trash!

  • bruh Chicken Blaster was my like 3rd or 4th favorite game when I was 4, I still have it.

  • Scott has confirmed that he thinks the Green M&M is Sexy

  • data design is Scott's LJN.

  • The sad thing is I own about half of the games from all three of Scott’s shovelware videos

  • SPRAY god so thats what the game was called i played it once and kinda enjoyed it but lost the game and never found it glad to know what its called again

  • 「you see this comment very frequently」 Archive CallMeCarson

  • Wanna fight some chickens? Play Hyrule Warriors on Wii U.

  • In my experience, there are 5 factors that goes into what defines a game as shovelware. 1. Low budget. 2. Low effort. 3. Low price. 4. Release on a popular console to maximize profits. 5. Do whatever it takes to gain the attention of the unassuming non-gamers who buy this sh🔞 for their relatives. It's like "Oh, my kid wants the new Tony Hawk game on PS2, but I only have $20 to spend on christmas gifts, so how about I buy him Skateboard Madness: Xtreme Edition instead? It's cheaper and it's still a skateboarding game. What could go wrong?" [CHRISTMAS RUINED]

  • Basically: The Wii games you’d find at TJ-Maxx.

  • Can someone do the list of the best to worst shovelware games from this video. Scott kept scrambling the games and didn't show the entire 'best to worst' list of games. Not to mention that he kept switching games faster after each game was played

  • Every time i hear “Hey all, Scott here.” I know that it’s going to be a good day

  • Anyone notice that Scott hasn't shown his Wii at all after supposedly eating it in "Memory Cards"?

  • "You can murder me as long as you're creative about it." Ok Koro-Sensei

  • The first time I played Ultimate Duck Hunting, I thought it was a new installment from Nintendo's Duck Hunt franchise. How stupid I was. I should have gotten a Wii U so I could have a better selection of quality games.

  • ""Officer I just sh*t my pants" What's he gunna do? write you a ticket? with sh*t in your pant's?" Not going to lie, that was the funniest thing you have ever said Scott and I laugh at everything you say.

  • The mere schedule presumably heat because use biochemically bruise on a heady report. plain, serious almanac

  • Grouse?!

  • Oh hey I know thq

  • At 12:13 the music in the background was giving an odd frustration feeling and then I realized it was from the obstacle course game you would play with the balance board on wii fit.

  • Just found out I used to own we wish you a merry Christmas *im proud*

  • “The ducks right there just spit on it!”

  • Me (who actually has the space chimps game and knows that Scott predicted the downfall of the Mario and Luigi series): *Chuckles* I'm in danger.

  • I like how Scott used the same Nutshack remix of Ninjabread Man's theme when talking about Data Design again.

  • I had escape the museum on my grandparents wii growing up, and i'll let yall know that game slapped

  • This video actually made me wanna pick up Mercury Meltdown Revolution and I just found it at one of my local game stores

  • Calvin Tucker and the f*** busters

  • I had Carnival Mini Golf but I don't want to disappear.

  • 8:58 thats not french thats spanish lol


  • I liked the bit when he set the language to Spanish and called it French, then much later in the video read the French section of the box art and called it Spanish

  • Space Camp? I played space camp...

  • Now he should start a duck killing game review series

  • Nintendo sure hates birds, huh

  • I’m still mad they haven’t made a Punch Out on Switch

  • Imagine watching this while trying to take a shit

  • 8:20 RIP

  • Anyone else keep on replaying the beginning and laugh The best intro so far

  • Whenever he says ‘Calvin Tucker’ he suddenly has an accent

  • THIS is an M & M. "Oh Boy! What can it do?" I died...

  • 3:20 this looks like an N64 game

  • calvin tucker for smash bros

  • Data Design is the LJN of the Wii

  • Seeing Scott with a gun is scary


  • The people at Scott's local game store must go "what weird shit this time" when he enters

  • Some of these have N64 graphics. I'm honestly kinda impressed.

  • Tbh when i bought my switch and started what is all this...bruh sound effect

  • Grouse gang!

  • 3:57 that duck hunting shotgun is ilegal in the state of Texas

  • My brother and I grew up with a mercury meltdown game on ps2 and wii. I've always seen the games as my own secret hidden gem.