NBDY - Used To

Avaldati 7 sept 2017
NBDY Performing "Used To".
Copyright 2017 KJMP All Rights Reserved.
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Directed by: Nimi Hendrix
Music Produced by: JNTHN
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[Verse 1]
[This shit been on my mind for a while man I think I lost a real one](13562425)
And I been feelin so down when I lay down the only time I'm looking up
Pardon my manners if i end up hittin your cell after dark
I been drowning in that courage liquid my judgement been blurry, ah
I'm a mess. [Gave you baggage and made you stress](14029185)
Know u better off with the next man yuh
But I can't seem to let go let go
So when I hit you with that text... hopin
That you gimme another chance
I know you need sometime
Can we get along like we used to?
Til we both can't get enough makin love like we used to
[I know I can't change the fact I fucked up your heart
I'm down to make it all better](13562448)
Can we get back to love like we used to?
[Verse 2]
This shit been on my mind for a while
Man I think I lost a real one
That boy Sean said it the best beautiful girls
Give you they best then you depressed and all
But I ain't suicidal
Feel I'm stuck in a you asylum
I know I don't deserve you
But til I get through to you
I want you to know
I'm a mess. Gave u baggage and made u stress
Know you better off with the next man yuh
But I can't seem to let go let go
So Imma hit you with that text.... hopin
That you gimme another chance
I know you need sometime
Can we get along like we used to?
Til we both can't get enough, makin love like we used to
I know I can't change the fact I fucked up your heart
But I'm down to make it all better
Can we get back to lovin like we used to?
Can we get along like we used to
Till we both can't get enough
Making love like we used to
Like, Just like we used to yeah
Like we
Can we get back to loving like we used to?
What I'm saying ain't no replacing you
Know the past ain't reversible
I hope you willin willin to let it go
Let me show that I could love you more
Genuine cuz girl I speak the truth
No more lies, just like I'm translucent
See thru me and see I'll do right by you
See thru me and see I'll do right by you
Girl you my shawy shawty
(girl i'm down to make it all better)
You the only so can we make love
Middle of the night night
You da one I want
Can't nobody do it like me
Nah, Nigga can't do it like
Do it like
All Rights Reserved. © 2017 KJMP


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    • Thanks new acoustic project out tomorrow on all streaming platforms ✊🏾✊🏾

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    • @NBDY thank you for the respond love ! 💙 follow me on ig ? @_iamlovexo

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  • I been feeling so down that when I lay down is the only time I'm looking up , pardon my manners if I end up hitting your cell after dark, I been drowning in that courage, liquid my judgments been blurry, I'm a mess.

  • I discovered this song while chilling with my boyfriend who's was my ex as well, we got back to each other on february 2020 after being apart for 2 years... It took us 2 years and alot of pain trying to forget each other and fighting to let go of our feelings, but we got back to love like we used to and we are now happier than ever before.❤️ So babe, if you get to listen to this song again and see my comment just know that I love you Hubby(HD) and thank God that you didnt give up on us and fought for us till the end, even If at first I thought that getting back together wasnt a good idea but it ended up beeing the best thing that happened to me this year and the best choice I made for life cause now I know that "us two" is a lifetime thing.❤️

    • It’s been alittle over 2 years for me despite of me wanting her back I finally was able to love myself in the process. Soo at this point can’t stress over something I no longer have control of and whatever is meant for me will be...

    • @RatedG4Genius you will, have faith❤️

    • this gives me hope. been apart from my ex for almost 2 years now, and the only thing i want is to find our way back to eachother.

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