So Dani inspired me to speedrun Karlson...

Avaldati 5 nov 2020
Karlson is probably now one of my favorite games to speedrun. The physics, movement, and tricks you can do in the game make speedrunning Karlson insanely fun. It's fast paced, fun, and looks cool so what else could you want? Thank you for making this game Dani and make sure to wishlist Karlson on Steam.
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  • A lot of people have been asking about the Unity particle system song. It is called "Timorous - Original Version" on Spotify

  • why they shooting he just wants malk :(

  • I'm thinking your Dani's brother

  • Hopefully the full version is less than 10$


  • Hey EazySpeezy, Very Cool

  • Wait is it out yet?

  • ok everybody #karlsonthehypetrain

  • I thought this game will be bad but Never mind It looks really fun

  • Haha Karlson go brrr

  • Oh, this is why my dad has been getting milk for so long.

  • When will it be released?? Oh let me guess, when it gets to #1 on the wish list

  • What a epic video

  • Just don't tell the lactose intolerant about it.

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  • "So i'll speedrun Karlson" **Celeste music starts playing**

  • Nobody: Dani: haha unity's particle system go brrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • BEAN

  • 0.08 Oh you don't know what Karlson is ? IT'S BASICALLY A GAM-

  • Malk

  • i beat your 1st level which is 10 seconds and i beat it by 1 milasecond

  • me : who needs mirrors edge when there is karlson

  • Teacher: You must be in zoom in 1 minute. That guy: Lemme finish Karlson.

  • one word: melk

  • why your dad leaves for so long to get the milk

  • Honestly, seeing how few people are actually subscribed to you actually got me to subscribe

  • if you still dont know what karlson is all you have to know is to wishlist it on steam.

  • Wishlist karlson. NOW!

  • Are you trying to be annoying or do you say malk insted of milk normaly? Just asking

  • MALK

  • Any new fpp is a must buy

  • I did sandbox 1 in 15 second I think its good

  • when he says milk its not milk it "MALK"

  • Did you know that you could actually SHOOT the bad guys? Yeah I know it’s pretty crazy!

  • D-did you just say.... MELK?!

  • "malk"

  • why he say maelk

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  • So story is i started speed running escape 0 and i did 12sec run my brother did 10.47secs then i got mad and i did 9.22seconds

  • Oh, you don’t know what Karlson is. It’s just the 15th most wishlisted game on Steam

  • milk now equals melk

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  • You are a god among men

  • If you like this then you should check out titanfall 2 speedrunning

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  • 2:46 I thought he was gonna say nice and thicc

  • 0:05 i hate you

  • You call it MELK!!?

  • On that video near the end the timer wasn’t on

  • how about you can speedrun the real karlson and karlson 2d??

  • i subbed

  • Try playing Karlson now

  • Yeeessssssssss, you pulled a dani! ₘₐₖₑ ₛᵤᵣₑ ₜₒ 𝓌ᵢₛₕₗᵢₛₜ ₖₐᵣₗₛₒₙ ₜₒ𝒹ₐᵧ :₎

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  • By the way hi Dani! (I like orange juice and milk does that matter?)

  • Melk ;D

  • Anyone gonna pick up the fact this man said Malk😂

  • Cute

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  • I can't believe it but I beat an Easy Speezy speedrun by multiple seconds (on a single level but hey it counts for something)

  • Fun fact: Dani made this game cause some trash can told em that he couldn't make a decent 3D game (so he made one).

  • My PB for sandbox 1 is 9:15. Idk why Im saying this but why the hell not.

  • Game looks like ghost runner had a baby with a superhot replay

  • So this is what my dad meant by he was getting the milk

  • M E L K

  • EEclone me Unsubscribed

  • Very epic but it's is not epic that 80% of people that watch aren't subscribed

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  • *M E L K*

  • The 676 dislikes were from willy and his alt accs

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  • "If you move diagonally it'll make you go super fast". Doom (1996) says hello!

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  • "oh you dont know what karlson is? It jsust AKG GHAKMEG *AIGHKM KHU-* "

  • This guy in 2069: "So dani inspired me to make 3d game..."

    • Very funny did haha :)

    • Not funny didn't hahaae

  • I was thinking, babies are from milk gang Because whitout milk the would die That also means that we are Alive thanks to milk, thanks milk, very cool

  • i love how you call milk "melk"

  • "If you move diagonally, you can move really fast" Someone forgot to add ".normalized" to the movement script @Dani

  • "If you move diagonally, you can move really fast" Someone forgot to add ".normalized" to the movement script @Dani

  • unlike Cough-cough* other develepors...... nice to see that dani is taking inputs from the community and actually have a set idea of the game

  • Malk

  • Hpw many times he said "malk" | | \/

  • Gross he says Malk lmao

  • I wish my dad could get the milk that fast

  • Why can)t I play then :(

  • I think you should try speed running sky landers

  • Celeste music in the background 😏

  • this was the first game I speedrun so yeah

  • To all the Titanfall veterans out there, you know that record holder is one of us. Heebus jeebus.

  • Malk

  • Make sure to hit that wishlist karlson GAMERS

  • 420k subs pog

  • OK. So. In Quake 3: Arena just over 2 decades ago you had those strafe jumps and do rocked jumps just like in this game... which you had to master to be a pro player in Q3 pvp xD So basically this is a mini game based on ancient game named Quake 3 haha :D

  • Bro the guy with the world record was drinking milk the whole time drink milk and try again lol