Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!

Avaldati 16 märts 2021
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I've wanted to talk about Hazbin Hotel for AGES. FInally, I think I've cracked the big question of the show. How many souls does Charlie have to save to fix the problem in her fiery home? Theorists, Charlie means well but ultimately I think she is doomed to fail. Why? There are simply too many souls. Let's dive in!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Has in hotel rather tv ma. Gravity falls somehow pg

  • I would like to see a hellva boss lol

  • Re

  • i like bill and uncle ford

  • my favorite gravity falls character is old man mcgucket

  • regarding the mini theory, so you'd say crossroad demons are also that guy from gravity falls since they trade souls? and they seal with either a handshake or a kiss.

  • the only references to rings in this universe: in the Hazbin pilot they mention 9 rings, then in the Helluva song 7, and at one point Blitzo says “the nearest ocean is 3 rings down” i feel like thats a Lord of the Rings reference (you know “3 rings for the elven kings, 7 for the dwarf-lords, 9 for mortal men doomed to die? ok i’ll leave now sorry for wasting ur time)

  • Gravity Falls Dipper

  • Do a theory on Ben 10

  • Bleh, bad video. He should definatly have done a bit more searching....or literally just ask vivzie herself. I'm sure she'd love to explain where the inspiration for her characters and idea came from....oh wait! She did say where they came from. Crazy right! Literally no theory to be made since she is very open with her inspirations and ideas. Besides that it was okay and there were a load of neat details and ways to look at it. Overall bad video....good topic.

  • Bill cipher is my favorite and my favorite is

  • i would say bill and soos.

  • Question should watch Hazbin hotel?

  • I lost you at Bill Cipher

  • We’re is the phineas and ferb theory coming out

  • Dude can you make a helluva boss theory please it has more lore if I don’t have it I will f##king Barry you also that’s line I said is a hazbin hotel

  • Bill

  • This is stupid how is a gravity fails Character Related with an character from in adult show?

  • Now you’ve done one of hazbin, now you gotta do helluva boss

  • Anybody else wonder what hazbin means ?

  • Bill Cipher = Alastor? Matty boi I love you but I can not facepalm any harder

  • 2018 wasn’t expecting 2020 when it comes to death rates😂 that’s a rip

  • 4:58 is that a good place reference that I hear

  • I subscribed

  • E

  • e

  • Mabel is my fav by far. She is just every thing.

  • hear me out if you get the song “Good golly” by S.P joy It just suits his character SO much

  • I didn't care I fking like this cartoon

  • Obviously inspired The Purge and Gravity Falls lol


  • i like waddles

  • there are probably also homeless people in heck, I wonder what the hotel size is now?

  • this is very dependent on your religions view on forgiveness though. Catholics believe that even if you sin, you can still go to heaven, provided that you work of your sins in purgatory.

  • amogus

  • 6:51 Me a 7DS fan (anime and manga): lol

  • Helluva boss > Hazbin Hotel

  • if you don't sub to film theory bill will hunt you down.

  • Another similarity between gravity falls and hazbin hotel is when is the next part of the shows going to come out

  • Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful shows!

  • I remember seeing somewhere (meaning this may not be true) that helluva boss is the side show to keep us entertained while we wait for hazbin hotel. Hazbin hotel is taking so long NOT because they are also making halluva boss (it might idk maybe a little) but because they want to take their time and make the animation clean and they don't want to miss anything or get any stuff wrong in the plot or the animation. Hazbin hotel ep1 was supposed to come out early January or around Christmas but it hasn't yet, so it could be here very shortly

  • I thought I was the only one whos favorite character is the radio demon

  • Blitz: hi I’m blitzo the O is silent Matpat: oh look there’s stolus the T is silent 16:11 -3:36 Also imp stands for immediate murder professionals -3:50

  • I dont like you

  • I don’t want to be that person but a think there are a lot of kids who Watched this

  • Noticing Matt associates the handshake thing with them while ignoring the old devil deals... Also I.M.P. is "Immediate Murder Professionals" not Patrol... dangit Matt

  • at 1:32 the “runes” are actually thai numbers ๖๑๘ which mean 618. i don’t know if this actually ties in with the story in any way but maybe it does.

  • 7:46 you can see what looks like the boss to the other show

  • This is really interesting 0-0 God bless :D

  • I do watch gravity falls and my favorite character is maple

  • my favrite gravity falls carater is bill

  • 15:39 it’s the Immediate Murder PROFESSIONALS!!! Not the Immediate Murder Patrol

  • Cool!

  • where can i watch this? :O does a 1st episode even exist yet?

  • Hey matpat you ruined childhoods please don’t do it to adult hoods

  • 30% of married people so its bit lower there right? Xp

  • thank you for introducing me to this amazing show

  • grimm is that you

  • ): I don't get to be with everyone else just more Canadians :)

  • Diper

  • Wow

  • I like de vidoe

  • "isn't there a more humane way -" *you're a demon, the people around you are demons*

  • How do you do the alestor voice

  • I think I have a feeling what Nicolas Cage movie is being mentioned right there at the end... One I only just found out about recently that seems to align very closely with game theory's side of things. Seems like murderous animatronics ARE a bat signal for Matpat.

  • *Sloth* My biggest sin.

  • Alastor died in 1931

  • Yes and Bill

  • My favourite character in gravity falls is bill cypher

  • I have a youtube series recommendation for MatPat to take a look at... Ena by Joel G

  • Last film theory video i watched was several years ago, and i'm glad to say the quality hasn't improved since then.

  • This generation is alive to see the dumbest film theory of all time

    • Some more things. 1. The song "We'll meet again" was made after Alastor died. 2. Alastor was created years before gravity falls was even made. 3. Taking drugs isn't a sin. Why not read the OFFICIAL comics on their website?

    • 1. Alastor's voice sounds like a radio, because he was a radio host during his life 2. Alastor is so powerful because he was a murderur during his life 3. Where did anything say that Charlie wanted to get everyone into heaven? The comic clearly says that she wants to get even just one sinner into heaven, just to see that it's possible. You would think that a theorist that has been doing this for years would be able to do a few google searches.

  • I'm unsubscribing

  • Actually it’s the “Immediate Murder Professionals”

  • " bill cypher is associated with a ww2 song" alastor who died in the 1920's :AHAHAH no

  • Stalas

  • There are many theories that bill is in king from the owl house.

  • (Small Spoilers) (since people and I believe that the hazbin hotel universe and the helluva boss universe are the same,) in Helluva Boss episode 4, it is shown that angels can get rejected from heaven, which also throws a monkey wrench into Charlie's plans, but we won't consider that.

  • Dippy pins

  • dipper

  • F

  • I think it's more fucked up than that. Think about it. She's a demon. You know this. Worse yet, she's *satan's daughter*. Her mannerisms are typical of a politician. And what's the fastest, most efficient way to get rid of overpopulation? Genocide. The Hazbin Hotel is a concentration/death camp. Discuss.

  • FILM THEORY IDEA:pls do a THEORY on fanfictasia by artspear entertainment

  • Maybe he holds the souls of all the Nazis cause of a deal? And they were killed off by the thousands and in hazbin, it would make sense on why they were so... Twisted

  • Bill and Angel dust are my favorites


  • mi frend toled me in confidence that he mastersbats to your game theory intro

  • The IMPS are not a patrol they are professionals..... Failsauce on research again.


  • Hello matpad! Although this is not a popular opinion but Can u do a film theory for my series called ‘MIdorism’? I love to see that you think the series might be about :)

  • Bill

  • Wait a minute isn’t she the princess she can’t just shut I am P down and by the bank by the boom problem solved Jim again we still have access they calling Solis and they still have the Grimm war I mean oh never mind I had the dumbest idea Charlie redeems the people behind I am P and in the members of I am peeling selves and the CEHRUB trio boom all competition to wipe out her goals are the strawberries in one fell swoop Then again they are native born denizens of the underworld so that probably wouldn’t work

  • Could her hotel cause overpopulation in heaven?

  • If Bill and alaster ever met They would be best frienemies and half trust each other "madmegedin here we come"

  • Who else wants to see a Alastor vs Stolas death battle , I think Stolas will win

  • To the Mini theory what if the staff is Bill cipher and he just took over a all powerful demon

  • 7:21 *the whole dream smp quakes*

  • I personally LOVE Ford as a character, in Hazbin Hotel my favorite character is obviously Alastair and Angel dust

  • Do you mean Stolas?

  • Dipper!