I Tried Acrylic Pour Art For The First Time

Avaldati 5 sept 2020
Hello friends! Apologies for the long absence, but we are trying to get things back on track. No, this video didn’t take us 3 months to make - we filmed a bunch of videos in July and this is the first of them to be released! It’s not a magnum opus, just supposed to be fun and lighthearted. If you want to read more about our plans, you can check out my blog post here:
Now, onto the video! A few weeks ago, somewhere deep in a visual ASMR EEclone rabbit hole, I discovered the online acrylic pour art community - where people essentially make interesting color combos of paint in a cup, then pour that cup onto a canvas or object - and then manipulate that object to create truly mesmerizing, rainbow, psychedelic pieces of art. And I was instantly hooked - just something about the way the paints flow from the cup and then slide around the canvas really got me, ya know? So I decided to pick an acrylic pour art video and try to follow it myself, to see if I could do it too. So I chose a "pouring guru", Tiktus color art, and got to work.
What do you guys think of my ~acrylic pouring adventure~?
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Twitter: safiyajn
Facebook: safnygaard/
The tutorial we followed is here: eeclone.info/glo/3KLHhqh6fYB3y5w/video
You can check out Tiktus’s channel here: eeclone.info/vision/eAvBShy5a2_vTFflQG_zWg
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  • Hello friends! apologies for the long absence, but we are trying to get things back on track. if u want to read more about whats up with us/what our plans are, i've linked a blog post i wrote in the description (no worries at all if not!). i hope u guys enjoy this video!! i sure had some *slightly stressful* fun making pour art for the first time 😂 love, saf

    • Vbn

    • It looks amazing, also for the cup I think if you tilt it it would work

    • Is it okay if i draw you?

    • What are your plans? The world will never know now that the site is gone

    • I just road the blog post and I’m so sorry for you, but none, and I mean NONE, of the mean comments are true. I’m shocked that people actually send comments like those to people on the internet - just know you are doing and amazing job in any way: the way you talk, the content and everything! And by the way: as a Dane I really appreciate that you don’t speak any faster than you do, so others like me have a change to understand everything ❤️👽 All time favorite EEcloner - don’t let a few bad comments ruin you - you are doing an amazing job!

  • I like the past 2 way more, they looked cooler, specially the first one.

  • the amount of rage i gained while literally screaming at saf to tilt her hand more for more paint to come out was crazy and i don't even do art!

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  • I was today years old when I learnt violet has blue undertones and purple hadred undertones, and I'd been calling purple "violet" And violet "purple".

  • The pouring medium isn't a must have. I tried acrylic pour last weekend with just the paints and water in equal measure. It worked just fine.

  • You should have added more paint U added less that is why you had to do more snail thingies

  • 2:58 there’s the iPhone background you spoke of lol

  • You might think your first try is bad but me being an abstract artist I think that is really good but your opinion is all that matters! :D

  • Who else ended up tipping their phone trying to cover the canvas? XD

  • The first one looks like a wave

  • man she can sell all of these for a million each

  • i think that u should have fild the corners whit the rest of the paint and then moved it

  • I came in here to look for the Tiktus comment and it’s there all right

  • Nice job!!!

  • i prefer the first 2 funny enough lol

  • The pillow in the start kinda looks like it

  • Safiya: and the videos get alot of views like 3 million Me: every single video of yours gets 5 million views like girl

  • Does anyone else thinks that she sounds like laurenzside ?? Just me? ....okay..

  • i think 1st one is best

  • Ok...I've always heard it pronounced...THAY- low .....

  • How many army 💜 are watching it ........

  • The first one was my favorite, to be honest, they all looked great tho!

  • The first one lowkey looks like the waves

  • Why do i keep wacthing thisns

  • 17:35

  • Why so many d i n g s


  • alL rIGhT & oKaY

  • 11:51 I just finished how I met your mother today for the 2nd time

  • Acrylic pouring is just setting yourself up to work at apple

  • If you ever do this again you just gotta put more white in between the colors.

  • I Heard the royale high music in the back

  • -wow-

  • *wow*

  • She has the most news anchor voice I've ever heard.

  • Your first attempt it really was a 🌊

  • Petition for saf to get that blue paint spill from the first one tatooed

  • i think the main cup he uses is skinnier

  • the first one looks like some mountains

  • Hey Safiya, I'll let you in on a secret: There's no messing up in art. It's about not having all the control all the time and just let things happen. Be a vessel for whatever materials and mediums you want to use. I think your pours look stunning

  • It’s literally a wave

  • Holy fkkk your first try was beautiful 😍 call it tsunami🌬🌊

  • Your voice is so calming, I could watch you for hours:)

  • Looks like a narly wave 🤙

  • It’s actually pronounced (f•aye•low) blue

  • So glad you are back! You were missed! And I love the art you did!

  • The first one looked like tsunami

  • The first is my fave, just because it looks like a wave. *I want that.*


  • Now I wanna do this acrylic pour art myself! That wave was SO. AWESOME!

  • I love how always supportive Tyler is. Just an admirable quality I observed throughout Safiya's videos.

  • The last attempt is my favourite, can't wait to see if hung in the new hours

  • I created a tray using this. It WAS AWESOME and oddly satisfying to make

  • No one gonna talk about her singing voice?

  • Future reference pour more paint while spiraling! They all look super cool!

  • Plz make same vedio with resin art

  • On the send one look like a coral reef

  • Right when safiya start talkin about her arm hair I literally get an add about hair removal 😂😂😂 lol😅

  • *Watching this *Her buying expensive Amsterdam paint and expensive pouring medium *me being poor and buying watered down elmers glue and ARTEZA paint that has the smallest ratio to save as much money as possible

  • I never knew abstract art could be so... Delicious. XD

  • question are you lauren z sides sister cause it feels like it

  • Saf: I never saw interstellar Ty: I wou- don't waste your time Mood

  • the first one looks like a wave

  • Love da third one so as da fourth one

  • 23:00 looks like Siri lol

  • I feel like I might have to have a go myself.

    • I got a notification about a like - I like to look back at my liked comments for some reason! Came back and it wasn't here! 😭😆 This is not twitter - does not usually happen on EEclone!? What did I do? I hope they're just a nasty bigot who saw nonbinary/trans stuff on my channel.

  • I tried it😭

  • 27:44 1. looks like waves 2. looks like under water cave 3. galaxy 4.ombre

  • 4:57 cuz they need to practice 40 hours

  • my mom does this

  • it kills me how tyler's subconscious verbal responses to the paint all sound vaguely like clone high jfk

  • ): needed to pour a lot more of the paint at one time, wouldn't need to "snake" it

  • Tiktus is better than tiktok

  • Safiya! Maybe try to pour the paint like at the side

  • Saf: so I picked the colors myself like a dash of a galaxy- Me: ITS NOT THAT SAF UR GONNA MESS IT UP

  • Supposed to tilt the cup while you’re playing in the paints otherwise it all mixes

  • Very nice pour. Really good. How about adding some glitters? I couldn't help but think a little glitter wouldn't hurt. 😊😊

  • the first one looks like waves dark waves then a light blue sky

  • I dont know why but whenever she moves the canvas, I move my phone thinking that I'll fill up the corners😆😅. ..

  • 16:01 It looks like sea water waves. Awesome!

  • Uh your so dam beautiful saf

  • Liked and Subscribed because of the smart @$$ commentary 😂❤🔥 "In Soviet Russia, acrylic pours you" #LOL

  • I love how saf is measuring like to the extent and making everything absolutely perfect and then theres @moriahelizabeth just wings it and just does what she thinks is right 😂 I love you both so much by the way no hate

  • Omg your outfit in the intro is so cute

  • You should have poured more paint while you were swirling

  • I love your videos but only one thing you just speak a lot so at times it gets boring.... No offense

  • i liked the first one. definitely thought it looked like a wave immediately

  • She deserves more subs

  • Why does she have like 0 wrist mobility- says an illustrator who’s been drawing and using my wrist for years 🤣

  • touch the similar paint colour on the tabletop to the corners to fill them..

  • Oh no we might runout of space *proceeds to pour slower*

  • the snake thing made it soo good

  • the snake thing made it soo good

  • NFL mock draft

  • Safiya have really a lot of patience give it some to me too

  • The first two are the best.

  • I see those crocs🤣🤣⛸️

  • Please change the channel profile photo

  • I’m surprised that I have Tyler’s Japanese Star Wars shirt