Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

Avaldati 15 jaan 2021
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Nope I live in Florida where it gets really cold sometimes not all the time but I have lived in Florida all my life and have never seen snow

  • James: where u guys live, is there snow Me: *in Canada* OMG YESSSSS James: do u guys like the snow? Me: OMG NO!!!

  • That was so fun to watch and i really want to try that

  • lol it doesn’t snow here in florida

  • me theres a lot of snow

  • This video was foreshadowing for the snow storms that came love u sister

  • Yes I have snow and it is a love hate relationship for me

  • James it's defrosted ok

  • Wait omg at 10:47 I was eating that 😳 I can tell it's peanut butter strawberry jelly sandwich

  • Mississippi it haven’t snowed but it has recently

  • James: is there snow where u live? me: "omg it is so hot today all i need is a tee-shirt! I cant believe it is 4 degree's c "

  • hate snow. wouldn’t be sad if i never saw it again 🥶

  • Yes there is snow and I live in Wisconsin you know the cheese state and me and snow have a love-hate relationship 😂😬

  • Kansas

  • Yes kansa

  • I live in Cyprus pls don't hate and I love make up and I never saw snow there 😢

  • Lol the thing that drawed my attention was the...Baja blast!!

  • I live in Australia

  • i don't really live in a place with snow i live in norfolk virgina

  • Texas and no quq

  • There is soooooooo much snow. P.S I live in the north

  • netherland loloololololo by the way im in love with your videos en every time im sad je lite up my day if you love jamescharles videos like

  • in Texas it's freezing I do not like winter time in Texas

  • No it Dosen’t snow here in Adelaide :( I saw snow once in Tasmania for a little break off school

  • Yes it snow's in Engaland

  • yah its snowing

  • Why do u have a hole cubard of coke? Cupboard* 😑??

  • ,,,,,”dethawed”,,,,, sure

  • That blush was,, a little THICC and chuncky tho-

  • I’m from Colorado, the United States, we have snow and I love it

  • No im From St.Croix United Stastes Virgin Islands and it NEVER snows here .-.

  • Is it just me or did anyone else think in the beginning the heart make up look was a filter???

  • you should do a frozen one dip challenge

  • I live in Germany but now we have like a winner and summer together it’s like a really pretty I hate snow ❄️ but it’s very very very gorgeous

  • I’m from Canada so obviously there’s snow, plenty of it

  • James: *gets headache* Also James: Am I dying??

  • I love the snow

  • I have lots of snow

  • You should do a FROZEN movie makover

  • on jordan its snow from a weeks if it did int snow thats gana be i did not snow from 5 years ago and it just snow 2 days

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  • I live in Dubai so what is snow

  • Hi I am from India gujrat ahemdabad

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  • When james put on the foundation I thought of flashback Mary!!!!!!

  • "am i dying " LOL

  • James: am I dieing! Me: lol haha😂

  • I live in Germany and I had snow but not anymore

  • Yes they're is snow!!

  • I live in switzerland and theres a lot of snow and i love it!!!❤️

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  • No is am from India New Delhi I hate winter ❄️ I love summer 🥺☀️

  • right now there is a foot of snow and no i hate it sometimes but i like it some times cuz i love to snow tube and play with my little brother and my dog in the snow

  • No snow in INDIA 😭

  • Omg how dare u James , eat a un crustable, don’t u know people are starving 😩😩( this is a complete joke )

  • No I don't have snow I love in La

  • florida- I GOT NO SNOW smh i love winter UGH i miss the snow *sobs*

  • I mean my Minecraft cat's name is snow so yes there is snow where i am

  • Oh yes snow up to my knees, it's amazing.

  • I'm from india

  • I got a little scared when he asked where I lie

  • Wow.... You are so Beautiful... 😶😳

  • there is no snow here PK

  • I love your videos

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  • I live in the Netherlands

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  • There's no snow here lol Im from Philippines.

  • I live in Ohio and I had an entire week of snow days 🥶😶

  • He is so cute


  • i live where there is snow and i love it

  • There is a ton of snow in NY yass james

  • I love that in this into there is fire first and this is a cold challenge! Like if you know what I’m talking about

  • And in Jo'burg there's no snow🥺

  • we used to have snow where i lived (netherlands) but the last few years it just feels like a long autumn ;/ but this year we got a week of snow again with -4 weather but a week later it was 15 again

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  • james : am I dieing me : hahaaaheha

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  • I love your vids

  • ok i was just watching the vid and i read online comics and it notifies me when one of them updated, so i read a comic called The Makeup Remover and I got the notification for it while watching this, i just thought it was kinda funny. oh and James Charles i recently started watching your vids Love you sister