3080 with a flip up screen?

Avaldati 22 nov 2020
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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  • Will the screen play doom?

  • Did I win

  • Wonder who bought it.

  • Linus says Jif

  • If I win I would put it on my desk or shelves cuz ion have a pc or the rest of component

  • "JIFFs" Never would've thought that Linus is one of those guys.... =|

  • the aorus 3070 with the lcd is nice too

  • how someone must feel if theyre actually watching from timbuktoo

  • I am not worth of such a royal item

  • 3:17 "Jifs". This is a dealbreaker Linus... it's gif

  • I want it so bad

  • This man saying jif I swear....... I know thats how the creator says its supposed to be but I can't accept that

  • how long until someone can get the shrek movie to run off it...

  • Good luck finding that in stock


  • Where is the review?

  • what the hell is a jif

  • Just called us poor

  • That display is bytter than my monitor😂

  • gif > jif

  • Me with my i3 lol

  • In Sweden you can buy 3070 3080 3090 currently. They never went out of stock

  • thats not what i like to call "free"

  • I want an all screen pc build ie most components have a screen on them

  • I’ve got the Colourful Vulcan RTX 3070 graphics card but I don’t know how to display GIFs on it. If anyone knows about it do let me know cuz whenever I try to display GIFs it just says USB not link something like that.

    • @lt eex Ohh! Thank You so much i just did that and it worked.Thx again

    • Try to connect the motherboard and graphics card (TYPE-C)with the cable in the box

  • id love this

  • Jiffs

  • Can you play doom on it?

  • Couldn't get it in my system to fecking long lol look like a nice card

  • How to win that GeForce RTX 3080?????

  • why do you have to pronounce gif like jif, it hurts me

  • Colorful is the best selling brand in China. Considering where all the GPUs are made, that market is hard to win...

  • Sooooo... Is Asian sized the reason why you've married one?

  • Question? Who exactly is this guy? How does he have so many sponsors was he rich smart and knew how to build pc’s started making youtube videos then companies noticed his views and started kicking down shit for free or??

  • its gif not jif!!!

  • The 3000 series from AORUS offer a similar GUI interface, though not with a foldable dual screen. The Vulcan X's price difference is about £100 more; not bad for a manfacturer I've never heard of.

  • Youre my favourite EEcloner i swear

  • What?

  • when you buy the gpu but you don't have the money for a monitor so you game on the gpu screen

  • wow.

  • How do you download the igame dashboard???

  • What's a jif

  • All theese cards that youtubers recieve should be give aways all of them.

  • Anyone know the case they’re using?

  • 6:54 sounds like that biker cop in Dumb and Dumber haha

  • WOW. This is like somebody selling a pair of Antigravity shoes, or McFly's skateboard in Back to the Future. I've heard about them. But no one can get any. So why are you bothering?

  • run doom on nothing but the gpu, no monitor, no ram, no cpu JUST THE GPU

  • You noob at building maskine pc i am better alot

  • I want to get this graphic card please I am from Bangladesh


  • He said... Jif

  • can i have free gpu

  • press "2" for E

  • Fuck Had i seen this earlier i could have made a bot i mean come on theres no existing page for it but some python and i would have found the thing that only costs one usd

  • Frow where i can buy some fans like yours?

  • Jiff... Smh

  • I can buy it because I live in Sweden

  • Did he say jif Why!!!!!

  • linus says gif wrong smhf

  • Where can you buy these?

  • its hardware monitoring display so cool where to buy it?

  • imagine if people didn’t wait outside the store for 1 just to sell it on ebay for 4x more than what is was 😍😍

  • Just noticed... Why the heck are you using letterboxed videos on EEclone? Stop being weird, go 16:9.

  • Will you please talk to your GPU overlords and ask why the same graphics card can’t excel at CAD AND games??? It’s got to be software, right?

  • nice, but WHY?

  • Linus can I have a tech tip?

  • thanks for reading

  • Linus flipped the case to see if the fans are spinning i imagined him spinning the whole case on the other side.

  • Support bracket? Common guys, there won't be any better teaser of illuminati than this one. We knew it Linus we knew it.

  • We'll here 3080 is 4000 BGN I will need one or two years to get one WoW . And I'm sure my rig is going to slow this puppy down .

  • why not the 3090?

  • the only thing annoying me about this vid is the fact linus said jif its gif!!!!

  • i dare someone to charge there phone with the type c usb cable in the gpu

  • i need a new GPU its so sad watching yall with all these but yet at least i can see them lol

  • Ok..... Seriously stop saying "jiff" Linus. LOL, alright I'm done. Unsubbed. That was too many times.

  • What's a "jiff"? You mean "Gif" I think.

  • Its available In our country, too bad sad Americans. We also have the 3060ti at 420$ price tad

  • Linus says jif. I wonder if he prays to jod. Or likes to play james. Does he have a jarden jnome. What do you think his favorite jpu is

  • Instead of a screen on gpu. Should have been a vr review

  • How many times has linus played the first level of doom eternal

  • 3:18 he really called a gif a jif.

    • isnt that the normal way of saying it? I say it like that lol

  • 3:17 did he pronounce gif, as gif, instead of gif? 🤢

  • Linus is it possible to connect a webcan in pcie slot and rampup the quality to maximum like mobile devices

  • ....aaaand now we wait for someone to port DOOM on that thing!

  • That GPU has more computing power and bling than all my computers I ever had, combined!

  • totally useless

  • I hate that all graphic cards are sold out extremely fast. You can always buy them but for way more expensive

  • Jif 😳

  • waiting for a graphic card which have 1megapixel camera XDDDD

  • It's leviosA, not leviOsa!

  • 1:37 my heart dropped

  • "You can't buy an RTX 3080" *_ouch_*

  • Loveeeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the new intro Hi I’m subbed thanks for linustech tips

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  • how much $$$$ was that 3080 with flip screen ?

  • cant he just run a benchmark ?

  • I will pronounce it jif when people say jaffics

  • I do not care how much linus knows about tech, that is not how you pronounce GIF

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