Avaldati 22 okt 2020
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Someone randomly dropped off this 100 year old safe in our parking lot at 3AM... I wonder what's inside. We're going to challenge the team to open it in 12 hours! If they can't, I'm going to use my plasma lightsaber!
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0:00 Safe in the Parking Lot
0:39 Security Camera Footage
0:55 Setting up a Competition
2:28 Team Smash!
4:13 Lords Mobile Giveaway
5:31 Lightsaber vs Safe
8:00 What's in the box?
8:23 Who's the Imposter?
9:03 The Culprit Unmasked
9:51 Ten Million Subscribers!
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  • Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!

  • Now make the force

  • This is stronger than my nether right sword enchanted

  • Mine can easily go through that

  • I though he would just slice it in half

  • If there was money in there it would be burnt to a crisp

  • That’s an easy safe to get into. Do you need a sledgehammer and a wood splitter V that’s all

  • They used to put nitroglycerin between the two doors of that type of safe. You need to be careful anytime you mess with those. Very unstable

  • money 🤑

  • 3:43 holy shit is that a power fist from fallout 3 😂 it did some damage

  • Can you tell where you live

  • This is stronger then my red hot axe

  • I wish they invited Matt from demolition ranch to try it to lmao

  • I buy xD

  • You are here for this: 5:49

  • Can you cut things with it? Like is you were to use it as a sword.

  • Do light saber Vs fire extinguishers

  • Why didn't they try hydrogen then hit it

  • Becareful of wrist rockets when opening safes

  • We'll get the perfect light saber when it's able to cut through such materials in, like.. 10% of the needed effort and time. There and then the army is going to have a serious proposition for you guys.

  • How many subs can I get from this comment it would be helpful

  • Hacksmith later became the best bank robber in history

  • Why would cut a VALUABLE DIAMOND play button in half

  • More like a proton pack than a lightsaber.... still nostalgic eitherway

  • In 10 years do you think you will be able to make a lightsaber like the movies?

  • make a working pokedex

  • This was so stupid honestly I thought It would have been a real random safe

  • Why don’t you just use the iron man glove

  • Hi Hi

  • They earned the button

  • Do you know what I think would’ve worked if you got out the power loader that thing could’ve talked that safe around like a ragdoll what a broken open I mean are you seen those robotic calls or nothing kind of shaken soda

  • When roadman have knivez and one man flexing with a 300° saber

  • This the speciality weapon maverick should’ve got

  • 8.04 A worse acting than the actors in a hot video

  • Can you guys try to make minecraft diamond tools ? Would be fun to watch :))

  • If only it could deflect projectiles like real lightsabers lol

  • Didn’t spell impostor right

  • "They are no match for Droidekas!"

  • "Master! Destroyers!"

  • Wow

  • Lightsaber vs tesla

  • If there was money in that vault without a hard case the money would catch fire then total loss

  • They have made a bunch of inventions and they choose a sledgehammer

  • nobody gonna say how much he sounds like a battle droid when he had the mask on?

  • Didn't have any thermite laying around?

  • The government wants to know your location

  • How do you get the Thor's hammer

  • How much is the Thor's hammer take out one

  • Top video! (я русский =

  • This is stupid as’f smh it ain’t no lightsaber! Why? Because that shit doesn’t cut through and you need to carry a stupid gas back pack? Gmfu wack ass shut ever smh the U.S military got done bettter shit than this.

  • Goldfish 😍 I love it

  • The best way to open it would be ice

  • Thieves: interesting

  • Hello.

  • The LockpickingLawyer could have had this open in 42 seconds.

    • Not as cool as a lightsaber

  • Cool

  • He should've used a Vader mask

  • Damn

  • Random safe, don’t know from who, sticks light saber in it... oh, it was a bom 💥 💀

  • You are going to rob a bank

  • wow

  • Love the content but pls stop with among us

  • He starts cutting the safe at 5:45. U can thank me for saving your time by liking this comment

  • One could argue that isn't safe at all

  • I can’t tell what was better the lightsaber or among us

  • 5:44 he’s a robber!

  • Your editor put some scenes out of sequence. 6:20 dial in place, 6:30 no dial, 6:36 dial reinstalled?

  • Are we going to mention the flawless mission impossible remix?

  • The thing it is it sounds like a real lightsaber in rise of skywalker the new one

  • I like this video

  • Vaya, que gran video

  • If siri answers most questions on a phone or wrist, what is a power ring could have even smarter A.I.? AND what if that ring could also create constructs via holograms? I think its a trillion dollar idea guys. What's the first step?

  • This is not a toy

  • OK i just noticed something, you guys are Canadian and you're giving away what looks to be $30,000 American. why are you using American money and not Canadian money, is it because you're too embarrassed to say....... BANK VAULT (30,000 "Loonies" GIVEAWAY) because people might think you're giving away 30,000 Canadian lunatics?.......which no one wants BTW

  • 10 million Abonnenten aber nur 6,5 Millionen Aufrufe? Leute wer ihn Abonniert, sollte doch auch seine Videos ansehen!

  • Next-level Flame Trower.

  • Hey this might seem like a stupid question but what would you call businesses like this where they create new stuff 😂😂 you know like if I wanted to create new inventions what would the name of the field be?

  • Did no one think to try thermite

  • The dude with the layer of glass box filled with money rn: *SUPER SWEATING*

  • Did the safe cost 150?

  • Like Qui-Gon opening the blast doors on the Trade Federation ship in TPM!

  • It's like the old legends sabers that needed cords and powerpacks to use.

  • Time for a collaboration with the locksmithing lawyer?

  • For anyone thinking of breaking in to a business to rob this kind of safe, forget it, especially of you want to be in and out within ½hr.

  • Lightsaber vs Unbreakable Box

  • Can you cook some meat with that lightsaber

  • Que boludez

  • Ok

  • I am want win giveaway

  • Good luck

  • Little did I know this was gonna end with James not being the imposter

  • Plankton wants to break krabby patty secret formula vault be like :

  • Don't they realize all the pollution they produce?

  • This guy is gonna make the Infinity gauntlet next if he made a light saber

  • Algum br

  • Tatally a random truck. Yeah ... (Hehehe?)

  • When nanotechnology?

  • Give it to Kiril Sarychev it will take less then 10 minutes 😂

  • This is what Solo went through to pay Jabba back

  • Чёрт, как же я за вас рад. Вы реально заслужили бриллиантовую кнопку. Спасибо за видосы)