Popular Songs vs Pitch Perfect Versions

Avaldati 10 veebr 2021
I didn't know these Pitch Perfect versions were this catchy?!!
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Popular Songs vs Pitch Perfect Versions
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  • 👁👄👁

  • I’d like to see originals versus Pentatonix covers. I’ll bet PTX wins the majority

  • The no diggity was already won for pitch perfect as soon as I saw the title 😎

  • part 2

  • Hey ma man JOEL watch pitch perfect 1,2,3 maybe it will change your mind 😄 or not🙄

  • PP is better than original🙄

  • In the song since you've begone Ey dude it's scripted man✌️

  • He needs to watch the riff-off as a whole and not out of context

  • Pitch Perfect: Sounds good Him: Dissing acapella Me: ~sobs in Pitch and Pentatonix~

  • He should have done s&m even though it innopropriate for youtube but they sound the exact same

  • Part 2

  • "It's groovy with the acapella"

  • I love the barden bellas finale so much they combine price tag, don’t you forget about me,just the way you are, tonight, and party in the USA it slaps!

  • I think he needs to watch all the movies then come back

  • With a few of the songs.. there's a big part of the mix cut out. The final Bella's(Anna Kendrick's group) song was a big mash-up of songs, that would probably explain some of the choices they made in the arrangement. Also.. and this is also something they addressed in the movies, with it being an all girl group, they really don't have the bass that gives acapella the big punchs, outside of some(possibly edited?) bits on the final mashup(which they sadly didn't do anything with for the rest of the franchise)

  • Awsome

  • you kind of look like cole sprouse

  • I’m angry

  • I liked and subcribed

  • Does he know that Ester Dean wrote some of the most famous songs on the radio

  • Anna Kendrick actually sings live

  • Dude..Now I needed to watch every pitch perfect movie cause of you xd

  • you cut off the best parts of the pitch perfect ones:(

  • I mean, pitch perfect is also supposed to be comedic so... And the best parts were cut off

  • Cake by the ocean... haha I love eating cake. It helps build tongue muscle.

  • Now I can't unhear the "pip"

  • Please stop it's acapella WTF, it's like you not even acknowledging that they're using just their voices to make up for other sounds as well. Also in context of the movie and mixing different genres of music to fit in to the movie come now you're really biased

  • Why do I only know the songs that are kinda or really old? 😂

  • everyone's going crazy about "Joel didn't put in the right parts of the songs!!!" it's his editor who put it together, not Joel himself ...also, my personal opinion here: not a huge fan of most of the PP covers, and even if I DID hear the full covers there's a 90% chance I'd dislike them lol-

  • I think he don't like like the Bella's that much

  • Pitch perfect does most of them better

  • I'm confused, so he didn't think the Caribbean beat was awesome?? 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  • Listen, I love professional opinions as much as anyone, but when he didn't give any positive comments about 12:50, I was like bruh. But still, it's ok.

  • You do realise that pitch perfect some of the song are a jokes so review does not really make sense

  • that meme true lol-

  • Is ur mic is real or edit??

  • 6:24 i know it’s wierd but the Jackson 5 didn’t actually make that song it was the jacksons. The jackson 5 is when they Where super young


  • Why is everyone in the comment section weeb or A.R.M.Y or basically kpop fan give a like if u r plz i think its ma eyes

  • Pitch perfect is better

  • I wasn't going to this but I'll make it short number 1 u haven't watched the movie have you? Don't comment on something you haven't watched 2. You have terrible taste in music Sorry if it sounded mean I just had to say it

  • " why its work so well?" Answer: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow I love Pitch Perfect!

  • I don’t care about the original singers to be honest I would prefer Pitch Perfect

  • You should react/check out derivakat! She’s been making a lot of songs of different genres recently and i think you will like them

  • 😡😠

  • this guy literally sucks the life and fun out of these songs!!!!

  • Disliked this as soon as he hated on pitch perfect I hate that he did this video without even watching the movie

  • the way you don't even understand the context behind them lmaoo

  • your so mean they have amazing voices be nicer rOOmIE wtf is that name anyways


  • joel watch pitch perfect episodes first- u just watched the mid-perfrct parts 😧-

  • Umm have you watched the movies it's a acapella group.

  • I disagree on the brytny toxic part

  • Can you do a vid with lil nas x holaday

  • you gave it to pitch perfect?😀 come again?

  • Lmfao she even said the “DALE!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 That’s great

  • 11:23 “Mah B00tAAAayyy” 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • He should've listened to the soundtrack audio instead of the movie versions, since they cut out part of the songs and sometimes aren't as good as the soundtrack audio.

  • For price tag, they were doing a medley of different songs and it's actually really good.

  • You need context before you give your unsolicited opinion most people in that movie a professional singer and song writers

  • The pitch perfect doesn't sound how it supposed to in the movie, there's something wrong with your PC! ¡!!!

  • Does he understand its akapella ?

  • Joel just needs to arrange his own group

  • Why does he make it seems as if Sean Paul is on the song it sounds bad? Leave him alone 😒😤🙄😑

  • In the Low song in the movie there is a rule to follow in that riff-off they have to follow the beat.

  • Joel you should watch all three pitch perfect movies on a live stream

  • i respect you appreciation as an opinion about the arrangement, but when you watch the movies, it all just makes sense, and you actually enjoy it

  • "my bootayyy" 😂😭✋🏽

  • I saw Anna Kendrick 5 (maybe six) times in the pitch perfect versions

  • You really seem to have a preference for nasally voices... everytime you say you love the voice its always a super nasaly sound, which I personally do not like at all so Im always going like ?

  • You can’t just watch one song you have to watch the full arrangement for it to sound good

  • 0-0

  • Anna Kendrick never get wrong though 🥺💙

  • Fun Fact: the price tag song is originated in pitch perfect

    • @AdrianTruthOrGame lmao, i was gonna say

    • @Nerd Turd oh sorry sorry i just embarrased my self the song that is originally from pitch perfect is the flashlight lmao

    • @AdrianTruthOrGame but she released the song way before the movie came out and shes the one who wrote it...

    • @Nerd Turd its originally from pitch perfect and jessie j is just the picked artist to sing it

    • Price tag? Isnt that jessei j's song?

  • You have NEVER ANOYED ME MORE! SHUT UP! AND WATCH THE MOVIES! Theres fucking jokes so stf

  • Joel why, i didn't get the cake joke until you mentioned it, I thought they were actually eating cake, you've ruined my innocence

  • 13:59 I thought it said Kick Body Ocean- 💀

  • I LOVE PITCH PERFECT!! I was kinda disappointed when hey gave the originals more points

  • I am angry

  • No one The hips: ◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️◀️▶️🔁🔁🔀⏯️▶️⏯️▶️🔂

  • 4:19 lol 😂

  • 4:04

  • Wait it's copyright right?hahahahhahahahahahaha report!!!!!!!

  • huge props to the researchers and editors for cutting out the gross scenes 🙌

  • Am I the only one who thinks that he looks like dylan sprouse 🤔

  • not me wait'n for the song freedom '90 👁👄👁

  • Me who is a music lover and a Pitch Perfect fan : (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

  • Me when i heard jackson five were going to have a pitch perfect cover and its on their most iconic song: ewww **cringes**

  • I cried tears of joy when i saw Sia in the thumbnail. I love her and love her mudic and i couldnt wsit to see what pitch perfect did with her song Edit: me even happier that its cheap thrills

  • 6:53

  • The since you’ve been gone is the auditions

  • He’s gotta take it into mind that pitch perfect is ACAPELLA

  • He needs to watch the movie because it does help

  • he kinda looked confused

  • Me when Joel called himself ugly: NO YOU'RE NOT

  • roomie you kind of look like cole sprouse

  • I'm just gonna say, it sounds like you never watched pitch perfect cuz' a lot of them are not meant to sound that good in thh context of the movie

  • Bruh i was so freaking annoyed when he almost gave all the points to the original, don't get me wrong i don't think that the original one was bad i just think that the pitch perfect version was wayyy better.

  • It’s like I either love u or hate u (the video and your comments), please get your editors to give you better clips, also watch the movie and the full and the performances and Google some of the cast then re-make this video