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Avaldati 28 apr 2021
I challenged different streamers to different challenges and if they succeed, they win some money!
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  • Where’s my dollar?

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  • Brian’s Parents : Brian’s saying his first word!! Baby Brian saying his first word : Money Money!! Brian’s Parents : 0 0 _______

  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  • Faze rug is kinda copying mr beast

  • I thought it was a Mrbeast video

  • Q

  • 11:11:11


  • SO03 .

  • Love your vidoes 🤍

  • we need more donation videos

  • why no pub g people like chocotaco?

  • I was born in February it was February 19th 2012

  • Me and Noah truth or dare if you pick Dare I dare you to call your girlfriend and say we’re breaking up and then say it’s a prank

  • 9:21 the streamer looks like the WWE wrestler brawn strowman

  • Im not playing minecraft Cuz No my friend cant join me and i cant join them

  • 4:42 was amazing 🥲

  • Mrbeast thumbnail copy😡😡😡

  • Rug and brandon you guys are my inspiration, I make EEclone videos too give me some tips it'll help me and made my day💯

  • imagine copying mrbeast

  • we not going to talk about the fact that he got the booty on his shirt 9:27

  • Hey rug why you copy mr beast

  • You a simp rug

  • what the fuck that nigga really did that

  • 6:59 that is true what are you talking about

  • Good job FaZe rug

  • I’m a huge fan you and Noah make great videos

  • Can u watch my twitch My twitch is YarelizPeople

  • Yoooooooo

  • Yo

  • Is anybody going to point out how he copied mrbeast

  • Who else noticed rug writing capitol instead of capital

  • Hmmm Mrbeast did this....

  • Faze rug : Someone may or may not shave their eyebrows Me : If you give that information someone probably did it

  • Imagine he was in plunder

  • Hi

  • You have a twin

  • I clicked the button 10 times with other ids gimme mah 10 dollars(750 rs)

  • Me clicks the video WHERES MY MONEY

  • This is my first video watching your videos

  • hi rug love u

  • Noah is a sump like he just like “let’s try a girl gamer” SIMPPPPPPPP

    • @Laith Alam do I look I care

    • Don’t ever trash talk Noah or u will regret it

    • Sump?

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  • My name is Mason and I love you

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  • Is he copying Mr. Beast??

  • War zone please

  • We need a part 2 of this video

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  • Ay faze I like all youre vids

  • Hey I'm a big fan I like your videos 😀😀

  • Stole it from Mr beast

  • Mrbeast copy lol

  • I know war zone!

  • i'm a turtle at writing

  • Flappy bird is very hard my high score is 4

  • ngl noah looks like a brown haired mgk

  • Isn’t that girl at 6:36 the one nickmerc called a lil squeeker

  • If u chose me in the speed clicking test i would have taken 736 dollars from you

  • Xs

  • We love you faze rug

  • I love you faze rug

  • My brother makes videos can you watch it and he’ll your life today please I’ll tell her to do it bye

  • Hi faze rug

  • Where’s my money

  • 9:11 this guy beated the world record for Clicks per minute. world record id 9.7 and he is 10

  • wannabe mr beast

  • He rug can you plsss say hi four noah for me i actually have a crush on noah😳😳

  • "All months have 29 days in them" Its the 29th of may bro

  • Faze sign the second girl

  • Must have missed this video pop but I caught it a few days late. Keep the content coming!

  • Love u faze

  • 10:25 Polo G: I be making like two thousand a minute That Guy: in 30 seconds

  • 9:22 we will be right back

  • He simped for a girl ha funny but faze rug is a great guy :)

  • Me with an autoclicker: I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • :) YAY

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  • YO CAMERA MAN A SIMP "hey can we do a gamer girl" lol

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  • Imagine you send that donation to someone and he just use an autoclicker

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  • Bruh i got 24 on flappy bird

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  • Did he copy mr beast

  • Dude stop acting like Mr beast. Start acting like yourself again.