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My DIAMONDS Got STOLEN In BEETOWN! If you enjoyed this video, watch more here:

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  • its was josh Because josh threw the diamonds in lava

  • hey jelly there are a lever in slogo secret base look up and you will see it.......

  • dimond in josh base loke at the upper buh buh buh bin got you it is in a secret lever

  • slogo took them jelly look up in slogos base

  • OK

  • write Aadi jelly my video come!

  • be i love benny the dog ok

  • i am a youtuber

  • And i help you and i love you and benny the bee

  • I love bee town be i love ddddddddddd dog town

  • It’s Slogo who stool your diamonds.

  • tip : solgo did it

  • Slogo have a secret base under creners house he hayed the diamends ther

  • slogo has em

  • Jelly your dume there is laver in the base


  • it slogman

  • You r mom

  • Dog in crainers house and go to the end beside the wood in that chest sorry josh

  • Its at slogo lame base the chest

  • It's Josh sleal your diamond is not Crainer he secret base to josh

  • your dimonds are under crainer's base but crainer did't steel it slogo did he tride to fool you check it out plz

  • Hey I need to give you important information slogo is in bee town his house is somewhere inside that mountain

  • Slogo took your diamonds

  • sogo has your diamonds in sogo bace but in his roof in his bace there is a bace

  • the bee in a mikarte looks like beeny they looks liks they are friends

  • jelly: i will build the sculpture myself! me: can't he just mine for some diamonds?

  • It is crainer that took it

  • Slogo 😈


  • There is in the back top a lever

  • slogo house has one more lever is in the house

  • why is he going to make the sculpture all by himself It's easier to go mining for Diamonds.

  • jelly josh let your bee go noww hes lost

  • Wow

  • it is above slogo,s chest then you will find your dimonds jelly my brother

  • Can u tell who is the builder

  • Esslogo

  • Slow go dodger diamonds diamonds he does have a secret base down

  • Slogo took the diamonds and hid them underneath crainers house

  • Slogo has another base behind that

  • slogo has the dimanands!!!

  • It was josh he put it somewere under crainers house and he wrote as crainer but it was josh

  • Slogo has your diamonds and I love Benny the mayor

  • Crainer

  • Nice bee🙂

  • your friend rude slogo dumb have your dimonds

  • Trust me

  • and and another leader in his secret base

  • Lego store your diamonds logo logo slow go

  • Jelly it's Josh that make a base under your house

  • Jelly Sluggo was actually the one who stole your diamonds and whatever those crystals where I watched him do it he’s trying to blame it on Kraner so please don’t pre- and he let out your B on accident he said but it was on purpose

  • jelly slogoman did that to you and he stole your diamond and it's not crainer he hide it under crainer is base and the real beeny has been lost promise

  • Mountain

  • Josh lives in a cave

  • It was josh

  • It was josh

  • big C did it

  • It was slogo

  • This is one of my most comments biggest make sure to see this comment love you jelly

  • Alfredo did it first that she was putting bork in a minecart in his recent video and also a book god in a minecart and i had studied really been following your videos and your videos where the coolest i like your videos i like me what the way you do poco deli you're so cool

  • And i something to tell you jelly the trainer you the truth and justice

  • Any welcome to this comment

  • 0

  • What about you troll crainer important that you move out of be found but actually just rode a trainer mermaid short to ground just as well in the next episode and also after cat i have something to tell you

  • Cant believe crainer is much smarter

  • Josh lives in the mountain and he still your diamonds and blames it on crainer

  • Creaner has morved do fish tour he has made a new home☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • John is blaming creaner

  • I watched Josh video he stole them

  • I think beeny is the greatest bee ever

  • Slogoman has The diamond

  • Slogo stole your diamonds

  • is crainer

  • Jelly slogoman love in the moment

  • sorry it was slogo

  • it was crainer

  • A

  • Sligo has em

  • I never knew Crainer was smarter than jelly lol

  • Crainers**

  • Your diamonds are under trainers house lol P.S Slogo put them there!btw I love your Minecraft vids

  • Jelly it was slogo his secret Base is in mountains there two lever

  • I love beanie the bee he's the cutest bee ever🐝

  • I want you to do more B town videos.

  • Sligo hiding the diamonds in the back of his secret base

  • crainer hid in the hole with the sign thatbsays "found ur dumb hole lol"

  • thats not beeny the bee, crainer set ur dumb bee out by accident

  • Its lame because its not his base, crainer already found it lol

  • it is slogo

  • It Was sloge

  • Åbn dig på kornet eksempelvis alligevel den er åben det vil sige kun Base

  • Slogo bill still DIAMONDS ok Jelly

  • Slogoman

  • It's slogo

  • Sloggo has ur diamonds

  • Jelly slogo have secret base in secret base you should recover slogo house

  • By the way, you can first shave the sheep and take white wool, unless you have black, gray, or brown sheep. Then take the dye. Get a crafting table. And then color the wool without first putting the dye on the sheep. It saves time


  • Slogo heve your dimonds