Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.

Avaldati 20 nov 2020
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Why I Left Jelly and Slogo.
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Have you ever wondered why I left ROBUST? This video will tell you why JELLY SLOGO and I are no longer recording! I hope you all can understand my point of view. :)
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  • Hello, I’m Hassan/Tiger. Jordi, not only did you help me out with my channel but you also gave me a lot of life changing personal advice. I promise I won’t take this chance for granted and I will grind out the best possible content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. ❤️ Maybe all 5 of us should make a video together one day, that would be pretty epic 😎

  • Jordi, you haven’t held anyone back, the group was thriving and I loved the energy you created with them, it’s ok that you left but come back when you ready but don’t forget you can always take breaks from the group so you don’t burn yourself out. Being around your friends is best when your in tough times. I learned that a while ago while I was depressed as well, My friends and family helped and help me today. I think we all want the group back. Please do whatever you need, even if you only do one video a month with them, I think we’ll be happy.

  • Can u help me?

  • So sad

  • Bruh i been watching kwebblekop since i was like 7. Now after 2 years i feel so nostalgic watching him rn

  • Only og's know they swear alot on the ol' days

  • Serious Video... Love You Your A Good Person , Remember You.

  • sorry for your loss :(

  • And am sorry for your dad I hope you feel better

  • Will you get back with them

  • You have a beautiful passion, i am very proud now!

  • Will you ever play with them again like the old times

  • Can you get me some advice because my parents are maybe gonna devoire

  • I'm sad koala cup

  • Finally u don't scream in ur intro

  • Bro how to get out of depression

  • I respect you bro

  • I'm a huge fan

  • Wierd

  • Why did you leave them

  • Bionic is under me?! Never knew he watched u!

  • 200/10

  • 10/10

  • 10/10

  • No man u were the one who increas they power so they reach at higher point nice one jordi

  • aww

  • Now we know

  • Brun i unsub à year ago but seeing this i distroyd thé sub buton i Phone is broker 😭😭😀😀

  • i feel sorry for jordi because i understand how hard it is to get to a dark spot in life and also loads of people thought you where not friend anymore but behind the scenes he is friends. thanks for telling us jordi have a nice life

  • Quibble cop why are you never going to get a

  • Join back and game with them

  • Good man

  • Pls come back you can become the ultimate 4-cop

  • You seem happy now so why not join them back but you do you


  • Well if he becomes a multi millionaire we know who made him one Good ol Jimmy

  • What was your work out routine

  • What was your work out routine when u used to work out because I'm trying to get a body like yours you know like not to buff kind of skinny but muscular

  • When you are losing yourself. The only people who can help you are your family and your friends not a doc. 🙏

  • i hope you do good and have fun whit youtube and your friends ❤️ groetjes tije

  • hi im payton and ive been watchig since forever andall that you have said is tru and im srry people disliked the video i dont get why they did it but its ur life and im happy for what u have done for ur self and i give a big shout out to you doing for what u did i am sad u did leave but i think u did the right thing thx for clearing things up with ur channel and as always. ---------LEEEEEETS DOO THIIIIS!!!!!!

  • Jordi... Wow this actually make me cry.. Im sorry about your dad and keep up the good work also if you want to join their team and if. You dont just dont we dont want to waste your time to be just looking at your comments that your fans wants you to join them just keep up the work💗 And i will see you in another video 😔Bye

  • When you say jordi never record with his friend well YOUR A DUMPASS THERE A CORONA VIRUS WHY ARE YOU NOT THINKIN ABOUT THAT

  • Whos cares

  • Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Thank You Ur Welcome 😀

  • Sad :(

  • :o

  • Crazy!

  • i am so sade

  • Jordi you are the best EEcloner ever you inspire me😂


  • Ohhh you goed to hamsterdan or something i cant spell it when the covid started your now stuck on hamsterdan

  • Jordi will you start making vids with them again maybe you could also play with craner

  • Just cane here to dislike

  • So this is not a reaction channel anymore?

  • Search up sneep and you might find the man that you see in this video

  • Not every relationship will be true,but one day you'll find someone who will always care, love and wants you.That person will never let you go. Stay safe,Stay happy 😊.....

  • It’s not nice

  • I hade depression for half a year

  • I wondered for 1 year and finally I got it

  • oh

  • All my favorite EEcloners are here we got kwebbelkop,matt shea,project Jamesify,checkpoint,robertidk we got everyone here I'm literally crying right now when I was a kid I watched everyone here I mean I never knew that kwebbelkop had so many great honest fans.

  • Hi

  • Plase go back

  • I cried wen i heared this

  • Poor guy ;-;

  • watched you when you played GTA V

  • I miss the old days

  • “Suffering in Silence” ☹️

  • I am a big fan Jordi

  • Why don't u play again with them

  • They work hard but Jeromeasf does 4 videos a day


  • Hey can you give me advice bc I am starting a channel and I am play on my phone until I get a gaming laptop

  • The thumbnail was misleading for me lol.

  • I have been watching jordi for 4 years and I was so sad to hear about his depression:(

  • Bro i remember when i was here when i was a little kid im always going ti be here jordi i remember hit a stunt

  • play with them in one vid. Pls

  • Ahhh that touch me

  • wow i never knew this...hope u have an awesome year! covid ima, hoping, is ending in early spring/late summer of next year! (as in a vaccine will be created, and administered to people (not sure how many) and then hopefully we can see our friends again! so yea G’LUCK HAVE FUN YA’LL!

  • YOU ARE THE worse youtuber

  • Look at Jordi so inspirational

  • Why do the first 3 comments verified channels?

  • Your my favorite EEclone you keep me going when I’m down

  • My friend said that you are craner

  • Dude, you were my CHILDHOOD. I watched you through the toughest times, and hearing you have been through depression but have gotten through it is crazy. I've been there as well, but got through it. I wish the best for you and your channel.

  • Wait tiger you Muslim I am my name is Mohamed Adam asalamualekum.

  • ?????

  • What do you mean by fairy tale?

  • Boys is soo good at hiding depresstion

  • Are you dutch?

  • When he only hearts verified people lmfao

  • Why does he sound Theodd1out

  • i havent watched you since 2017 , u changed alot dude :D

  • Dang😌 keep ur head up

  • Wow😓😥😥😓😢

  • GGs to you Jordi. You went through a depression, which some people commit suicide over, and came out on top and enjoying every day. Well done man. You ought to be given an award.

  • I remember he said youchube

  • Thanks for firing my friends uncle dumby

  • Your gayyyyyyy