My favourite way of making money on Runescape

Avaldati 6 juuni 2020
I wanted to be rich again... so that's exactly what I did
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  • Why have you jizzed over harder on an AGS smite vs a dragon claws smite ?? Hmmm

  • Torvesta I would just like to say that I love your videos 🥺 and I look up to you 🥺 you're an absolute legend 🥺 and Ily and I finally made the switch from Rs3 to osrs because of you and a couple other streamers like rargh and thank you for what you do you're amazing 🥺 ok Ily bye

  • Out of his own mouth "I dont usually fight pkers because I always seem to die when I do that" Rushers aren't pkers. They're more like scavengers. He says it himself, not good enough to fight someone but good enough when they have no supplies or spec

  • Wow these are some awesome tips! My side hustle has been offerup for the last one years and I sell 95% of my inventory locally. I still make four figures a month by going to yard sales around me and selling things without even shipping. I love your side hustle grind and was thinking it would be smart to get on a podcast that I’ve been working on. Direct Message me on IG @flipmandan

  • This video contains hours and hoursof pking. In the meantime, let me spend 1 extra hour working overtime and I can buy 20 bonds and get 126m in 1 hour. That ladys and gents, is and Will always be, the best RS money per hour..

  • "Thats it? More Give me more!" - 25 buttholes

  • What does smithed mean?

  • RuneScape sux especially in low combat everything is locked and needs quests to complete I wish to have a maxed main account with all the content unlocked and then go to kill every boss in the game make money grind for pets rather then killing cows in lumbridge for days...

  • masterchef

  • I love how you youtubers say “I’ve spent bank on this video” like you ain’t got billions of OSRS lmao

  • why take the imbued heart with you?

  • This is literally all 1v1 consists of today lol.

  • Nice

  • The last guys a clown 2 robin hood hats 2 tunics 2 regen bracelets 2 berserker rings 2 furys

  • I keep watching these oars pking builds an god damb I wanna do it

  • Whats the easiest pk account to make were u can pk soon as possible.

  • Imagine losing 17mill being pk’d. I would cry endless tears 💔

  • 2:43

  • nice videos man

  • Torvester,i love your videos. Could you do full torags and for k.o ags or smth like that,it would be fun. but your str + items, any you choose. Good luck,and thank you if you make one

  • Why did no one fight him back this entire video?

  • Why theres 400k water runes on ge?

  • Smiting pkers that just got a smite

  • I dunno if they made this a thing, but if they haven’t, they should: Instead of randomized loot on the floor, it should be organized by most expensive to least expensive, so it makes getting the valuables into your inv/looting bag quicker so you can tele out

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Torvesta VS Framed?

  • barcelona vs liverpool

  • 2.8b left to recover

  • Okay, I love you Torv, but you're really crying and complaining about smiting people for D scim or DDS when you RUSHED them and there 10 cb levels lower than you... Tbh, I respect people who do the classic d scim to DDS instead of your OP gmaul and elder or AGS tbh.

  • phew. u did it.

  • So how did i skip from deadman into this?

  • 4:44 41+29+27+17+6 = 140 combo insane

  • Great vid!! I'm just getting my own business tips channel started, if you have a sec I'd love to get some feedback, thanks.

  • @torvesta where’s the final hour and tourney from the last DMM

  • You just make me wanna play RS man. Sick vids

  • This man can make this a job and sell gold

  • For the noobs like me that watch multiple vids. Wtf means smite. Asking for a friend

  • Only 3 bill more to go lol

  • Sgain no idea what he talks about half da time

  • Okay... can we talk about that "LoCk On TaRgEt" robot-voiced cutscene that went down... DO THAT EVERY TIME THATS SICK ASF

  • this guy is a beast

  • Your fav way of making money: begging your subs for loans and handouts lmao

  • Torvesta is one of the goats of RuneScape with RS guy and more

  • Torvesta in the World of Runescape is like spider-man of The Avengers.

  • “Risk: Terrible” I started dying knowing that Gmaul was the +1

  • Absolute legend mate!! 👌🏾

  • What is the first osrs song? The one from like a minute in?

  • oh man, you dont know much i enjoyd this video. the lvl 73 kill was so frkn beatufull bro RLY RLY good content

  • You didn’t have to loose bank on the armour. Ya just impatient

  • You should include where your debt is at after each video! :D **almost like a series**

  • "My favourite way of making money in Runescape" Me: Clicks video, loads add. Well played.

  • How long did it take.? This all in one day.?

  • Need more mission complete parts in vid. Just perfect. Like the vid !

  • bro this is the move. and that void setup is so nasty.

  • 3 billion gp is 3000$ let that sink in

  • I just go around begging for 500k or 1 mil. Wouldn’t believe how much money u can make in an hour (:


  • i swear to god ...i started OSRS just cause of you after 10 years ... ign : no name k1d .. make some guides for us old but new comers

  • I will cash app you @TorvestaRS for pking lessons, I have my own POH 😏

  • Wish I had this kind of skill

  • What is the name of the song at 0:14 ? I know he already used it in other videos but I forgot the name!

  • You rush a lot. My 1 def pure around the same cb, 80 hp, would wreck you.

  • I would love so much to see content like yours in rs3 :c

  • And I’m sitting here, knowing nothing about RuneScape

  • That was a dope lock on graphic. Nice pks dude!

  • This is literally the best pk vid IV ever seen tbh...

  • The Alfie scream ☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gratz on the sponsor brosif. Hope u make bank.

  • Hahahahahahahaha the ALFIE NOOOOO'S was fucking pissing myself laughing

  • Framed is so much better it isn't even funny

  • "I'll smoke your pipe boy"

  • 5:56, song?

  • now do it 30 more times, and you'll have your 3b back

  • Where's the DMM

  • pro pker 007

  • Pls give 5m I have over 7 bear facts, there is no feasible way you know them all


  • this video proves that pvpers don't need extra rewards :)

  • you actually didnt smite the guy in the first i the only one who sees fake shit

    • i can prove it

  • "Does he think he can just run past me and not get away with it" - Torvesta AKA strognestpker

  • What version of RuneScape is this

  • bru your favourite way of making money is skull tricking.

  • Torvesta is black inside

  • This dude lost 3b for shit armor

  • Hey Torvesta! I have a question, i got scammed for my dhcb by a guy who asked i wanted to join a clan and ended up with a forum scam, amd lost my whole hard worked bank simce quarantaine. After that they ddost me. The clan named rotrs (terror gang) i am litterally at the end of the road can you please help me somehow i really dont know what to do..

  • you deserve bad karma for the last clip

  • Reduce the pj/pickup timer in PvP worlds I say to 5 seconds. I believe currently it is 10 sec. Bank is almost always nearby in the PK hotspots people have a chance to escape and come back.

  • Lmao, I was legitimately pointing at the screen saying, "BRO CLAWS, CLAWS!!"

  • so I guess you dont need much skill to became a youtuber.

  • Jagex should implement ep system only to bh and pvp worlds. It would sink items and bring more fun and people to pking due to the low risk / high reward.

  • NGL torvesta has improved his editing skills since late 2019 and carried through strong into and throughout 2020 so far, gr8 stuff

  • Could u make an video on how to pk properly? Got back to playing osrs and wanna go pure void ranger for pk. But not really any idea on what combos, weapon specs etc to use and learning right timing. Thnx man!

  • wuon poin wuon mill

  • Does anyone know the song that's in the start of this video?

  • pls make a high risk pking vid :)

  • 2:19 "I usually don't fight PKers because I always seem to die somehow when I do that." 😂

  • that d claw smite reaction was kind a lame:D even a b ring was more exciting to you. Loved the edits and the vid keep it up!

  • Awww may daizzz

  • 98% of rs players dont even risk fight bunch of noobs

  • Watches odas videos...feels inspired LOL.