This is my last video.

Avaldati 23 veebr 2021
Schlatt says goodbye.
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Hahahahaha! That's the sound of me laughing, because of this 1000 IQ, 2000 IQ, 5000 IQ, Disguised Toast Among Us Compilation level Trickery that Schlatt is doing! You thought Schlatt is Quitting EEclone? No Way! It makes me too much money. Schlatt is a Capitalist for 3 minutes straight in this Commentary Video where he explains that Schlatt is Moving from New York to Austin, Texas. Better meet up with Andrew Yang to get a New York Slice at his favorite Bodega before he goes! Schlatt's basement will no longer be in the background. Yes, the basement where Schlatt is cute with Minx for 11 minutes straight, where Schlatt and Alex Botez find love, where Schlatt joins the Dream SMP and becomes President Schlatt and makes Tubbo and TommyInnit Really Upset Because their Minecraft World has a bad guy on it. It's gone forever! Love Or Host will take place with a new background! It will be completely bare! See you soon! Hope Austin won't have any Snowstorms! That would be crazy, it doesn't snow there!
Real talk, I actually moved to Austin last Sunday. The night it started snowing. I didn't have power or clean water for five days. Yes, I will be making a video on it to make as much money as possible. Bye :)