2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4's real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01

Avaldati 21 jaan 2021
What makes a Supra, a Supra? Our veteran automotive journalist Jason Cammisa asks that very question as he pits the updated Mk5 A90 Supra against its mechanical twin, the BMW Z4 M40i as well as the Mk5's predecessor, the A80 Mk4 Supra Turbo.
Cammisa also heads to Toyota's CALTY Design Research Center to visit the magnificent FT-1 concept car that gave life to the Supra - where he chats with Kevin Hunter, its designer, about the challenges in grafting the FT-1's design language onto the Z4's hard points.
The surprise star of the video is the 2021 BMW M2 CS. On paper, it would seem to have nothing to do with the Supra, but in fact, there's an argument to be made that it's an even better Supra than the Supra itself.
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0:00 Introducing Supra and M2 CS
2:08 2021 Supra vs Mk4 Supra Turbo Drag Race
2:50 2021 Supra Review Part 1
3:18 Supra vs M2 CS chase
4:38 Supra vs M2 CS on paper
5:28 BMW M2 CS Review
6:53 BMW Sports Cars
7:19 BMW Z4 M40i Review
8:54 Toyota Supra and FT-1 Design History
9:49 What is a "hardpoint?"
10:45 Shrinking FT-1 onto Z4's hardpoints
11:26 Supra horn vs Z4 horn
11:56 2021 Supra vs BMW Z4 M40i drag race
12:49 2021 Supra Review Part 2
14:06 History of Toyota Supra
15:56 The Mk4 Supra Turbo
18:12 Mk4 Sales Failure
18:50 The Hydrogen Fuel Cell trade
19:53 Conclusion
21:26 Credits

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  • MK 4 Supra is the OG!

  • Jason Cammissa is the ICON.

  • that video was so satisfying...you just gained a subscriber lol

  • Lol the guy in the supra has sun glasses not the same guy

  • That FT1 is incredible

  • This feels like a movie.

  • How fast and furious should be...

  • I watched the whole video, but I think the part with the Mk IV Supra sales came a little bit too short, since out of the factory the Mk IV wasnt the legend everyone seems to see in that car. It was slower and more expensive then a C4 Corvette, and that was the worst Corvette ever made. No hate for the Mk IV Supra, but if you want 1,000 hp in that car you have to put A LOT of money, time and work into that car. Yes, its possible, and maybe it is easier then in other cars, but still, not quite as most of the "car guys" think it will going to be. A stupid movie and a video game series dont change reality. Critics come mostly from people that wont buy a sports car anyway. They will always find a reason why they are not buying. Either it is "not enough power for a sports car", or "too expensive", or "not enough space", or in that case "its a BMW, not a Toyota!". Yeah, right... go and drive your wagon/truck then. So, you have to put the Mk V into context of modern times. And for that its not a bad car at all. It didnt deserve the hate of the internet fan bois. I hope it comes with a manual at some point, tho. Also the extra horse power from the factory are because of the Nissan 400Z that is coming up (which will not be sold in Europe unfortunately).

  • I think it's clear that Toyota just isn't very good at making sports cars. They always cost too much, don't have any mass appeal and are rarely the best in there class (MK4 being the exception). Thing is Nissan has done a lot of the same things making sports cars yet they don't seem to have the same problems that Toyota does. The Z has been around since the 70s and usually sells pretty well while also remaining relatively affordable. The 300zx had a lot in common with the MK4 Supra, it had 6 cylinders, 2 turbos, manual transmission. Yet Nissan was able to actually sell them and then bring out a the new 350z a few years after they stopped making the 300zx. Of course lets not forget about the R35. A successor to the other Legend, the R34, which was also massively complicated like the Supra. Yet even though Nissan didn't even sell it in North America, sales still justified the design and production of the R35. It's also looking like the 400z has the potential to be the car the MK5 Supra should have been. Toyota just can't seem to design a sports car that preforms at a high level and doesn't cost a fortune to buy. Even when Toyota wants to go racing they often screw this up. Remember the Toyota F1 team? The largest auto manufacturer at the time should have cleaned up in F1. But they didn't, they were always terrible. As much as we all love the MK4 Supra, and rightfully so, I think we just need to resign ourselves to the fact that it really is the only truly great sports car Toyota ever made. And it probably will remain that way until Toyota actually wants to get serious about making a sports car. Although they tried that with the LFA and it failed miserably. I mean the car was pretty good, but it cost a fortune and wasn't that fast. The GTR was way cheaper and faster. Maybe it's better that the new Supra is actually just a BMW. If Toyota made one, it probably cost more than a GTR and perform worse than a Porsche Cayman. At least we have a Supra that looks pretty good, costs a reasonable amount, and is decently fast.

  • Well done!!

  • Wow he's like an knowledgeable reynolds

  • Big Money Wasted.

  • This $85,000 car is way better then this $51,000 car .

  • Nice movie 🍿

  • This was the most awesome intro and outro of a car show ever. Glad hargty picked him up and gave him free reign

  • i got goosebumps 10 seconds in. awesome take!

  • Haha maybe a successor in specs but definitely not in reliability.

  • I know he’s playing with facts but Is the Toyota parts bin lacking horns?

  • I own a BMW Z4, 2003 pushing 300,000 miles. 6 speed, 3.0...love the thing.

    • Yes I am a mech and I do my own wrenching.

  • The BMW Supra! never going to buy one. Waiting for the Nissan Z400

  • Just bored and came back to watch this again...

  • I just watch your video and pressed subscribe. What a insane video quality and calm voice with professional knowledge and skills.

  • amazing

  • " I think i'm..., underware. I need new underware." Lol

  • wow, I loved this movie. 10/10 would watch it again

  • Perfect video 👏🤙💪👍

  • The editing on this video was sick. Subbed 👍

  • Gotta love streets of willow

  • sooo... the entire car community was right from the very beggining meaning the new supra was just a rebadged z4

  • When it comes to the horn, BMW does the same thing to the MINI Cooper (one horn) and Cooper S (two horns). That Supra for sure has the exact same horn as a MINI Cooper. Easy fix though, just add the second one.

  • that intro made me pee myslef

  • I got chills seeing the MKIV in action. I regret selling mine so much.

    • Well u should because now they cost over $100,000 now

  • ever since I first saw the MK4 Ive been smitten with the supra. I will say they have gotten sexier over the years, but the MK4 was a beast.

  • dumb!

  • Wow!❤️

  • That intro 😍

  • so.... the new BMW Supra vs the new BMW M2.

  • This video is epic! Love it ❤️

  • this popped up on my recommended. wow wasn't expecting this level of production on EEclone.

  • Holy sh*t that mk4 is insane

  • Great Great VDO !!!

  • That intro 🤤

  • I would definitely consider the new Supra. To your point, though, they better watch that pricetag. I can always go get a used 911 or a Mercedes AMG if I want to.

  • I think this was a moive very entertaining

  • What a fantastic video. Jason and crew are making old Top Gear level quality, except more informative.

  • What do you do when you can't beat a car? You make a weaker successor of that model, and you beat that. :D

  • Jason provides car aficionado Nirvana.

  • The best intro of the year

  • Lousy video. Couldn't understand anything

  • People are not buying race cars are they? The whole premise of buying these cars is just to showoff & brag; not drive. How can I get money back.... like a vintage Italian. So this a show of who can afford one and does not worry about these insignificant prices.

  • I was so disappointed when they got rid of Adam Sandler for Jethro on MotorTrend. I'm very happy to see Adam Sandler back reviewing cars! Refreshing from the boring British car reviewers.

  • My goodness this video was good. wow

  • @ 6:58 As a owner of a e89 Z4 with 415 hp/625 Nm + Wavetrac LSD + sport suspension/stabilizers + 285mm Michelin PS4 I am a little bit offended. There are not much cars delivering this much performance for 45.700€.

  • Oh dude, this is the most satisfying video I’ve ever seen. You did a great job man! 👊🏻

  • I came 3x watching this! More please!

  • Bro. I can't believe this is free content

  • I just purchased the new super 2021 and I just love her

  • why couldn't Toyota just put the GSF engine in Supra and supercharge it?

    • Heavy and old. No point in doing that when supras never had V8s either.

  • GOAT Video 👋

  • battle of the BMWs

  • The Supra seems much more fun.

  • Oh... this is where Jason Camissa is.... good to see you again bro! Subscribe!

  • Soooooooo good! Dont stop, please!!!!

  • outstanding video

  • WTF? What camera are these guys using to film? Looks like movie quality!

  • I still do not agree that the new Supra looks "nice". Uh-hu. Nope, not at all. Of course, everything after Mk4 is down hill from there, but there isn't even a hint that both models are from the same family.

    • @tkzsfen not in toyos case. The mk4 sold pretty bad compared to the older gens especially in the US since they pulled it out of the market years before they ended production of them so it makes sense that they wouldn't want it looking similar to the old gen plus with the 20 year gap between the mk5/mk4 it would've been different from the get go.

    • @Carboy Dorifuto party you are right that the resemblance between mk4 and the ancestor is not existing, but my idea is that mk4 is a god tier car, so it becomes the benchmark. and it is beautiful. the newest model is at best meh...

    • It's literally the same case for the mk4. Not a single hint to give any significance of it looking like a mk3 so there would be no point in doing the same with the mk5.

  • Adam sandler nows reviews cars?

  • Great video

  • Just made the jump into a 2010 328i. Its a great family car with a sunroof, but its also a 6spd inline 6 with xdrive that puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Someday Ill have an M2...

  • Now imagine if Toyota just just made a variant where they put the 3UZ in the new Supra. They'll have a new trim that's all Toyota, reliable, could handle more power, nothing like the 2jz-gte because of how much closer the cylinders are... but it's still a proper win win. But what do I know... it's easy to type a comment on the internet.. hahaha

  • What you guys call a mudguard / wing a fender ? A fender is a bumper on the front & rear to fend off others.

  • Cool video, ridiculous verdict.

  • Have you heard of the R34?..A legend as well😌. Honestly an awesome Supra video! Love it!

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  • An even better Supra: at double the price it better be!

  • masterpiece video

  • This toyota FT1 looks like ...well ...Jessica Rabbit

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  • Toyota completely flopped this design putting it on the Z4 chassis. Thing is cartoonish.

    • @Carboy Dorifuto party and the Dodge Neon out sold all the above combined!🙃

    • How tho? Its about to surpass the amount of mk4s sold in the US and its only been around for 2 years. And its Even outselling their own homemade coupes aswell.

  • this really looks like on a high NFS video game production

  • I disagree with Jason because the M240i makes the best Supra, 95% of the experience and fun of a M2 at thousands less than even the Supra.... But that's just me nit picking I suppose. XD

  • Man did Fast and Furious better than Fast and Furious

  • My goodness! What a surprise. That BMW M2 CS (with manual transmission that's most of the fun of a sports car) was all over that 2021 Toyota Supra.

  • BMW meets BMW

  • Niiice finally a BMW M vs BMW M video. Can't wait to see how the Z4 coupe will match up against the M2. Niiice.

  • You spent all that time explaining hardpoints, then try to pass off a JDM Toyota Soarer as a supra. It has a different wheelbase, and the Soarer came with the V8 in the guise of an sc430. A Toyota Soarer is not an A80 supra. The soarer was a GT car, and was designed around the 1J and NA 2J. It is not a supra any more than an Aristo, Chaser, or Cressida is via sharing an engine family and a few mechanicals. JZZ30 and 31 respectively were designed around the R154 and A34x, which is why that six speed from a TT car is worth more than the car in a lot of cases. A car with a 2J does not make it 'basically a supra' any more than a turbo AWD six cylinder car is basically a skyline.

  • Why not race with z4

  • Slick production

  • Cheesy and cringy

  • What if the FT-1 had been a Toyota LFA?! That's what dreams are made of

    • Wouldve probably met the same fate of them barely being able to sell them.

  • Man, I’m not even a car guy but this video is so well-made that I’m really enjoy it to its last second. Superb production! Subscribed!

  • Wow.. nice... love your Style, Instant Sub.. cannot wait!

  • Jason is gooood. It's the Tarantino version of a car journalist. He transports you through all the emotions. I'm subscribed. I'll watch a couple more and I'll share it if it keeps the level. 😉 Long live manual transmission! I used to have a 6-cylinder M3, but now BMWs are no longer appealing to me, as they where. So BMW "now you got my attention". However, the new STI might come with a manual and if it transmits the pleasure of driving it as the current version does, BMW is still too expensive to be considered. I might actually consider the new BRZ if I fit well inside.

  • Oh.... man, this video and production is superb. Well informative, Enjoyed every bit of it. want to see more.

  • This video convinced me to buy a Supra, because while I agree an m2 is a better car it’s also significantly more expensive, and I want the sports car spirit that it brings for its cost. Edit:beyond that, the b58 is hyper tunable and can do battle with super cars more than you’d think

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  • The M2 is $85,000? Hahahaha

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