Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs

Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
Thanks to:
Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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  • Probably the most Hideous thing out there

  • And thats how you ruin a car congrats

  • That front looks like it`s begging to be put out of its misery. Looks like cr@p. Expensive cr@p but cr@p nonetheless.

  • Did y'all order this from The Wish app?

  • Bruhh🤦🏽‍♂️ find a new hobby cuz this ain't it... "we wana add our touches to it" translation:: "we wasted 3 years making a douchemobile"

  • The body kit makes it look like it's wearing a snuggie. Dumb.

  • Okay sorry but in my own opinion it's ugly

  • Only the brave seek troubles

  • Unpopular opinion here but - I like it. Neat job.

  • Not keen at all.

  • I guess there is nothing impossible that cannot be done in the US 🇺🇸 : design, engineering, craftsmanship, technology and that pinch of sheer madness that makes Americans ..... So Americans! 😂 That said, I hope very soon to see Bieber in jail for his criminal bad taste.

  • Looks like a Judge Dredd set piece

  • 3 years later and we can notice the tyres....looks like someone needs a refund. Is it me or does it feel like the car is wearing a halloween costume?!

  • This car is hideous...perfect for JB.

  • So you paid a disgusting amount of money for a car that isn’t that nice anyway, and then you pay EVEN MORE to make it look twice as fucking ugly. Leave it to a celebrity to come up with this trash lol

  • Rolls don't go down the fibreglass path, if only you used metal That takes skills. How to fubar a Rolls, take it to WCC

  • Musa Cayhono, aku bochmu pak ~

  • These guys aren’t top level Real talented people could make anything Not slap body panels on shlt

  • Bruh it’s a 3 year old wraith , not even 2020 bruh like cmon now futuristic on the outside and old af inside respectfully, and what exactly took 3 years ?

  • They could of put suspicion and lower it where you couldn't see the weels

  • "Just because you got money, doesn't mean you got good taste"

  • Go back to people who can’t afford too upgrade there cars. Not the rich wanting richer cars. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • If you can express yourself through a Rolls Royce, why not? 🤷‍♂️

  • Morale of the story: Don't let ANYONE that looks like an off-brand Sylvester Stallone modify a car.

  • Justin needs to check his brain activity to see if the part that recognizes beauty is impaired or not functioning properly. This is a huge waste of money and the ugliest car I've seen in my life. The front hood is an industrial grill, just warm that thing up and make your omlets in the morning on it, when you clean it you use vinegar because it works best on stainless steel

  • That's one ugly lookin Rolls Royce

  • This car would have been dope back in like 6th grade Well I guess that explains why Fboy liked it so much

  • If I survived an apocalypse and he didn’t, I’m takin it.

  • That hood panel gap tho...


  • WOOOW NICE!!!👍👍

  • Much like his music, this car has no taste.

  • Side looks really good, rear is sort of not bad, but front is a bit.... can be a lot better

  • Do you have to pull the fender off to change the tire?

  • It's the ultimate autozone hub cap. A car cap. It looks nice. The owner should enjoy it.

  • I bet he wanted it in Black muahahahahaha

  • Wow

  • Gayyyyyyyyy

  • this should be the noble peace prize. not because you can sing

  • Rolls Royce would have probably came out with a statement by now saying "We strongly deny Rolls Royce Wraith has anything to do with this car".

  • 😐

  • "we wanted it to just be tasteful." Did they nail that objective?

  • i get buick regal front vibes i dont know why XD

  • Cool work but don’t look good

  • Ugly as fuck. Hands down that car is trash now

  • Can't say I've ever wondered what a Rolls Royce would look like if it was crossed with a Pontiac Aztek, but now I know. The only thing I can think of with four wheels that might be uglier than this car is a horrific accident between two motorcycles.

  • *You can't be serious* I don't know where to start... The front looks hideous, and looks nothing like the version JB saw ! No wonder he sat on the floor in disbelieve, with his hands on his head, and when he spoke, it was " Oh my goodness" not Wow, this is great...If he has to keep it, it'll spend all its life locked away.

  • This is an exercise in taking a perfectly good mega expensive car-drop another couple hundred thousand into it to make it into something cartoonish that Homer Simpson would drive.

  • You guys did an amazing job. The hours, and hard work and skill that went into making that car are obvious. My opinion is the car looks horrid, you guys did great its just not a good looking car, its just something that some nouveau riche kid had made

  • Ruined the car full of bondo and fiberglass

  • Notice that Bieber is the only one masked.

  • So he won't be recognized right. Stupid

  • Front of that shit looks like a crappy skyline body kit...


  • Fuck man we f up man

  • It’s so ass it’s unbelievable. Ruining a perfect rolls Royce

  • Stay away from west coast customs if you care about your money, your car and your time.

  • I was hoping they'd explain how to access the tires when a flat tire needs to be changed lol

  • Basically Justin got robbed. I swear the think he is this stupid.

  • not a fan. looks like a car in a shell. would've been cheaper to build it that way.

  • What an atrocious looking car. How can any of these people stand there with a straight face and imply it’s masterpiece? Rolls Royce should sue them for this. JL Audio speakers installed on Rolls? Madness!

  • I would be happy if I never see that car again

  • Ugly as shit. Typical more money than taste.

  • Talk about throwing away money. Better off Resto-modding a 1990 Cavalier Z24.

  • Típico carro de baiano

  • FUGLY!!!!!!

  • I hate it...but i lowkey wish it was mine

  • Y’all shoulda used a 300

  • The Ghost he made for himself looks 10 x better.

  • Ummmmmmmmmm....

  • its almost same as back to the future movie used cars...

  • what a turd

  • Ugliest futuristic car ever. Fuckn ever

  • Wrecked a good car there horrible customisation for a total dickhead of a guy

  • all i wanted was to just see it turn

  • Putting JL audio in a Rolls is disgraceful. You already fucked it up enough.

  • My eyes hurt!

  • Pass or Fail? Major Fail... Wow took a really nice car and made it look like a 20,000 kit car.

  • He's not gonna be able to drive over the slightest ramp without hitting the bumper.

    • as I start watching this I just know it will be totally tasteless....the only decent product comes outta the USA are Zippo lighters

  • What happened to Ash, dont feel the same no more without that amigo

  • FUGLY!!!

  • Ugly af

  • Sorry to say but is sp ugly

  • Kid survives on water. they should hook, him, up with his own fresh water fountain in the trunk son!!!

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Qué mierda tan fea.

  • That looks nothing like what Justin wanted

  • Ugly

  • They built the body kit for a Rolls-Royce took them three years what a waste of time and money

  • Ah well, as long as Justin is happy with it, i guess its good. Personally i am not a fan of the car... or Justin. (ps i do appreciate the craftmanship and ridiculous amount of work and time that went into this project)

  • This is honestly revolting. Barf.

  • A lot of hard work went into making this Roller into a poor kit car copy of a Roller.

  • as I start watching this I just know it will be totally tasteless....the only decent product comes outta the USA are Zippo lighters

  • That sh*ts wack af! No cap, just wack!! Edit: the work seems to be quality work and craftsmanship, so this is not a shot at WCC. The car is wack tho!!

  • I think it looks dope.good job WCC!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 20 years later. They are still getting away with this shit

  • Not a beiber fanboy, But I feel like everyone hates him because he was worth more at age 16 than they’ll be worth when they die in 50 years. That’s the secret, People just hate to see other people doing better than them. If being him is so easy, Go do what he did and make your money, Same applies to all successful people.

  • That looks horrible

  • @4:57 a tastefull car for a tasteless owner