Rating National Anthems

Avaldati 23 jaan 2021
Which one of these national anthems is the best?
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Edited by Martin Olsson


  • Where Germany?

  • All is good.

  • Russia have the biggest points on this video 9,5/11.

  • How dare you to rate national anthems! Each country's national anthem is very precious and also has their pride. Rating national anthems is such a insulting thing for their people. Who gave you the permission to do such a thing? Shame on you! 😠😠😠

  • Lithuania???

  • *we demand a part two*

  • and i was waiting for the brazilian anthem, plis make a part 2

  • Italian🥺

  • Love from Bhutan ♥️

  • "sounds like a musical" i died lmao

  • FILIPINO HERE! Who else?

  • Where is Germanys Anthem?

  • India deserves an 8/11.

  • i am from india

  • Where’s ours Philippines

  • 10:20 for the people of India . And i genuinely think like this guy has has no knowledge of music . And is unaware of the great cultures of the countries he's speaking of. Oh god forgive him , for he doesn't know what he's saying. Jai hind 🇮🇳

  • Soon as he rated India's anthem 3 out of 11 Me : indian's ATTACK Look at the description it says that he will unplug your computer Also me : i am gonna unplug your computer HAHA

  • Me waiting from the Philippines

  • Hey please listen to Nepal's national anthem I sure it's gonna be the most unique national anthem you've heard, not only national anthem but also it's flag it's the only flag in the world that's not square or rectangle Edit not only romie but you guys can give a try too

  • Rommieofficial:9/10 Black gryphon:0/10 Just kidding black gryphon 10/10

  • Nah joel you're wrong there with kazakhstan be good on aot look at old mecha animes from the 70s-90s it has a lot more similarities.

  • Russia national anthem maybe 9.5/10 but USSR national anthem 100/10

  • That run for the Buddhism anthem was fiiiire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 like straight *FLAMES* 🔥

  • You listened to the wrong cover of the American national anthem......I highly recommend the cover of whitney huston's version ❤

  • do brazil plsssssss

  • Part two please!

  • Heyyyyyyy where's my countryyy?

  • Do Canada's anthem

  • I want him to react to Guyana, so please do a part two🥺🥺🥰

  • You listened to Colombia's anthem, Argentina's anthem, but you didn't listen to the Brazilian anthem, Shame on you Joel. It wasn't you that made the list but i gotta blame someone

  • AMERICA!!!

  • well you have to think most anthems, especially America's, was a poem and not a song.

  • Lana Del Rey's National Anthem is the best

  • Ok lemme tell u, the French one was terrible because the translation was not what they ment at all basically they said like keep guards and stuff not kill ppl they ment we will fight for our win or for our blood

  • I love my national anthem 😭 and you gives 3.5 marks

    • People have taste in music you know?

  • the one of columbia sounds like marry poppins

  • Me: ok ok this looks interesting Me at the end: ........ Canada? No? Ok. Plz do part 2

  • I'm from denmark and doesn't wanna this but you didn't show denmark but showed the faroe islands wich is literally a island apart of denmark just saying

  • Bruh it matters who sings it. If whitney houston is singing the Star Spangled Banner, then there would be a landslide.

  • has anyone heard the iraqi national Anthem?

  • 11:08 *Cowabanga* 🇮🇳

  • Remember that one time during outdoor announcements in school where we sang Star Spangled Banner and only the girls could sing the high notes? No? Just me? Ok.

  • where is Trinidad????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????we didn't assist the usa during ww2 for nothing

  • You are very wrong on rating the national anthems , you should respect them not rating them . You are like just disrespecting the countries , anthem means the country , anthem means the dedication , hard work , culture . I’m not very happy . Sorry I have to unsubscribe your channel .

  • USSR

  • I agree Joel

  • HEY during the USA one (my home country) you were suposed to put your hand over your heart with your RIGHT hand ok?

  • Wow Jamaica (no enimity with y'all) sounded like twinkle little star but India was so meaningful and unique but still on an 3.5

  • France Anthem --> 10/11

  • pART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You should check out a different version of the indian anthem because honestly I didn't like it as much too but the one they play in our movie theaters is great and the one that's sung at my school but that's like a bunch of students so yeah

  • Worst rating ever you can give pop songs rating of 8 to 10 and for very proud melodies u gave rating less than 5 who are u to decide it .u have no rights to rate any countries anthem it's their pride and everyone must respect it..😡😡

  • For your pop song comment, China's national anthem is sort of like that, it is from a movie soundtrack ;)

  • My issue with the US national anthem is that as a musical piece it is very good, but for the purpose of a national anthem it is not. It is very hard to sing, hence why even professional singers are caught dubbing it, it is a very technical sing with wild swings in tone of voice that for an avarage person is very hard to sing, which kind of defeats the purpose of a national anthem.

  • Important to mention that the russian federation has the same music but altered lyrics to the ussr, originally from what i remember they wanted to scrap the whole thing but the song was liked so much that people really wanted to keep it, I can see why.

  • There's a reason why Russian reused the old anthem's music.

  • Dislike, Vive la France !

  • 2/11 ???? C'est quoi cette blague !

  • you should hear the all-girl version of the Indian anthem,

  • Next time pl do Poland 🇵🇱

  • Make part 2 and include 🇵🇰 (Pakistan) National anthem.

  • Man I'm dead curious to know Joel's reaction with the Mexican anthem since it is savage with it's lyrics lol


  • *Fun facts:* *He didn't got any copyright issue for national anthems* 🔥

  • France that was sus "To cut there throats of your son" that's was pretty sus france explain ur self france

  • The faroe Islands isnt volcanos AT ALL it is the most flat place you would ever see

  • Every other national anthem: Inspiring, about the nation France: peace was never an option 🔪

    • Mexico: pathetic

    • Btw we learn it in school as young as 6... But damn the translation didn't make it sound better

    • France woke up and chose violence

  • Boy you don't even know the meaning of germination... So please stop rating national anthems of other countries they are all 10/10 so they have been chosen. That was so disrespectful seeing someone rating my country's national anthem though he understood none of it.

  • mga pilipino dislike na dis hahahahahahaha de jk lang

  • No Phillipines :(

  • Who else thinks that he looks like that Riverdale guy


  • My heart is broken my Americans fail ooOOoOoOoOoOO Jk it’s his opinion

  • French Anthem: I'm sorry that I have to be this way RoomieOfficial: Kinda scary tho tbh French Anthem's Origins: Damn.....being ignored is real bad, right Francis? Francis Scott Key (He who made the Star-Spangled Banner aka The US Anthem): Yeah

  • 0:12 the national anthem played when UK leaves the European Union

  • Ambulance flag lol


  • Can you make a part 2 because you forget some non-UN countries and my homeland, Thailand.

  • Dont lie, ur waiting for mother russia

  • also he should listen to Britannia's national anthem (from the anime)

  • You should rate the Danish national anthem


  • I almost died when joel put Jamaica on the screen like yassssss Our flag is the only flag with those colour combos

  • Lol dude you just triggered indians

  • Say what you want but The red army anthem is the best of all time. Yea the USSR was bad but at least there anthem was good.

  • Being Indian I am telling you this wasn't the nicest version of Indian National Anthem. It made me sick hearing it.. lmao. Also Every anthem is unique and every citizen of each country likes there ones..

  • I might be biased but I Wales national anthem is the best especially when you hear it at a rugby game

  • I expected a reggae anthem for Jamaica..Sad times here

  • Rate Iran and Germany's too Roomie


  • where is other countries???

  • WHERE IS THE PHILLIPINES!?! sorry jk I want you to react to phillipines national anthem and btw I SUBBED WOOO!!! LOVE UR VIDS ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • But indonesia had to

  • Do Algeria anthem

  • believe me if you want to feel patriotism listen to the national anthem of Iraq you won't regret it ..🌸 small note: you can find it in English to so you can understand it easily by hearing it but to real there's nothing like the original one in Arabic

  • You forgot about the Filipino/Philippines Anthem

  • This ranking is rude and unnecessary. Is more than an anthem is whole history and that you Don't know. In my opinion is disrespectful with the countrys and they meaning

  • where is "malaysia" :'(

  • South Africa that's my country 5/11 I don't even like it that much but I would give it a 6.5/11

  • that was rude