Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Avaldati 9 mai 2021
We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    • Sam n Max gettin' drunk as hell... Me: Australian dollars exist...?

    • Well done cobbers and I love the Stroh I’ve gone out and got it a couple of times.

    • @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

    • Sellout intensifys

    • GAHAHA i want some of that absinthe mate, im from middle earth let me come on the show 🍻

  • Next epsiode they will be drinking clinical alchocol

  • what's his name again?

  • Deez is annoying! I wouldn’t watch this channel based on him. Guy with the beard is awesome and makes good content... Deez needs to go!

  • You need to chase it with pickle juice

  • 90 dollars for stroh we in germany pay 15 euro =15 dollars

  • zzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz YAWN zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ

  • “That’s turps”

  • I wish I could triple like a vidoe

  • When he keeps saying my name is Dees😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am from Krakatunes I can drink you under the table invite me, i buy my tickets and rental ute and you put me up. 72 hours.

  • *It's straight fuel!* 🔥💥🔥

  • chad's cool but the other guys mad annoying for no reason

  • Goddamn alcoholics😂😂

  • 190 Everclear. End of discussion.

  • I can get the blue Smirnoff for $23 at my neighborhood gas station 😂

  • Deez

  • bruh commercial ethanol is sold at 95%

  • This video's gonna get taken down like bell life's drinking to make drinks in an hour

  • Thats just ethanol with a dash of water mixed in

  • Everclear 190proof

  • ჭაჭა გინდათ თქვენ

  • Last one needs a warning label: "Do not drink near open flame."

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  • Back in the days they used to drink the 96% ethyl alcohol in the Hugnarian army - they used this stuff for example cooling the radar system on the airplanes...

  • I like Stroh 80 more than 40, straight or mixed. Can't have too many straight 80's in a night, but they do make a mean drink when mixed with ginger beer.

  • Unless there is some crazy high tax on it, the Stroh 80 looks a little bit very much overpriced.

  • Should mix that stroh 80 with cream soda, thank me later

  • I worked at a pub and the majority of our tequilas and scotch whisky and rum was above 57%

  • 90$ for stroh 80 wtf i can buy this at a store in germany for 16€

  • *deez*

  • Deez what?

  • My name is deez.

  • 0:20 what is he doing? He cant drink this!

  • Blue smirnoff doesn't go down easy, you guys already smashhhht

  • There were like I will take a shot of every yeah only a spoonful 😂

  • 17:25 "it’s just fuel"

  • 4:22 my favorite.

  • Not bad I am Everclear and snapple apple guy

  • Wheres max?? All i see is chad and deez

  • 15:07😂

  • that freaking 55% tequila must taste AWFUL!!! LOL

  • This made me thirsty

  • deez deez deez deez deez deez deez deez deez deez

  • Max: My name is Deez Voice inside his head: Deez what? Max: Deez nuts *starts laughing uncontrollably*

  • Pure spirit aka teenage killer

  • This video could’ve ended real different if that last bottle blew up like a molotov!

  • mr. DEEZE is funny

  • chads the biggest man on the show

  • yall need to try some of mine 99%+ -. but it taste like water. in fact when you drink it, you would ague with me about it being alcohol

  • Yeah! Drink that 'synth Post Malone!

  • No Idea where the heck u buyed The alc but most of the bottles costs like 80% less in germany lol

    • I think the main cost was for shipping

  • u need to try hower wite over proof rum in jamaica

  • None of these beat the 190 proof moonshine I had right off the still

  • I have 97%

  • Crazy prices, a bottle of Stroh 80 costs about 15 Euros in Germany

  • This is perfectly fine for the entertainment of any age but marijuana is still illegal

  • Rum drinkas beet they wives.. That's shit belongs in a fucking machine 😄😄

  • How are they not DEAD

  • deez nuts 🙏🏻

  • I bet every German kid has downed a shot of Stroh 80 at some point. At least my friends and I did and it was a horrible experience. Kudos to you for not throwing up after all these shots!

  • Damn my childhood back lmao remember these mans in the prime of yt

  • Damn when that thujone hit

  • Extremely annoying

  • In the UK, we start the 75%ers at 14

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  • Am i the only 1 who notice the "FATAL" shirt turns orange and then red?!?!?!

  • Welcome to White Lightning

  • It's like they tried copying hot ones with alcohol. But you switch what you're drinking. Dont see this shit lasting long..

  • Tequila is amazing

  • Try palm from suriname ask for the original 99%

  • Y'all need some illegal moonshine that shit is powerful

  • Try 100 proof moonshine 👹

  • I wanna see the after effects

  • Y'all have the best damn job

  • I don't appreciate you taking my name.

  • This channel has convinced me that Max has definitely suffered some brain damage from his time with Frank.

  • This channel deserves for me to subscribe 😭

  • I drank fuckin neat wray and nephews and that was pure cancer

  • Rip

  • try ethiopian (areka)and you know what is strong

  • Where's Pink Guy?

  • Always the fat guy who can’t open the bottle…I feel you

  • Everclrear is 190 proof tho

  • We have everclear here in America. 95% alcohol. We drink it with mtndew. Or just light it up and shoot it. Why do I feel drink watching them?

  • Uhhhhhh, I definitely live under a rock, but is the guy on the right the dude that opens all the pokemon cards too?

  • That Smirnoff is like $30 here maybe

  • Chad when is you liver gonna dry up and wrinkle like a raisin.

  • how are they alive

  • At first I couldn't pin the accent because I've never seen your videos before and I thought you were an American who was slurring really badly but then I watched the video and I was relieved

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  • Pure spirits are fucking wild. You can mix it with anything and it doesn’t taste like alcohol. It’s so strong that it just neutralizes the taste of whatever you mix it with and suddenly you’re blasted.

  • An after episode blooper real would've been fucking jokes


  • Yuo have to try arak from bali

  • Storh 60 and 80 are my absolute favorite to drink ever

  • Smells like nuts Wtf? 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Hey, I'm from germany, invite me to your show.

  • I'm drunk by just watching them