Chad on Mars - SNL

Avaldati 8 mai 2021
Chad (Pete Davidson) is chosen to save the colonists at Elon Musk's Space X Mars habitat.

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  • Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok

  • All hail chad who banged Miley Cyrus on Mars

  • hahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂 OMG SNL is so funny hahahahahhahaha

  • I am chad 🤟

  • Miley's "Oh Damn" is the funniest part of this... Cannot stop rewinding lol... it's gets funnier every time

  • Elon Musk killed Chad. R.I.P Chad you will be missed

  • When Miley tells you shes pregnant for you lol

  • Wow

  • We miss you Chad Chad : Okay

  • Yeah.. The right time to install tmux.

  • Don't worry NASA stole my s*** too when I posted my EM drive that was a day they said they created it but I designed it July 13th 2014 13 seconds long trilateral insignia here at the tip of the Bermuda triangle while thinking of the monorail at the f****** Disneyland at the same time the monorail gets hit by lightning gets locked to the track I watched UFO overlords a week prior and these m************ keep stealing my s*** to make my aliens f****** kill you all

  • autoremoving tmux.... SpaceX, you just lost my trust.

  • Pete was the best choice for this character 😂

  • Was I the only one who felt nostalgic when elon said "I want the world to see the man who gave everything to ensure humanity's future is among the stars".

  • how can elon sound british and american at thr same time while being south african

  • Always agreeable, but the moment he hears he'll be a father, "no thanks". Lol

  • The title should have been “The Astro-nutt”

  • Elon Musk claims Bitcoin is a polluter and yet overlooks the mining of lithium for his car's batteries and rocket program are much bigger polluters. He is a hypocrite. People should therefore protest by not buying his cars and demand action be take for his rockets to use other fuel alternatives. They should also protest outside his home and office to demand this change.

    • It was me ahahhahahaa

  • Was I the only one who felt nostalgic when elon said "I want the world to see the man who gave everything to ensure humanity's future is among the stars".


  • that was great i laughed so hard at chad..... what a chad..... anyone who names there kids chad..... aha..... you wanks

  • in 30 years, the memes on mars are gonna be so dank.

    • Elon Musk's amazing sense of humour is just more than memes 😁

  • Miley sounds like a 50 year old aunt with a cig dangling out her mouth...

  • the missing 3-20 minute delay threw my off but other than that this is halarious xd

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • "Your gonna be a father Chad." Lets a no!

  • 2:59 pkg install tmux Hahahahahah Team Linux Anyone?!!?

  • The distance between Earth and Mars does not allow real-life communication... just saying! No matter what the video is Gold Comedy!

  • 2:08 hahaha, thats the guy who was playing in those old david blaine parodies

  • I hate chad with a burning passion, but I can’t tell you how glad I was when I saw him show up in this god *awful* episode

  • Pete is everything ❤

  • It was me ahahhahahaa

  • the very first line is something chad would laugh at

    • “Heh! came…”

  • Chad may be dumb, but he understands and respects consent...

  • Anyone else notice at 3:00 min in it shows a screen of termux installing tmux? But why tf SpaceX got 313 kb/s internet, and they using a arm64 processor LMAO

  • Is no one talking about how their patches are NASA,and not spacex? ???????????????????

  • Elon Musk's amazing sense of humour is just more than memes 😁

  • Only skit where Elon Musk looks comfortable

  • "I was never here" -Elon Musk

  • Mission Control: What's the pressure reading on the tank? Tank: 80085 Chad: Boobs Me: 🤣

  • It's so cringy to watch

    • I'm pretty sure Chad is a god at this point.

  • The hilarious part is that I could see Elon reacting exactly like that to someone exactly like Chad dying from just plain being exactly that idiotic.

  • Dude, the writers could've come up with an even better ending where Chad does something REALLY stupid… And that somehow saves him. The last "punchline" should have been confronting Miley Cyrus again and something about the baby or that he was not the father or something. Great writers could've come up with something SO much better where out of Chad's stupidity, he beats the odds and lives! Am I right? Come on!

  • The funniest SNL sketch LOL

  • Dosent he die in the mansion though

  • Just comedy..

  • "Your gonna be a father Chad." *Lets a no!*

  • Chad died twice before, in the haunted mansion, and with the microwave. He'll be back.

  • And the chad saga comes to a close

  • Chad is what keeps me tuning into SNL.

  • please more role for #ElonMusk as a Sci-Fi actor, before he starts the dance .... Keep him busy and focus the mission

  • Who else want Snl to Make a parody of TENET?

  • We all know Chad ain’t dead…

  • I don't know why but Chad gives me a more nonchalant vibe of Dylan from Modern Family.

  • “Ok”

  • I'm pretty sure Chad is a god at this point.

  • I had no idea SNL was still funny sometimes

  • ...Why is Miley Cyrus in this?

    • @j figured

    • @MacGamer Media They don't always credit everybody who acts in the sketch in the description.

    • @j why isn’t she mentioned in the features?

    • The musical guests sometimes act in a couple sketches.

  • 80085

  • Yes. I like too sea elon musk sir speech. Hero sir waw his work .


  • Elon Musk - Sound of fart BitCoin - What?

  • 2:10 damn he got yeeted faster then that puppy

  • If you already hit Mars with a genesis bomb and it has breathable atmosphere and decent weather, then maybe ... of course you need warp drive to get there before your bones break. and you need to add mass to match Earth gravity. Until then, it's nuts to talk about going to Mars. NUTS. Stop it. I was never here.

  • He was too pure for this world which is why he had to go to Mars.

  • Chad may be dumb, but he understands and respects consent...

  • I really loved the part where Elon says "humanity's future will be among the stars" his face expression & the background music were just surreal, it gave me the feeling that some day we're gonna be on mars and we're gonna look back at this video that said this was going to happen

  • This is the most hilarious video I have ever seen😂

  • Genious.

  • Woman: The child is yours Chad Chad: no thank you (closes door)

    • She's miley cyrus

  • Losers.

  • Now we need Elon to save bitcoin and stop making it crash!

  • they ran the linux tmux install command

  • tmux scuccesfully installed.

  • Chad didn't have to die 😂😂😂

  • Only skit where Elon Musk looks comfortable

  • 2:25 ... for myself

  • "I wish we could make love one last time" " *ziiiiip* " "But we can't" "S'all good" click

    • Every mission needs a Chad. You may have to babysit him a bit, but his shear clueless bravery will come in handy for the risky stuff.

  • Was a funny skit ..till the head blew up in his helmet..... Thats when i lost it. .. Lmao... That was fkn mint ....

  • This is the only good skit from this episode

  • Chad lives it was just a shaken up red bull

  • The marvelous bedroom evocatively end because tenor genomically taste amongst a ten chief. nonchalant, lame latex

  • "Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make."

  • Omg I never saw SNL that weekend but this Skitch was hilarious


  • “you won’t survive this mission” “okay”

  • I’ve never cheered for Chad before, this episode made me cheer very loudly for Chad.

  • I hate how's there no 40 minute lag

  • Dude this is so hilarious!!

  • wish he was blakc

  • Lmao they used Debian in verbose package unloader as the "Code" for the mars thing.

  • I love Chad😂

  • Comedy... Hey the laugh is on those who think it's worth living on MARS with a bunch of greedy like minded billionaires. Hopi.

  • 2:50 He is on Mars, not in space vaccuum. What trash is this, Elom?

  • Elon Musk is Tha man 🙏💯

  • "ok"

  • Musk: "So there are still heroes in this world!" Editor: Uh, technically Chad is on another world.

  • He finally died