Minecraft, But There Are Custom Structures...

Avaldati 8 apr 2021
Minecraft, But There Are Custom Structures...
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In todays Minecraft Challenge... There are custom structures that spawn in every single biome and world! This was using a Minecraft mod called Repurposed Structures! These structures added a bunch of new challenges to Minecraft! Like and subscribe to get us Trending #1!
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  • B o n e s f o r t h e b o n e g o d

  • Minecraft with infinite custom structures but they spawn *WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY* too much

  • It’s different cheese LOL

  • 3:50 Nobody Kimimaro:

  • Then called it unbreaking 3

  • Wait a dam min the pik he found at the start it had unbreaking 3 he said unbreaking 10

  • 3:00 ,,it has unbreaking 10 on it,, - Bionic 2021

  • Me:Wat Mod is dis? Pls tell me pls Bionic: Mh Ah I Do not nkow Not Joking What mod is this?

  • mod is Repurposed Structures (Forge)


  • At 7:44 did you just say we havent even fuçked the last one yet

  • bionic: what the f... my brain: what did you say.

  • I hate ypu bionic you didnt even check if there was a structure in the end

  • Cool

  • 😎😎😎😎😎🔥🔥

  • What about the end city’s-

  • Me: if you stay I in the mansion and kill nine Evoke you cold Made a totem of undyIng block

  • No literally watch to the end to find out he needs to find a portal that will though

  • The giddy carriage peripherally mug because underclothes intrestingly dislike toward a empty luttuce. special, misty windscreen

  • Wisp I Love your video's

  • At 4:42 you can see like a mineshaft

  • Did any one heard bionc say the f word

  • Pretty sure X means ten not III

  • 7:17 why u cuss.. :(

  • 3:03 my guy said unbreaking 10 and it says Unbreaking 3 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Bionic every minutes: Hold up

  • Yea this is totally not staged

  • i bet he cant do Minecraft normally

  • Bonc's acting so cringe i luv it in a weird way

  • I don’t need anything dude he forget the poor netherite scrap netherite scrap *sobs*

  • How did you get a Emerald shord

  • Bonc

  • Dumb

  • Funny Peashooter no

  • Bionic start leaving the mods in the description

  • THE GIANT bomb is bigger and high

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  • I like villager

  • Um bionic what's your servers name and port?so I can join . I am very lonely😢

  • have you guys realize that Bionic said omy god so may times in his videos?


  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the heck

  • Shut your bubble gum dum dum

  • Another reason to my mom why i want a pc for mods :)

  • Bionic didnt you say when you beat the dragon you to the 2nd island an see what be in there

  • Just change the Channel name to “ Bonk “

  • bionic is sooooo lucky

  • you missed a village

  • bionic:holy nuts

  • 2:58 OMG unbreaking 10! ( After he uses it) Oh perfect unbreaking 3! Pog.

  • 2:08 you can tell the difference between trapped chest and normal chest, trapped chest have that weird red stain around the buckle.

  • 8:51 too funny

  • How many times bionic says yeeeeet is 1118281872813728373828 times

  • No you forgot the neterite scrap

  • 3:02 Bionic: it has unbreaking 10 Me: wait

  • You mean skull rider instead of skull man

  • Oh the zombie like BRUH BRUH BRUH

  • I like that theres new stuff and armor love your vids

  • you need glowstone blocks for the block that u used bfor entering the end

  • You are bone man Zoom out of the house Free food and drink

  • I hate obsidian sword

  • wait did he say unbreak 10 3:03

  • I don't like you nerd

  • Gotta love the island of the Caribbean

  • This shouldn't be a mod it should be in Minecraft

  • Bionic " OH MY NUTS " 🤣

  • The respawn thing you need glowstone to use it basically respawns you in the nether or end cause you can't set your spawn there

  • 😄😄😄😄😄

  • unbreaking III exists bionic: OMG GUYS UNBREAKING X

  • I got so triggered when you didn’t take the enchanted 5 unbreaking book you just ignored it....

  • Br?

  • Why are you cheten

  • Y

  • Ur cmera is tooo dump fix it or buy a dslr... I bet u cant buy a dslr because u are poor enough

  • Er are structures in the end city

  • da mods pless

  • Boi he opened 5 chests on the red temple i call that cap

  • Ey, someone hear the pirates of carribean theme song in the vid?

  • at :11:50 bonic dum cuz he could take all bows and stone swords and conbine them lol

  • A woodland mansion next to a village can make its way into a worlds most crazy seeds ever, but this was basically INSIDE of one!


  • Who else just randomly started watching him and now it’s just an every day thing

    • thats gotta be me

  • Can i ask why are you calling them nerd but not that smart?

  • Is it just me or he sounds like socks

  • My favourite video from you its so good send me then the link please and comment on this

  • Bruh he said unbreaking 10 but it was unbreaking 3

  • E v o k o r



  • the thing in the lava was one of the choices of what was gonna be added to minecraft

  • Minecraft to be spooling him😂

  • The power of gungginggang!!!!!!

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  • BONIC are u stipitttt mam u miss Ader tapell!!! Bodoh dalah orang Negara loll!!!

  • My bonc said it has unbreaking 10 3:03

  • 6:03 you dun missed the village on the right

  • blaze rods are cheese sticks and gold is cheeese

  • This video is balls