THEY. - "All Mine" (Official Lyric Video)

Avaldati 12 aug 2020
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You still with that weak nigga?
He still on that bullshit?
Is that why you callin’ me?
Cause you need that good dick
You know better than to talk shit
I pull up with that full clip
Ain’t nothin’ changed
Ain’t nothin’ changed
Ain’t talked in a minute
You still all up in your feelings
Still need sexual healing
I got it waitin’ right here, right here
That pussy will always be mine
Even if I’m on the side
Them niggas are wastin’ their time
You can’t deny what you know
That pussy will always be mine
Even if I’m on the side
Them niggas are wastin’ their time
That pussy will always be mine
Just keep me in the back of your mind
Just in case you need a reminder
Just in case you need a good time
Ohhhh baby
Ain’t talked in a minute
You still all up in your feelings
Still need sexual healing
I got it waitin’ right here, right here
That pussy will always be mine
Even if I’m on the side
Them niggas are wastin’ their time
You can’t deny what you know
No matter how far you go
You got the keys to my door
Only my bed feels like home
That pussy will always be mine
Mine, mine, mine, mine
Mine, mine, mine, mine


  • 670th comment fuck that 69 bullshit

  • Imagine if the M/V is just him singing with a cat

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  • There should be more songs like this

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  • Thank vanoss for bringing me here🙏

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  • This song is so fucking good

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  • It’s so beautiful I will steal it thx

  • Reminds me of Pussy is mine by Miguel

  • I’m here from vanoss

  • im pretty sure vanoss was playing the guitar in this

  • Vanoss gang

  • xo. 💔

  • this shit is fire

  • Those cold nights me and those priceless nights with Vanoss gaming gta v videos back in iran with shitty wifi god i love you for letting me get this far in life thank you

  • Yeah he really does

  • everyone talking about they are here cause of vanoss the peeps who aren't here because of him: yea sure.

  • 0:40 for you vanoss fans

  • how has this not blown up yet?

  • "You can't deny what you know"... Hm, sure can't deny this amount of autotune, that I know.

  • Grateful for Vanoss. He introduced me to THEY a couple of years back and have been a fan since. Love you, THEY❤️

  • Last part is fire

  • Dam did 🔥

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  • Everytime his song come out on vanoss outro its always the best one lol

  • beartooth

  • when he said "you know better than to talk shit" it reminded me of finn from adventure time

  • subtext: the girl's actual boyfriend is about to have his world destroyed. F for all the guys that got cheated on. nice beat but painful lyrics.

  • My ex sent me this song this morning

  • Sighhhh I love THEY. but I feel like they're losing their spark. I have not been impressed by this album..EP..mixtape, whatever you wanna call it. Not even the song with tinashe and I LOVE tinashe. Come on THEY! Make songs on the level of Dante's Creek and Back It Up! These blatantly explicit songs about pussy and shooting the club up just ain't it. We get enough of that from these other "artists" out there. You guys were different and brought something to the game that was missing. Bring it back! Pleeeaaaase

  • Vanoss showed me great music

  • Best song

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  • This underrated ima singer and rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I enjoy the music but the lyrics is literally about cheating and sex constantly.

    • @How did You find me Eh I don't agree

    • Yeah but good lyrics

  • Here from vanoss

  • Dope Track And Beat Smooth Vibe Too It

  • its hard to sing this when you're white

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  • Vanoss has a really good taste of music huh

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  • Guys please go to vanoss sound lab channel.Vanoss created the music first dudeeeeeee

  • I got it waitin’ right here, right here

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    • Hey fam we're all here tho cause it's good shit. Don't get down.

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  • I’m like him a cat lover

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  • Trash sounds like a gay trying to be alpha to me

    • Yeah judging by your profile picture you music taste is the best

  • Discovered these guys before vanoss, vanoss brought me back, only artist I listen to now. I'm surprised he hasn't made a Platinum Platinum

  • so which one of you been sleeping on THEY and finally discovered them?

  • Here because of Vanoss. Thanks Evan!

  • I’m here from vanoss outtro

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  • Yup, vanoss, this is the only vanoss song that I don't like, sorry Evan

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    • No he doesnt you moron these guys created the music they dont have to credit him at all

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  • This is so underrated.

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  • "Licensed to Walt Disney Company"

    • LMFAO ikr? Like wtf is up with that? Sex toy story?

  • 0:39

  • I wish they could make good songs without cuss words and bad morals.

  • This song doesn't sound very sexual until you hear the lyrics

  • Tbh this is focking LIT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • This is the song I would put before sex😐

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  • Best part 0:00-2:52

  • Still a good song tho

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  • I don't like those "I'm from vanoss" comments

  • Most Underrated song 2020

  • i am here from Vanoss's video nice advertisement lol

  • I'm a vannos fan, I LOVE this song thank you

  • Notice how vanoss always has good vibin music in his videos? 😂

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  • The cat will always be his

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  • Bruh who thinks here he almost sounds like... who was it again? Oh right chris brown

  • My ex gf sent me this song I wonder why??


  • This song is so disrespectful But damn it bangs.

    • Rebl Jay and it was a good comment

    • Rebl Jay I know

    • This isn't supposed to be taken seriously. I just thought my comment was funny.

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    • Eva it’s sarcasm...

  • Way too fkin underrated

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