Food Theory: Taco Bell Is Killing Amazon!

Avaldati 25 veebr 2021
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Taco Bell is revolutionizing the drive thru experience. Yes, the fast food chain is challenging the likes of Amazon delivery in its grand plan. We are talking a multi-lane, contactless, order only EXPERIENCE. I know you are wonders how a drive through could compete with at home delivery and, Theorists, it is because of the BIGGEST jump all companies have to cover. What is it? Watch to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Forrest Lee and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • Is ordering groceries for pickup not a thing in the US?

  • This feels a lot like the beggining of the restaurant wars that homoginized the restaurant industry in that old Stalone movie

  • Rallys been done this

  • Why does the intro theme sounds like roundabout the jojo song

  • 3:00 Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park.......?Why 2 same names?, is it just me or MatPat needs to start Web Theory?

  • So an everything vending machine.

  • We were talking about consumer preferences in my marketing class & apparently gen z has shown a higher preference for in person shopping over online/contactless shopping than other generations. While boomers, gen X, & millennials mostly prefer online shopping, gen z is more split.

  • i'm dumb, but the screen that collects data is kinda awesome.

  • The best part about this video is how he talks a lot about efficiency then puts the sponsor at the end of the video lamo

  • It’ll be a very long time enorme this happens. And not all current TB locations have space, like other businesses near by


  • This might sound really dumb but is Taco Bell able to copyright and patient the idea of that building?

  • 9:33

  • I love taco bell, the closest one is in the city to the south of us and more then an hour drive away.

  • This is fine for Fast food or online fulfillment, but probably not for a number of stores. Does nobody else like looking at the product? Trying things on? Getting to touch the product and see if it's worthwhile or total crap? I don't want someone that doesn't care one shred about the product they pick choosing which item I get if there is variation. It's OK with some products, but for others, there is a big difference in quality from one item to the next, and comparing in hand two competing items.

  • what about a life theory?

  • *talks about a $15 minimum wage happen* Taco Bell: We are eliminating the need to have people taking orders and people to clean a restaurant so we now only need people to cook food. This is progress

    • Minimum wage over here is 11 dollar's

  • Pretty interesting, however I don't think places like Walmart and such would switch to it due to the amount of money they must make from "Hey I'm just going in for this one item and then that's it (Oh wait my cart is full now). While someone just pulling up to a drive through with "I need this/these certain thing(s) I have in mind" beep boop beep gets what they needed with no evil temptations. Making em a lot less money. Though I haven't done the research but atleast that is what I think.

  • Never seen more than two cars at a Taco Bell? Do people not get high where you live?

  • So basically Sonic restaurant supremacy?

  • Delivery apps just went from S tier to F

  • Soon that entire kitchen that will run food through an assembly line with 2/3 the staff.

  • 4:22 I like your naaachos like diarrheeea 🎶 😹

  • 0:35

  • taco bell is killing amazon and my bowels

  • As a Doordash driver I love this concept, as long as they don't squeeze out the third party apps, I refuse to work for Yum brands ever again

  • "Your tone is quasi-facetious, but you do not realize that Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the Franchise Wars". "So?" "So.. Now all restaurants are Taco Bell" "No Way"

  • Mat pat is going to rule this world.

  • Taco bell will become a legit restaurant like in demolition man

  • I wonder what the fourth theory channel will be, to fill out the circle

  • 4.. or 6?

  • I don’t want a contactless experience. I also want to eat in. I HATE drive through

  • 4:04 This honestly shocked me. It might be a "my area" thing, but our Taco Bells are always PACKED. My partner and a few close friends of mine work at one, and every single day I hear "Man the rush today was ROUGH," and whenever I stop by to visit, there are always 7-15 cars in the drive-through. We have 2 in our area alone, and I have actually never seen either of them without a long line

  • While working at taco bell I can tell you I've definitely seen more than 2 cars in the drive thru

  • Thank you taco bell 🔔 😘

  • I have to quote Ian Malcolm: "You did it. You crazy son of a b@#$%, you did it.". They have reinvented the distribution system. Taco bell may be the next Macdonalds of fast food.

  • I live in MN and my local Taco Bell is flooded right now

  • Nooooo my infinite Soda from the dine in

  • As a delivery driver, I can tell you I do not want to pick up 5 different orders from restaurants close to each other. I don’t want a no tipper getting lumped with someone who tipped for good service.

  • In the future all restaurants are Taco bell.

  • Who else thinks he’s WAY over thinking this...

  • #willthisturnblue_

  • 2:20

  • Sonic?

  • oh my god kfc had a gtr im the drivethru

  • Fun fact, the base in Mad Max: Fury Road used to be a Taco Bell! It’s innovative design like that that allowed Taco Bell to win the franchise wars referenced in Demolition Man… but that’s just a theory… 😉

  • I want them to have walk in drive throughs more

  • I hate this so much. I hate contactless and it bothers me that I can’t eat in the fast food place

  • I think matt really needs to learn how delivery drivers actually make money and how the apps work for the employees, because if he did this video would be radically different

  • 13:12 didn't see that coming

  • you're giving them ideas 😅 lol

  • My taco needs the 4 lanes

  • Got I hate this idea

  • Im so sad it isnt pneumatic tubes. Its a burrito. They could handle the directions

  • I was going to say if fast food starts teaming up with each other they can become a cloud-based system similar to like Netflix... order from our app and will deliver you this range of food... The marketing behind this would be brilliant... The only issue or the conglomerate giants... they don’t like to play nice with each other. Which is why they are likely to team up with their own sub chains...

  • I actually learned that about Amazon in my marketing class, it’s true Amazon predicts your orders and have them shipped partly to your house

  • Wait, theres taco bell? -Indonesia

  • I can see taco bell teaming up with other restaurants for this there are already a few location near me where they share the building location with popeyes and longjohn silvers.

  • tbh that would work very well here because the lines are always long in Crapifornia lol. Almost every medium sized to big city drive throughs need at least 3 lanes. My small town even requires at minimum 2 to handle drive through orders at literally any time. So that idea is prolly coming from those but yes that is just genius tbh to make it like that and also allow for modular expansion for fitting in other restaurants if they want to.

  • No one else is getting Demolition Man vibes from this? Srsly?

  • I think we’ve witnessed the death of dine in Here at certain hours, it’s not uncommon to see like 8 cars in line.

  • COVID ain’t the reason to me it’s the companies making it so hard for you to simply order and leave like you used to . I’ve noticed at least in ny drive thru lines are ridiculous meanwhile the store is cranking out mobile order after mobile order while everyone else waiting to order

  • this reminds me of the movie where taco bell won the fast food wars

  • But what about costumers without cars or who can’t afford delivery. I guess they can just have a walk up window

  • Nooo ever since the quarantine started I’ve been waiting to go inside a Taco Bell for endless refills on Baja blast😭😭😭 plsss don’t take thatttt

  • Worst part about this. Is we'll lose places to pee

  • My towns taco bell is always packed

  • Did anyone notice that the theme started at exactly 15 seconds. Anyone. Okay just me

  • Why was the dude in the KFC drive through in a gtr?

  • Where I live it takes 10 minutes to wait on a tocobell line and at 12 am around 30 minutes

  • Thank god this is why the minimum wage is being kicked for employees who is asking for that 15$ BS wage increease. As well as no more customer service people doing the ordering anymore.

  • I’m so cultured I went to Taco Bell in Japan

  • cheng teoh:taco Bell will reach next level cost cutting if they can figure out a way to teach mindless ghosts how to cook a burrito me:so true

  • Covid Bullcrap in full force.

  • Idk if its just me but amazon wise sense its civic delivary costs are up but also people buying from amazon the more delivery and the more people buy then it should even itself out

  • I would prefer if food companies would cooperate on mobile app that would allow you order food that you crave at the moment no matter the brand

  • i live in mn and i approve this idea.

  • Honestly looks like sonic in oregon. Just more compact

  • Bro you trippin come noon every TB IN TOWN is 10 car line minimum

  • In Madrid there is a Chipotle Copy made by an American who missed chipotle called Tierra and down town there is a a location that only makes food for delivery just a window and an a door for employes

  • I have that mcchicken nugget dinosaur thing

  • It's literally just going to he a giant mall

  • me who thinks about buying a 10th aniversery shirt/pullover

  • I gotta say I’ve never had a problem eating Taco Bell’s food my stomach is made out of steal 😂😅😅

  • finally i will not need to wait half an hour just to get a happy meal

  • There was a Taco Bell add under this vid O.o

  • Dinning in fast food is most likely dead. I don’t see myself sitting down to eat in a store ever again!

  • Someone finally realized they can add a non-intersecting, non-interfering second dimension to drive-thru. *Applause*

  • I went to Taco Bell yesterday.............

  • Ball pits really do you know how mean people I dr... I mean people get dragged all the time and probably in a lab being test for mind being Experiments

  • Lmao remember the movie Demolition Man its happening Taco Bell is gonna be the only restaurant that survives the apocalypse

  • 2:00 and then there's me confusing it by ordering a bun with pickles

  • Matpat should realese audio versions on spotit

  • I miss the happymeals from when I was younger, the cheap toys were great one day time waisters before it got lost....

  • Came for the munchies. Stayed for the mind blow in the possible future of logistics.

  • Pov Taco Bell watching this vid: "Oh ye that sounds better than what we were doing, I i mean yes"

  • Big brain move 🤯

  • Wait matpat has a son?!?!?!?!

  • Never been more than 2 cars in line you lucky!! There be like 7 for me

  • What was the name of that one movie where Taco Bell basically takes over all food industries until it becomes the only restaurant available? The movie was about some past criminal in the future or something.