Look at How Far my Project Car has Come in a Year!

Avaldati 3 jaan 2018
What is it really like to have a project car for one year? I show you how far my drift car, the DriftStang, has come with a new fuel pump, supercleaning, and ebrake, to coilovers, exhaust, and angle kit! All of these modifications were done in my driveway with common hand tools! I also show you how much better I am getting at drifting! Adam LZ also drifts my car which was a lot of fun!
Every DriftStang Video is listed, in order, here (day I got it, fuel pump, cleaning, coilovers, etc): eeclone.info/too/PLvKbarVtwhUtfd0HpR9IUCGGgXQRInyyu.html
Coilovers: amzn.to/2CIZiQR
Racing Seats: amzn.to/2EJM5YD
Exhaust System: amzn.to/2CyJpyI
Big thanks to:
AdamLZ for our EEclone Collaboration: eeclone.info
www. Akina86 for getting the outside footage of me drifting and of the fire!
www.SoundCloud.com/avesena for the epic Christmas song remix
Intro of Christmas song remix by INDIGO: indigoxmusic
Everyone who has helped me out this year big or small! You guys are awesome!
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    • @ChrisFix looking forward to it! Love from the UK!

    • Stay tuned!

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    • Everyone can DIY!

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    • Of course! It's an awesome platform!

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    • I have something similar going in! Stay tuned!

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    • Thanks a lot! And you'll always get better with practice and dedication! :p

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  • Your whole channel has inspired me so much, and made me belive and help out doing all fixes and mods to my own car. Only a year before I wasn't intrested in cars at all, and didn't know anything. Now I wanna do my own project car, Eclipse 2G and learn how to drift with it. I hugely appreciate your videos, you are soo much helpful and kind, and it's brilliant to see how you are also replying to old vids. I support you greatly man, good job!

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    • I'll be able to do that once the dynos and tuners can open up again! The virus unfortunately changed around a lot of plans around with regards to turbo/supercharging and a lot of other videos, but I have received some good news about when I'll be able to get that done! Stay tuned!

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    • Of course I do! And stay tuned for project car updates!

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    • 4 hours everyday reading and responding to comments!

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    • @ChrisFix the video is 2 year old, didn't notice that. A bit surprised to see you here. Also you should probably speed the things up, as there is still no livery =) But yeah, some UG / UG2 would be really cool.

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    • I still got a lot to learn! At least the car is working perfectly still :p

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