the boys go to hospital

Avaldati 6 juuni 2020
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  • Location: American hospital

  • 0:18 he didn’t even say it right

  • When the Bois go to the hospital others will go

  • Mully should have said get in the f=in brain scan or I'll knock all of your brains out

  • When you were on the roof with the sniper I would have just said hahaha and then said fu and then shot him

  • Superultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • I graduate with honer

  • Are you on the movie The A Team

  • Kid: I can't say that. Swagger: grab the shotgun

  • You gotta teach ‘em young

  • 😂😂😂😂 this video 😂😂😂

  • How nurses rlly be lol

  • SWAGGER: what year is it? JOSH:2020. SWAGGER:god dammit it’s still 2020!

  • you sound like Hawk Eye from Mash

  • Eddie walks in when swagger killing kid 😂

  • "I'll get the mop"

  • I had a stroke reading this title

  • I legit didn't notice mully got flipped ou the first time through

  • When will Eddie learn to speak English more than Taco Bell

  • Mmm,

  • 8:22 every liberal ever😂😂

  • Swagger and smashing are so funny, except there not in the same videos

  • So close to 10 million let’s help him by liking and subscribing and hitting the dam notifications bell

  • I have mistaken swagger for narrated more times then I can count

  • i feel bad for eddie needing to get the dumb mop every second

  • Swagger is the funniest guy on earth

  • I wish I could play wif dem cuz I got crazy chat and discord also why does one of them sound like Donald Trump

  • 8:07-8:35 is too realistic

  • o fuck

  • Swagger sounds like Donald Trump

  • This video is as funny as (squeak).

  • Hola

  • I know when im seriously sad when even the boys cant cheer me up T-T

  • 11:59 is anyone not going to talk about the fact that narrator has a gun wound in his goddamn chest? No? Just Me? Ok... ;-;

  • Yesssss temperature gun

  • Why does swagger sound like yugi

  • 12:37 An $83K Lolipop? What a steal!

  • Mully is a disgrace to all Mexican food :(

  • swagger: human life is a simulation everyone: *laughing there buts off*me:👁👄👁

  • Storytime! So the psych ward I was staying at had patients separated by age and stuff. One day, some kid or young adult somehow got to the roof of the building, and we could hear the pounding footsteps on the floor above us. This madlad fucking JUMPS the walls and runs free into the world. I don't think they caught him. When hearing this news, all I could say was, "godspeed" So yeah this is more accurate than you would be comfortable thinking

  • Swagger is a child abuser, don't give him or let him have at least one kid!

  • Dude, why does SwaggerSouls sound like Alan Alda...

  • Narrator vs corpse

  • Superultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis Now type this without looking at it or voice typing it

  • Tis the child

  • That poor child

  • “I was born like a f***ing retarded sea turtle” It had me rolling for a good minute

  • Reekids brother: *can’t say a word* Swagger: you win a trip to see the almighty *proceeds to shoot*

  • OH MY GOD, I just realized SwaggerSouls sounds like Alan Alda.

  • "My femur is snapped into shards" I can't breath

  • Josh: Usually you don’t say that stuff to someone on a rooftop Swagger: A human life is a simulation

  • McDonald sell taco 😂

  • Lol swaggers murdering an innocent child

  • Idiot, discharge is for the release of rehabilitation facilities, not hospitals!

  • Wat game

  • Awww half a flip

  • Can swagger be apart of the boys

  • Shoots child Swagger: YOU WANNA DIE?

  • It pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • I am a little kid and this is funny but to muck.I have to hid for my mom to watch this!!!! Stop being so you know

  • Swager shoot child 3 second later believe in you my son

  • Officer I did not kill him he died of lead poisoning he had a lot of lead on his brain 5:18

  • What game is this

  • 🤬🍭

  • I love how smashing went from fitz to WERE CRAZY AND WE HAVE GUNS

  • 7:35 when your cut open your head at school and go to the nerse and she says here’s ice

  • Justin Thomas

  • im being honest i really can say super ultra microscopic silico volcanoconiosis

  • Little brother comes on them like you wanna die

  • Reekid’s brother: can’t say extremely long word Swagger: “so anyways, I started blasting.”

  • Why wah vee ayyyeh

  • It is actually pneumaultramicroscopicsilyconevolcanoconiosis

  • 8:51 Make 2020 better

  • grey's anatomy produced by seth mcfarlane and zack snyder

  • 8:43 is the best part. Can't stop laughing.


  • This is the best episode of House MD

  • I am watching this in 2021 because im poggers

  • What game is that

  • Swagger souls in this video sounds like the guy from the EEclone channel BRIGHT SIDE

  • "If you didn't know covid-19 is Ravaging in this area, get the F%$K off the line!"

  • what game is this

  • Dr. R Geller is Ross Geller from friends

  • These r hospitals now days that biden is president now

  • What game is this

  • Swaggers duty as a Redditor is to kill any young child he sees.

  • alternate title American healthcare


  • 11:09 Swagger asking important questions

  • haha 😂😂😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What game is this?

  • 8:39 is the best part hahaha

  • This the funnies video of the all I have saw.

  • ant,wow is that a gun... dude gun Swagger,so anyway I started blasting

  • I love this soooooo much 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hopefully swagger is a nurse in an American hospital

  • "Say super ultra microscópic silicio volcanoconiosis" - I clap you for say it complete.

  • My favorite part of the video was when swagger shot himself and narrator shot him to and then eddie just says "I'll go get the mop again"😂

  • What’s this game called