Slav school of driving, Part 2 - driving instructor Boris

Avaldati 21 okt 2020
Boris takes smol break from driving taxi to teach lesson in driving.
Driving school with Anatoli
Cooking with Brick
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  • :') To usando o inglês que aprendi com a Dora

  • eww skoda

  • Rumor has it boris is danill kyvat

  • Češi dělaj best auta!

  • That poor cluch.

  • I love your russian english and russian russian. I very much like the accent.

  • To be honest I would just make sure I have a Glock 9mm in the glove box having seen Russian road rage videos.

  • You missed out mirror signal manouvre!

  • At 4:38 was expecting a third leg to appear, matching shoe and and pants, to show us how to use all three pedals properly. Designed for the average Chernobyl citizen.

  • Skoda hmm

  • Now that i know how to drive HOW TO DRIVE TANK NEXT VID CYKA

  • Its all fun yellow with black checker vinyl. Until boris tax becomes black with yellow checket vinyl

  • The funny thing is, I passed my driving test cause of Boris driving school. Thank you, Boris!

  • wheres the golf blyat

  • nixya ni ponel no ochen interesno

  • I just found this channel today. Watched a few videos and so far and have collected some awesome quotes: "The game is not vodka optimized" "There is never a problem too big that a bigger hammer cannot solve" "Tires are good. Still attached to the car" "You reverse until you hear boom and then you have arrived" Will watch more videos and keep collecting quotes along the way.

  • Boris, blyat, make russian subtitles, i nihuya dont understand, когда русские субтитры будут а сука?

  • Manual Transmission cars cannot die.

  • Too complicated, too many buttons. Is no lada.

  • škoda? nice choice btw veri gut wetr XD

  • But in soviet Russia car drives you though

  • It's great that Boris upgraded to a Škoda. Yes, it's no Lada, but it's the most slavic german car you can get.

  • are you aware of the fact there are fryers for in your glove compartment?

  • Can someone tell me, what is a model of adidas pants what boris is wearing in this movie?

  • 0:04 new slav car boris :D

  • even tough Boris makes silly stuff and lighthearted humor some of his tips and videos legit help be it from cooking,programming to even driving.

  • Car companies after inventing Russians: 💴🤑💴

  • ah yes a škôda which one, i do not know i am an idiot

  • такой вопрос ты русский или ты из снг

  • Finally after all these year I found a Russian EEcloner

  • Why you dont drive Lada Slavs are disskused

  • "press this to flip your car over" lmaoooo

  • Привет вам из Москвы американцы)))

  • Nice Czech car blyat

  • Nice Skoda czech Car XD

  • If you slow down rhe Video to 0,75 speed or less... it sounds like boris got btw. stay cheeki breki and save and healthy in this corona time.

  • Anyone else remember when you could understand Comrade Boris without subtitles?

  • Polska kurwa

  • Пожалуйста как жители России не употребляй слово Slav В России его никто не употребляет

  • Where is the blayt mobile blyat

  • actually had my driving lessons in a Fabia

  • Just reverse till you hear boom and you have arrived

  • Does Boris not have the Lada anymore? That would have been way more slav

  • Škoda is best czech car Hi from Slovakia:)

  • Well trained sewer rat? Nice

  • As someone who has been a tourist in St Petersburg (by bus and on foot) this does seem accurate to Russian traffic.

  • This video was sponsored by Skoda. Skoda, the slighly better version of Peugeot

  • Skoda...the best Slave car😂

  • Next idea for video: pizza, but no recipe

  • My mom heard this from my phone and she looked at me and said "is this guy having a stroke?" and I got mad😂😂

  • Somebody like škoda here

  • i just realized that his FAT

  • Nice hero nine

  • Boris why did you throw out the cruise control ( I mean the brick) it is very useful for long drives.

  • U need slavic car (T-34).

  • Nice video and cock

  • Skoda is legendary brand. But it ain't no Lada.

  • Car can drive without license.

  • R.I.P Reverse

  • Thanks to this, I passed my road test

  • Panoramic, blin, nice to see Boris move up in world!

  • Car from Czech ah hell ye


  • Thats not the blyatmobile.

  • Oopa, you know that it’s good car when you see škoda sign on steering wheel.

  • Manual transmission is the best anti theft device since they're slowly drying out. I agree.

  • Pretty sure we just saw him merq a guy on the street with that car. And so casual too

  • that poor transmission

  • When Boris goes from absolutely broke to rich

  • Auto is car in german so it was a good joke

  • Like my dad always says, "You drive a manual, you steer an automatic."

    • hmmm I don't know how to feel about this - this post was made by the manual transmission gang

  • Thanks Boris! I passed my driving exam!

  • 6:38 It say a very calm * n O ....... * ah yes the most calming no from boris YET BLYAT!


  • Yes yes yes car is škoda czech car

  • Hey Boris, It's your cousin Roman. Do you want to go bowling?

  • Its slav car from CZ

  • I feel like I'm watching the a subbed anime of our lord and saviour

  • Cyka, make cooking video about US Election Popcorn. You got this. Dawaj!

  • dej tam aspon slovesnky titulky

  • Instructions unclear - Ended with 50 leva fine.

  • I used to crash my car multiple times until I saw this video

  • He got awsome Videos......ut most Importantly he is..... *SLAV*

  • @6:17 is epic Slav mumble rap.

  • Btw Boris you can use the cart track next to you they have a driving learning lines and everything

  • where russian sub?

  • 5:56 chain in the engine didnt liked that ahahahahahahahah Fabia 1.0...110 hp?? And yes skoda brake by it self like mine do 2 crash 2 instant brake but it still go no problem

  • Blyatmobile Mk 2

  • Is anyone gonna tell him that it’s not July?.... That’s it October-

  • No joke, my uncles window wipers on the Lada broke and he connected a rope on the wiper, opened his window, drove the car while manually pulling the rope with his hand. It was dark, storming heavy and we drove like that for like 5 hours. Good ol' Lada times. I slept one the backseat while occasionally waking up from the bumps and flying around the car, sometimes getting scared wether a lightning will hit us. Good ol' russia.

  • Been waiting ages for this BLIN

  • Бедная Шкода)

  • 🇸🇰❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • instructor is ins-tructor because you drive a tractor blin.

  • 0:57 Boris: I'm sure it is summer somewhere Everyone in South East Asia: yep, surely there is a place with eternal summer.

    • Idk why do western people say south east asia still has the best climate, it’s f*cking november and average temp is around 35 celsius

    • As a South East Asian. This is 100% accurate. (Also i like your penny profile❤)

    • Relatable

  • U sound like Dr.Bielik from Dead Effect 2

  • Where you brother Borat ?

  • Esto si es ruso

  • Manual transmission is an anti-theft device...😂😂😂, who knew? My husband taught me how to drive a manual transmission when we were dating...good times!

  • You’re a coward Daniel. A coward