THEY. "Deep End" [Official Music Video]

Avaldati 21 aug 2017
THEY. "Deep End" (c) Mind of a Genius Records
"Deep End" now available on:
THEY. On Tour:
8/25 - Leeds Festival - Leeds, UK
8/26 - Hype Festival - Oberhausen, Germany
8/27 - Reading Festival - Reading, UK
9/1 - Breakaway Festival - Columbus, OH
9/2 - Made In America - Philadelphia, PA
9/8 - Day N Night Festival - Orange County, CA
9/17 - Spaceland Block Party - Los Angeles, CA
9/22 - Life Is Beautiful - Las Vegas, NV
DIRECTOR: Ze’ev Waismann
PRODUCER: Marie Alyse Rodriguez
DOP: Eli Arenson
1ST AC: Lisa Jean Richard
1ST AC: Joe Gonawan
2ND AC: Brady Covington
GAFFER: Mohamed Alaali
GAFFER: Ari Davidson
ELECTRIC: Sam Cohen Wade
BEST BOY: Brian Patierno
KEY GRIP: Adrian Estrella
GRIP: Sebastian Johnson
GRIP: Roi Vissel
GRIP: Mary Ma
CAR RIG: Craig Boydston
SWING: Ryan Dhalliwal
ART DIRECTOR: Courtney Dousenberry
ASST STYLIST: Kailani Raye
MUA / HAIR: Jenny Key
PA: Michaela Holland
PA: Bessy Adut


  • 2021?

  • How the fuck is this still not completely know!!!!!

  • THEY Do Be Havin Me Dreamin 🥴

  • Who’s here at the MaddenNFL 19

  • That nigga can sing 🎤🔥♥️

  • ❤❤❤💋❤

  • 2020 still listening to they og stuff

  • This and ALL are underrated songs that on a way have the benefit of not being overplayed. Have a special place in my heart 🎃

  • That gto looks hella clean 👌

  • Still love this song ❤️


  • This is dirt without tarro remix came from 2k

  • Damm im 4 years late, but just in time..

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • u n d e r r a t e d

  • I don't care. I just discovered this song I'm bangin it IDC IDC it go!!!!!

  • This is hard

  • Dude, I love the remix’s but it’s criminal that I’m just now listening to the original....

  • 2020

  • so i dont get it? is They their pronoun or something?

  • Haha, it is what it is fa Sho

  • why they fuckin so underrated

  • i played this for my friend, and he said 'dont play the weird stuff' im not his friend anymore.

  • 👏👏😱😱😱😱

  • I like it

  • Underated song

  • That gto tho

  • Was here from day 1🤠

  • I Don't Have Secrets, I just want my name back, you can't judge me anymore, and tell me I'm not good enough, or I didn't do it right, you are not God, just too get my name back, or to be accepted, NO, NO MORE, GIVE ME MY NAME BACK, NONE OF YOU HAD ANY REASON TO TAKE IT!, JUST NOT RIGHT, YOU SHOULD HAVE GAVE IT BACK WHEN YOU DECIDED TO BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, NOW WHO'S NOT LOYAL?, WHO CHEATS?,

  • MY MIX :o)

  • When they do this live the dance they do is so cool

  • Why the fuck isn’t these mainstream!

  • This should’ve changed the whole game!foh!

  • The music is good but Im the only one that think the music feels like is incomplete, when u feel like the music is going to get more intense it fails feel like they were shy.

  • The intro reminds me of boyz ll men on bended knees intro to the music video

  • Underrated asfuck

  • Da remix to dis song is fye asf.

  • Who else high 🤙🏽

  • Okay am I the only one that hears Jazz from Fresh Prince voice when he says "and don't come back either" or is it just me .

  • Addictive.

  • Earphone gang ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 2019 yes

  • Still wanna favorite songs they. made (see what I did there)😂

  • How I'm just hearing this and seeing it 😴

  • This my song people sleeping on this

  • Anyone else here from 2K

  • He looks like the kid who said "They had us in the first half not gonna lie"

  • the remix is better

  • Sup, i made remix:

  • Just wait till they blow up, then I can say I was here before all that🙌🏽

  • New Rae scremmurd

  • Dayum ⛽️

  • Ayyye this is tough...good shit!

  • Some Men have this mindset that they are superior to women, and that they can fuck or fuck with whoever and whenever, not realizing all the leftovers they packing down into their piss hole sorry honey not even a douche would clean that. Iont even wanna watch the rest of this. This is typical fuck boy behavior and I'm 100% positive if ole girl did the same thing dude did, whatever it may be, it would be seen as he got his heart broke and he needs to be tended to immediately. But if a woman gets hurt, it's always "you should have known better" "bitch you just crazy" all this bullshit. I wont lie I've chose the wrong man to be with one too many times but even some of the right men still have this kind of mindset. It is what it is. You will always eventually get what you give. And when you got a real woman and fk it up, I promise you there WILL ALWAYS BE a good man somewhere who will eventually treat her right. This message goes out to the females who are actually good women, not you crazy sluts who demand credit for loyalty they never even had

    • Damn, you hurt af in the comments for no reason and come of crazy. Chill and vibe to the song

  • Te and Drew killing it. Couldn't resist to make a remix to this one

  • This is 😍

  • why hasn't this gone viral yet

  • My going into deep in end

  • I love that they're acting all hard, and their music sounds like shit

    • I love how you can't comment this on shit rappers but you don't. You do it Here and the top 40 rappers because you afraid your gonna get fucked by the masses who like them shit rappers because your ego is shit.

  • nba 2k18 tarro remix deep in LIT

  • I can do better 😩

  • Who else is here not because of 2k but for they?

  • Dude with the backwards hat looks like a young mix between Trey Songz and Big Sean.

  • The remix is so much better

  • im digging this beat

  • Yes!!! Love your sound!!!

  • I love them! I’ve listened to they’re songs for so long now and this is the first time that I’m seeing they’re faces

  • Been bumping it since it dropped and loving the new album 💥

  • Dec 2018 still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Versatility talented with a lot of dope beats..well done team they.


  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • How tf have you guys not blown up yet y’all make bomb music

  • How is this still not at a million is sad.......

  • This should have a Milli views!

  • It's only a matter of time, these guys are gonna blow tf up. Mark my words. They're like a more lyrical Rae Sremmurd

  • 0:49

  • 1.25 speed

  • Putting this comment here to prove i was hear since 50K 2018

  • Damn

  • They are so underrated.

  • THEY must be as big as The Weeknd is

  • Damn I love when he says “put it allll on me”. But I just love this fucking song altogether lmfao. I’ll have to check out more of their shit.

  • Dayum 😍 that gto

  • I remember seeing this when it came out, I done slept on them. They need more support didn't realise they had other music

  • I can see Bryson tiller doing a cover to this , a slower version.

  • So many people don't know about They.

  • I like this one. But I think the older one was better

  • I'm here from the nba 2k18 soundtracks❤

  • banger

  • Omg they have no views how is this even possible 😱 its better then most of the shit on the chart these days

  • A boogie brung me here

  • Why does it sound different from 2k

  • Remix is better

  • That’s crazy that the remix is better than the original song‼️

  • Favorite song

  • I love the vibe and Asthetic .. you know when he did that gun finger out the window.. I LOVE THAT

  • This is amazing 😉