Avaldati 11 jaan 2021
If you're a Zoomer, these songs will get you TURNT!
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  • Die Antwoord is amazing and weird and scary! Cookie thumper is my favorite! The videos are kinda disturbing. They’re South African and partially in English partially in a mix of other languages some she said is kind of almost made up I guess, like Spanglish. I’d LOVE to see Joel react to them!

  • Thx, I lost a lot of those songs.

  • I hate the shake your hair song it’s like as bad as dance monkey

  • i know most of these songs and liked em' because i grew up as a 2000 kid i was born in 2012 and m not telling month or a number THANKS FOR 15K LIKES

  • And money from Jessie J?

  • Super nostalgic tho lmao , I hadn’t heard like 3 of them

  • i am mad because he putted Toyko drift in bad

  • This is just me vibing for 21 minutes and 29 seconds

  • Ai se eu te pego was godlike growing up in Norway in the 2000's, it's one of very few songs in this video from 2010 onwards i actually remember liking. Edit: Full disclosure, I am a late 90's kid.

  • Joel: These songs are so repetitive the lyrics are really flat Also Joel: BOOM CLAP THE SOUND OF MY HEART THE BEAT GOES ONANANANANANANA why are we here, just to suffer?

  • How was g6 not on this list heard it a lot growing up

  • please, spare me of this pain why are there only 2 macklemore songs on here

  • Me who is younger than him knowing all the songs

  • Am I the only one offended that he didn't put monster on good...😢

  • Puts crazy frog on good Puts Tokyo drift on bad or meh idk and don’t wanna check rn Puts she wolf, *not gonna say that* in paradise and (this might just be me) but can’t hold us on meh . JOEL YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH

  • Ok so I'm a 1994 kid, so technically I should have a lot of memories of these songs but like ... 1/3 of them I've never heard, another 1/3 I cannot stand and the last 1/3 I cannot stand ANYMORE because radio stations played them to death. I think my music tastes are just too niche.


  • 👁👄👁 Imma vibe

  • Title: 100 songs that 2000s kids grew up with Me: *Calculates goods, mehs and bads* Also me: Interesting

  • Wow. Am I the only one going back to these songs and just think "they feel alot more sexy and have more skin then I remember"

  • Whip my hair is awful but thanks because now I can annoy my family with it

  • One thing I notice is that Fetty Wap has a lazy eye


  • Joel: * doesn't put Payphone in good * Me: *starts throwing profanities*

  • He asked if bonkers is niche???

  • Bros never seen Tokyo drift wtf

  • I was like 5 and I was listening to Green Day.

  • I was born in 2000s and some of the songs are badddddd

  • Whos that chick is a good son change my mind

  • I know every single one. And every damn single one sounds nostalgic. 😂 Well then, most of them.


  • Yes I have heard all these songs haha. I was in high school 06-10

  • "We Found Love" belongs in the trash.

  • 11:00 REALLY??? i thought everyone heard that song

  • Ive heard everything here besides the first one that joel didnt know about ive never heard that one either

  • again hating maroon 5

  • Day n Night - bad?! Get out.

  • I watched the actual video that you used with my friend to get some gen z nostalgia

  • Dude I grew up with all of these, and I'm not even a 2000's kid...(I mean I was born in 2000's but grew up in 2010's)

  • 14:13 as a dutch person i am so embarrassed

  • I almost threw up when he didn’t put N***** In Paris in Good

  • I'm 14, Born in 2007. I know more songs then Joel. "Dynamite" was one of my favorite songs as 5 years old and he doesn't even know what it is... He doesn't know the Tokyo drift song! How!?!?!

  • How can one man be wrong so many times

  • I'm 2008 and i love almost all of them and I got to disagree on some notes but some I get why you rated them because I have not herd some of the bad ones

  • React to upchurch hollar boys

  • My childhood memories are flashing before my eyes ☺️

  • i grew up in a gym (i was there almost every day) so yeah i heard pretty much all these songs

  • Iam born on 2007 and I know only waka waka and barbie girl...

  • This is American 2000s kids haha

  • I've listened to all these songs...listening to it now seems weird...😂😂😂Omw.

  • Bruh Tokyo Drift is my jam

  • Black and yellow made my think of " ya like jazz?"

  • Dear Joel... Tokyo drift is one of the Best and biggest songs of zoomers sooooo..

  • Tokyo drift is the ✨~𝓥𝓲𝓫𝓮~✨

  • Even the epic tune of "On the floor" by jlo is copied or taken from bollywood

  • I was a bit touched when he put Tokyo drift in the bad section

  • i heard all of these but like 4

  • They said 2000s kids listen to these songs me over here like wt* are these. I only listen to K-pop😂


  • 5:24 good old times without TikTok :^)

  • Directioners happy right now!

  • all of these are good in my opinion as a 200s kid

    • How old are you if you are 200 hundred years kids

  • This should be called "try not to sing". I failed in first 3 seconds

  • Joel: what is BONKERS

  • I’m just surprised that he didn’t know Tokyo drift

  • joe: pop era gaga is best me: true

  • So nostalgic rn 💞😭❤️

  • Also that song that goes heavens got a plan for uuuuuu or something

  • Btw fireflies numb and levels should be there

  • They didn’t show the right part for Tokyo drift.

  • I though jessy j wrote and sang party ib thr USA but actually miley cyrus wrote and sang it

  • I cant believe he didn't like bonkers, that song's fucking great.

  • U realise that it was only 99

  • What about Avril Lavigne 😪💔

  • Bobby

  • YEAH I was born in 2000

  • Heard Them all

  • And Roomie Don't Hate Eminem Song if you don't want Em's Fans Attack on you

  • I was only born in 2007 and I know most of the song’s

  • Now I really questioning Romies music taste.😅

  • you are so uncultured

  • Roomie puts tokyo drift and love the way you lie not on good. Me: so you have chosen death

  • 5:16 good, but not as good as the mash up with Rammstein

  • I haven't seen a more censored channel on EEclone

  • I feel like the 2000s is more defined by rock than anything else

  • how can you never heard of tokyo drift :[

  • Pay phone is good :(

  • We’re not bias towards cup song, we’re bias towards Anna Kendrick

  • I realised that the last scores add up to 99 xd

  • I’m not a full on J-Lo Stan, but I appreciate J-Lo’s music. Jenny from the block is great

  • I like most of these songs

  • I'm done watching these videos all they do is make me feel old

  • Roomie your opinions not valid anymore after you did that to Tokyo drift and how don't you know these songs your not that old

  • Rommie : if its a good song its a good song Also rommie : who that chick

  • Unpopular opinion but i think roomie's taste in music here is quite decent. But im kinda mad when he puts the good ones in the bad section.

  • Why is the remix of day n nite on there. The original is much better

  • Tokyo drift was good. Actually almost every single song here was good

  • How have you not seen fast and furious roomie

  • i like rap and new pop

  • but....why they show that part of Tokyo drift and not just the CLASSIC MEME BIT