Engine Swapping James’ AE86 - Was it Worth It?

Avaldati 21 apr 2021
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The AE86 has been a pretty big paper weight for the past couple months and it’s finally time to give it a new heart! James has been doing a ton of research while Zach has been assembling the engine to what will hopefully be a “smooth” engine swap.
Now we’d really like to thank everyone who has helped at pretty much every stage of this Swap!
Note: The guys over at Panic (Mark and Matt) helped us remote tune the 86 and now it feels better than ever!
@panicmade | www.panicmade.com
Battle Garage RS (Graham)
JSP Fabrication
And Gio! @rolla86_trueno
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  • Great job guys!

  • I would love to see this car ripping on the streets as well as dyno tuning/turbo kit🤭

  • The ITBs the best part

  • y'all give me the good feels

  • @Donut Media, idk if you guys read every single comment but, you guys are legit awesome, i get a lot of anxiety sometimes so i try to distract myself and you guys just come out with so many videos and they're all so great i watch them all. Thank you for dropping content so often and having so many categories. I really hope James and Nolan do another series together but instead of the awesome 350z videos you guys should do the Tacoma idea, same template as the 350z, one expensive and one cheap. Love you guys

  • Didn't Bunta swapped the same?

  • why are there so many seggs jokes

  • how many rpms?


  • Why would you do all that months research and work without painting the bay that would have too less than a day? Now every time you see the engine you can think about how you didn’t paint the bay. 😅

  • 15:24 James looks pissed, sad, tired. I’ve felt that😂

  • I watch for James’ immaturity... duh

  • Vhr swapped 350z needs to be given some attention.

  • You're making a new generation of car people. More of this car those plz

  • good times...good times

  • He forgot the headlight fluid

  • Ayyyy the Halo type difficulty emblems lol

  • Oh god not raid shadow legends. I thought I finally escaped their horrors. lmao

  • I know you guys prob dont have one but fix up a gen 2 crx cause 1 they're awesome 2 I have one and watching you guys would probably teach me a lot lol

  • The ae86 is a celica and a corolla merged together

  • Next video ideas: 1. Tuning basics using a lap top and an ECU WITHOUT a dyno. You got that new LYNK unit to play with.... 2. Cooling basics / fill / monitoring / improving for higher HP applications. Water vs glycol vs wetter, etc. How to measure, and improve. 3. Maintenance intervals. What changes are recommended to be considered when you up the HP of your engine or do a swap? How to keep it alive...

  • Will you paint it White??

  • That's an engine crane from harbor freight huh? I have the exact same one. Not even $300 brand new. Not a piece of junk either.

  • If it isn't a group A silver top it ain't a ae86 swap jk a s2000 K20 would be my choice

  • Sounds naughty...👍

  • how much power tho

  • Time to burn out bro

  • 0:12 that's what she said

  • Shoulda painted the engine bay 😭😂😭

  • 2:38 2:39 “Master Chief, you mind telling me what you’re doing at harbor freight” “Sir, Finishing this LS Swap”

  • Takumi is watching while bunta is replacing the engine...

  • Should it do 3sge beam more powaaa!!! Bro. But 4A will hold for a while

  • I've always wanted an 83 ae86 tureno.. They've always reminded my of the Japanese mountain drifters. Initial D is one of my favorite animes. Rewatching it now and they just blew the motor and replacing it. Good show. Lol

  • you dont really need to find the right engine its called LS

  • When I say gas gas gas you say gotta step on the gas! *gas gas gas*

  • Zache on his Miata and James on his 86 racing each other in the near future

  • Great job boys!

  • Jobe's enthusiasm is too infectious. Man's gonna end up causing sooo many people to dive into projects!

  • Stupid question.. Is that Nolan’s brother?

  • Hell yeah brother

  • Work on Nolan’s cars!


    • @yasio bolo also watch the Hi Low where they turbo their 350z’s. It’ll make you want to not turbo you car anymore lmao

    • @yasio bolo As someone wanting to turbocharge their Honda Accord I hear you, but there's a reason why it isn't that popular to make a build that isn't a Miata or an old civic hatch. They're not as iconic in the racing field. For instance, a miata is small and handles well and you can buy a run-down one in the us for $1000 USD. Don't become deterred. I guarantee that you can find videos of someone turbcharging or headswapping your exact car. Also, if you do so, you get a better chance of fooling Mustang 5.0 owners :)

    • I love this channel and this show but I really wish they could do a money pit series for less popular project cars like mine. It’s one thing to find videos and info on miatas but

  • 2GR-FE swap something lightweight please.

  • You forgot to put the blinker fluid in🧍🏻

  • I blew the original 307 engine in my Chevelle, saving to buy a LS engine to swap it. My uncle has a harness going to try and do it with my brother.

  • I love this car

  • those open headers... Not my cup of tea

  • Love this guys! You dudes are awesome. More AE86 Please!

  • Love you too James😌

  • Any Jamaicans down here in the comments that just smiled when he said black top (20valve black top ) power!!!!!!

  • Great job man!

  • Jobe's enthusiasm is too infectious. Man's gonna end up causing sooo many people to dive into projects!


  • We swap 3sgte in Toyota starlet ep 70

    • “Today we’re lubing up my shaft” proceeds to stick finger in the hole while smiling towards the camera

  • Epic job

  • You should have painted the engine room

  • I love this channel and this show but I really wish they could do a money pit series for less popular project cars like mine. It’s one thing to find videos and info on miatas but finding informative yet fun to watch stuff for my Volvo C30 is a different story. So I guess what I’m saying is... I live in LA and if you guys wanna wrench on my r design for videos lemme know lol.

  • Oh yes, please more of the 86. I want to see this thing run well AND drive!

  • Would love to see more of this project I love ITBs! I installed some AE101 silvertop ITBs on my miata recently. Opted not to tune on TPS alone like many others do for the lack of versatility and instead decided to figured out how to run on speed density (MAP). I configure my own vacuum system that behaved similar to stock and the car runs like a dream and I was able to actually use my previous stock tune with simple tweaks to fuel load. It runs very smooth and feels surprisingly "factory". Only really mentioned all that in the off chance someone who is in the middle of or wants to install some ITBs reads this and knows it's possible and was actually a pretty simple setup. A vacuum block a couple check valves and some hose and done. Just gotta configure it right.

  • In uruguay we have a boy who put a BEAMS engine in his AE86 and now he is going to put the engine of an F430 Scuderia, his IG is @ perfect_ae86

  • Might be a dumb question but can I put this engine in my 98 civic fairly easy?

  • It was worth it my friend.

  • Tofu delivery? Na na, Donut Delivery. Would've been cool tho

  • 6:33

  • Yeah y’all f’d up not painting the bay, and you’re screwed now there’s no going back. Also pls what’s the song for the build montage parts lmao

  • 2:39 that was a beatifull reference

  • I know this is a old video but, I'm doing something similar right now. I don't have a "fun car" I drive a 2014 Ford Fusion SE 1.5 Ecoboost lol, well my 1.5 took a dump on itself so I decided to do a fun swap, currently I'm in the process of swapping a Focus ST motor into the fusion! gonna have a bit more POWABABYYY and stick shift!!!

  • Jobe's enthusiasm is too infectious. Man's gonna end up causing sooo many people to dive into projects!

  • “Today we’re lubing up my shaft” *proceeds to stick finger in the hole while smiling towards the camera*

  • Initial D

    • @nieooj gotoy that's was one of the weirdest thing I have seen in a while

    • Kinda weird but remember that guy who swapped a ls into a miata?

  • "Really wish I would've painted it" - James Pumphrey 2021.

  • what a sweeeeet sounding engine

  • From 16:39 my ears were very pleased.

  • such a sound, this car needs more time and love. it has a soul now

  • Jobe's enthusiasm is too infectious. Man's gonna end up causing sooo many people to dive into projects!

  • They got that Daytona harbor freight jack harbor freight has been making better quality tools over the last year

  • You are still sleeping on westin champlins 12v cummins into 2015+ mustang swap.

  • Best video Donut has put out in a min.

  • Zac jobe is your father

  • Halo difficulty levels portrayed by Donut

  • A videi about James' 5 cylinder golf!!!

  • THIS is the Money pit episode I needed

  • It’s nice that you guys did what Bunta did and put a later generation 4AGE into the 86, and not what that Sander Van D-Bag thinks.

  • James 3k for ur ae86

  • Kinda weird but remember that guy who swapped a ls into a miata?

  • Is it possible to put a supercharged hemi engine inside a 1995 mustang gt?


  • Can i get a MO POWA BABEH ?

  • lmao 10:02

  • Why not just put the engine in without the transmission and put the transmission in from underneath

  • Can you make dounut stickers for me rc car pls? (1/10th scale)

  • Money pit gives me hope

  • Hey have they done aluminum flywheel? Whether it was worth it or not?

  • Pfft hard. Where's Legendary? Maybe I wanna swap in a boat motor and make my boat electric;.. maybe 2jz the lawnmower

  • one of the best videos ever

  • Got aike for dudedillegance

  • always nice to see an engine swap

  • Ima need a “leaks is fo geeks” shirt

  • My boy pumpkin☠

    • Yeah I know but I goes doesn't it😆

  • That shit sounded amazing, god damn