How Did This Get Here?! There Is Something Strange On Our Roof...

Avaldati 31 märts 2021
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After the anxiety of the chase with their Stalker, the team is left with one thing as a thank you from the undercover officer--a parting gift from Deb. With this small token of hope, they decide it's time to play detective once again, and see what she left behind for them. After investigating the box, they discover a new thread, leading them back into the depths of Hi5 Studios. However, once they find what they're looking for, even beyond the sense of nostalgia, whatever despair they have immediately melts away: their faith has been rewarded.
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  • Is it me or did you guys also hear a scream in the background 2:13 - 2: 17. Rewatch it again I hear someone screaming in the background

  • Ok so

  • Them: how could the intruder gotten into the roof?!?!1!!! Also them: has 7 bajillion ladders

  • Tonight on TopGear: Matt gets glass in his wrist and fucking dies

  • Matt single handedly killed high five studios, everyone’s livelihood, and everything that once made it great.

  • Ohhh Woods said a no no word

  • Wut if d is the under cover cop

  • Matt: We are not nearly done with this Also Matt: literally on episode 23 of 24

  • Is it just me or do you think the rings are trackers

  • Matt hopefully ur seeing this but y did u get rid of Connor from hi 5 he is 50 % of GG the only reason y I subscribed to this channel

    • Also ur cutting so many people from there job

  • just call the cops

  • wen the said 863 is that the date

    • and the rings are probly tracking defies

  • The part who matt said is this what you want it was like a movie

  • i hate this connection that i realized, Matt-Nelson, Woods-Wesley, Sam-Deb. I don't know what that means but ya.

  • Imagine as they opened the wall Harry Potter just walked out..

  • When ur a nerd takes married to the game to the next level 😂😂😂 Deb: buys them all rings Deb in *Sinister voice* ur mine now no backses


  • You show the bouncer the rings and they let you in automatically

  • What about your kid and wife

  • They’re just tearing apart the studio at this point. Literally.

  • The rings give off major cult vibes

  • bro the noise was giving me headache

  • Thats a sighnal device it could trace sighnal to the studio I think🤔

  • I'll get the crowbar lmfao🤣🤣🤣

  • How could you get rid of GG I've been watching hi five studios for almost 7 years and along the way I've seen many channels come and go and now GG it was the last channel I was watching. All that's left is this and dope or nope, both of which have become cringe. I started whating when I was 8 I made my day for 7 years and now I'm 15 I can't watch it. I hope that you see this and turn your channels around. I really wish that you can make your channels less cringe. I loved BU, Rekt, and now GG. I'm sorry to say you've lost a viewer and probably many more like me. Edit: 1000 likes to bring back GG. Please I loved that channel, I watched it at the start and I don't want to see it end like REKT did, if you like GG save it, copy this comment and get the word across.

  • I think I know how you get two numbers of 863 6 comes from woods age(24) but add them and 6 comes from Samantha( 21 yrs)but I don’t know where 8 comes from because Matt is 32( sorry Matt and the crew I exposed you but I just had to search it, it wasn’t hard to find). But 5 is the adding of 32 so all you have to do is add a three to get 8 but I just thought of that because of the rings because of course they got smaller to fit y’all’s fingers but 8 the oldest Matt, 6 the middle Woods, 3 the youngest Sam.

  • Yooo matt john doe is a man from dark web

  • I think we need merch that just simply says "I'll get the crowbar...."

  • why does that satelite look like the thing from wandavision

  • Did they not check the inside of the rings before they put them on? I feel like I would have totally checked the ring all the way before putting it on just incase there was a clue or what not.

  • 10:16 we're going on a trip, with our favorite EEclone crew, going to the roof whoo! 863 :D

  • Are there going to still be episodes on EEclone

  • Check the back of the server

  • I like how Matt is treating Sam like his daughter

  • Has it come up that maybe woods has a silver ring as it is a lesser material as a more usable commodity and gold is a more looked after material, this could speak on the value D has for each of you, not to say Woods is less valuable but in other words he could be a field operative just like who he met to make the exchange but Matt and Sam are not either equipped for that sort of work or that D see's a higher purpose of you in the long run.

  • I might have some info in what the "atenna" is for it is a wireless signal an antenna that is basically a satellite. And gives internet basically for satellite internet

  • Funny thing is that silver is worth more than gold

  • Matt's voice sounded so high pitched when he was recording on his phone

  • At 2:15

  • When they got the safe i heard a man scream i promise

  • Don't you go see anything coming back up it said the tape said I could save you remember that liquid in The mask that's probably the thing that's keeping him alive

  • Man you all probably terrified poor Bailey

  • I want mercy and I want those rings

  • The rings might be trackers so she knows if you get trapped again then she can save u

  • At 13:46 am I the only one that thought Matt said “sh** stain” instead of “shifting” until you turned up the volume?

  • Me when I see the box " uuuuuh that the mouse

  • Theory: Matt, Sam, and woods are project 863 that’s why they have the 863 rings!!🤨😬

  • Sorry Woods - but we're trusting Woods to haul up a who-knows-how-expensive camera when he dropped the walkie talkie? Also, assuming Woods keeps his wallet on him all the time - he needs one of those Wallet Ninjas - I have one in my wallet & it's actually been quite useful. (it's like a multi-tool that is credit card size)

  • its ma burtday

  • Dunno if you found this out but it is a frequency detector they used it on Wanda vision

  • What if there is a tracker in it

  • Is it just me or did I hear a screen around 2:15

  • Everyone: starts climbing up on the roof Me: I hope they don't give woods a Walkie


  • I think it is a signal jammer

  • I haven't seen Matthias in YEARS

  • Something like that thing on the roof out in the open and woods didnt see that before while chillin on the roof?

  • 1.26

  • i heered a screem

  • you know this isn't real but i love the miseris vib

  • watch a videos and just got anacont i love your videos

  • Am I the only person who sees the razor gaming logo

  • THEORY:what if the rings are trackers and they gave them to you so they know where you are at all time’s

  • BUT WHO would know your ring size. It might be someone you least expect. It couldd be a former somebody

  • 13:32 Woods: *laughing* "I could have just died" Matt: "Really!?!?" Woods: *Still laughing* "ya"

  • And in the video from a few days ago he had a wire

  • Listen the person in the video might be the bad guy I’m not sure he might be trying to stop D I think that these is the same guy

  • In silent parts all I hear is Sam breathing

  • I bet sam is really strong bc she has to carry around a 30-pound camera everywhere.

  • You guys are the 863 subjects

  • X ray the rings and see if anything is in it

  • Bruh the last episode was like oceans 11

  • "Syphus" must really like stairs 🤣🤣

  • They are 863

  • Matthias:receives the box. my brain:their miraculous

  • The mask sens

  • When Matt releases a Billie parody

  • OMG, This series is like Breaking Bad 😲😲😲😲😲😲.

  • The first thing on my mind when the box open “it’s big brain time”

  • Now this is going to lead into dc, and explain why green lantern wasn't in the justice league movie.

  • Is it just me or dose Matt look like the new cap

  • sell 863 rings

  • Just move the wire into a different computer and see if any signal comes out maby you can get back in touch with D

  • If there are multiple timelines and Debra has been trying to escape the cycle, then what if this is the 863rd time?

  • Been watching this channel since battle universe was destroyed u make good videos it's pretty entertaining

  • now its lord of the rings but modern last time was fast and furious but legal

  • Good swicharo also Matt that guy you talked to before is going to destroy the thing now

  • Guys you should look threw all your stirs bc it's like there's a BUNCH of stuff in the stirs.

  • Uh oh you are the reverse flash

  • Okay quick theory real quick but I think that the rings Deb gave the undercover officer of the rings as kind of a test that if they were able to get all the stuff to her and all the supplies without having like Nelson or whoever was in the car taking them then they would be able to get the rings and then they would be part of like some organization or 863 is for like some sort of scanner tell me what you guys think

  • it feels like yall are in the flash with tech and you saying god speed

  • Is that Breafkast the dumpster diver with you.

  • this is some kind of tv show like a comunnational divise

  • I know this is a really late comment, but I just thought of it now. When they were following the wire, it reminded me of Jim’s wire prank on Dwight in the Office. 😂

  • no matter what happens it will all lead back to something in the ceiling just like when it started

  • things that you found on the roof is a directional antenna

  • I just noticed how many subs Matthias has

  • "And 3 were given to the elves, wisest and fairest"

  • His boots are his hammers

  • Here we go again