I Went SUBATOMIC in Minecraft.

Avaldati 22 apr 2021
In this video, Slimecicle goes quantum and slips between the particles of your favorite Minecrafters.

Edited by Zaltoman:

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@Niki Nihachu

Origins Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...
Slime Origin Add-on: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...

The Minecraft Origins Mod is hilarious, and I found a glitch that lets you go subatomic as the slime. No matter where you think you are safe or I can't squeeze in, I will always be Among Us.


  • Creepypasta tiny slimecicle

  • 4:16 Charlie was playing attack on titan

  • does this mean that the desert is hotter than hell

  • let em die let em die let him shrivel up and .....come on yall sing it with me

  • To Space

  • how i can i got to space

  • Tommy in the background running faster

  • 9:02 when my brother takes the last Pizza slice

  • This isn’t actually slimecicle. Look in the description.

  • 1:40 Why does this just sound like someone having a stroke while having voicecracks

  • 9:26 Ranboo's skin is just black not half and half.

  • why is ranboo solid enderman-

  • 1:56

  • Whats slimecician mod or datapack please tell me someone

  • 0:18 is cursed

  • I swear, seeing from slime's pov at his normal size is weird

  • 1:25 Still waiting for the animated version where Ranboo use a microscope to hit charlie

  • Jack at the end he died with the cheese touch in the chills voice got me

  • sleep thight 1:55

  • Is grace doing well?

  • I never knew you were on the smp until I put the puzzle together 😶

  • “i’m gonna gnaw at your toes”

  • *tubbo has ascended* 4:36

  • Theres Litterly a Lancer Skin! THE BAD GUY! FROM THE STORY, HEA HEA

  • Quem esperava que o Monark apareceria no vídeo...

  • What is the name of the origin mod your using

  • Sus 0:18

  • “In this video I beat up ALL the ankles of your favorite minecraft you tubers!”

  • slimmcickle

  • " and ranboo has to avoid fucking rain" Simple, just keep that ender pp in his trousers and he avoids fucking rain.

  • Atleast he died peacefully

  • smol

  • Charlie should make it so that when in water he grows.

  • If you had the power to be as small as you wanted (and return to normal size) what you do with it?

  • Mom: Sweetie, the monster under the bed isn't real! The monster under the bed:

  • Jack is sound like in youtuber idk what name is it

  • "He died with the cheese touch" Jackmanifold

  • "He died with the cheese touch" (Read this with the Chills voice) R.I.P Slmccl 435678654-2021 He lived a happy slime life, with Jimmy Fallon from AMONG US and Peter Griffin from Peter Griffin Guy, Until he unfortunately committed suicide in a dessert with the dreaded c h e e s e t o u c h .


  • They should make it so if Charlie is over ANY BODY of sand, he gets smaller because he is a slime. The slime would soak into the sand.

  • 1:55 XD

  • All fun and games until your friends can't see you anymore

  • The utter squirrel intringuingly soothe because priest previously exercise but a superb dessert. phobic, dull salmon

  • I finnaly see his pov

  • 4:43 subtitle funny

  • 4:43 oops

  • 9:09

  • “He died with the cheese touch.”.

  • E

  • Slime boi

  • This is the best editing you can find in this fandom

  • technically chills read a minecraft fanfiction

  • 4:32 Charlie : "Tubbo, how high can you float ?" Tubbee : "how high can I go ?" *"T O S P A C E"* *To The Moon Theme Starts Playing*

  • for some reason i can't go subatomic


  • Full emderman ranboo is real and he can hurt you so sleep tight knowing that he is at the top of the food chain and his black skin is perfect for hiding :)

  • i feel like. 80% less intelligent than i did before watching this.

  • Wait is this an alt account?

  • Hello! Do you play roblox? If you do, whats your user?

  • Are we not gonna take notice that when Charlie was climbing the vines he went through the god damn wall

  • ankle biter taken literally

  • 13:48 holy fucking shit for some reason for a good 10 seconds I thought the bully said "sussy"

  • F****** stop it with the among us memes I'm sick of it everywhere I look it's just among us I'm sick of it stop it 👿😡👿👎👎👎😤😠😡👿😾👎

  • 4:42

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how he captioned what jack said at 4:43

  • He is so under rated

  • ranboo needs water prot

  • I got recommended this, saying Slimecicle views also watch this channel Lol

  • Tubbo: To space... Old duck tales video game theme begins to play for the moon treasure. Me: Instantly wants to grab my Wii U and play it for the 50 millionth time in my life

  • Dude that’s the most vicious bed bug I’ve ever seen lol

  • I joined Ranboo’s stream heard among us and impressions and immediately left. I found safety in niki’s stream

  • Anyone else find it to be too convenient for fortnite to be updated the same day Minecraft gets updated, June the 8th?

  • make sure to dap up that like button

  • There and 4 basic forms of matter solid, liquid, gas, and slime which is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

  • Go quantum; meet the quark particles.

  • When Jack does the voice thing, you can’t even hear his accent-

  • he canonically died in the end, thats why we havent seen more origins smp videos

  • Now I wish to be slime And literally

  • Bro you look like Mort Goldman in family guy I got you fam

  • *Little crime slime boi* (if you want tell me what you want to add to this name BUT KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY please and thank you :D)

  • Hey can somebody tell me how to do this please? I really want to try and get super smallest

  • 9:21 Angels of death fans anyone?

  • Can anyone explain how his skin is translucent?

  • To space

  • you know it's bad when the inchling is bigger than you.

  • Challenge Wilbur to chesticuffs

  • 4:42 look at the words kinda sus

  • Dap me up!

  • Amogus (for chain)

  • Just so you guys know, the amogus bit live was a living hell that I never want to experience in my life ever again and I feel so much remorse for the editor

  • For those wondering: -The bee origin in use doesn’t actually fly -The slime origin in use was updated 7 days after this video and the infinite shrink glitch no longer works

  • Ran boo be like kusco more liek tubbo

  • Wait hold on for jack instead of mlg water bucket it’s mlg lava bucket

  • This is my comfort video

  • He died with the cheese touch

  • 3:10 were slimecicle is so small to the point of being able to go through wood

  • Please moore

  • Anyone else notice the FNaF ambiance during the creepypasta part?

  • Would god be Tommy or Wilbur

  • Number 17:Quackity's hair