"Hog Hunt" | Dream SMP Animation

Avaldati 2 apr 2021
Hello!!!!!! I'm backk!!!!!!
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MUSIC by @2WEI and @Marvin Brooks
Music: Marvin Brooks - Ghost (2WEI Remix)
Stream here: artist.positionmusic.com/Ghost-2WEIRemix-MarvinBrooks
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
Original Song: Marvin Brooks - Ghost
Stream here: new.positionmusic.com/MarvinBrooksGhost
Released by @Position Music /2WEI Music
I'm very thankful that they let me used this wonderful music piece!
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  • Um... When I search sad song, I found this....

  • I litteraly watched this a million times

  • that welcome home thesies gives me chills

  • OMG I just now noticed that all of the Sleepy bois inc have little braids

  • This is so much of a better story than the actual streams

  • who people think is the main-charector (hope this is help :>) dream: tommy sad-ist: technoblade technoblade: Ranboo fandom: *S t E v E*

  • only 65K more likes to get it to a million...

  • holy shit the subtitles tho

  • The dynamic duo of sadist and Technoblade

  • Man the red and black techno at 3 min 35 secs is so freaking cool

  • I have watched this about 19 times this is my 20th time

  • Petition for sad herself to do silk song animation when it comes out because ye

  • this is unreal so fucking good keep this up u are so talented my dude this is hella poggers

  • SAD-ist you are extremely talented.

  • Why is the horse important

  • when i first watched this, i wasn’t super far into the smp, but watching it now it’s amazing what you notice how phil was protecting him, how tubbo was president, how dream just wanted big q dead, how he said carl when dream had the horse, it’s just amazing

  • The end with the "WELCOME HOME THESEUS" and then the laugh withe the embers and Hog hunt ad the logo it's just AH, I have gotten tingles like I never had before

  • Its so high quality it hurtsss

  • this is like a ACTULLY good trailer.

  • Who think Sadist would join the sop but has spectator mode so her can get ideas

  • This Is Sick

  • 1 week ago and hella close to one mil likes Les G00OO000


  • Little details I noticed: - Messenger crow (Phil’s chat) - Braids in Techno, Phil, and Ghostbur’s hair - Ghostbur’s blood is blue - In Tubbo’s suit, you can see the chain attached to his Your Tommy compass - Schlatt and Tubbo in the portraits, the other one is blank but it’s presumably Wilbur - Ranboo doesn’t have an apron - The first person perspective is Quackity’s - The secret meeting room with the anti-Techno art on the walls - Ranboo is just always awkwardly tall from every angle - Phil’s damaged wing - There’s more than just fear behind Tubbo’s eyes - Literally like two shots of Phil hiding and watching them take Techno - Blue stains just pop up everywhere occasionally - The little pixelated effects of them taking stuff out of their inventory - Ghostbur and Friend before Techno ‘dies’ - There is a notable difference in all their fighting styles

  • Oi

  • Oi

  • imagine how hard it was doing this 2:39


  • Good luck with your plan quackity

  • Is it me or did sadist make tubbo way too cute-

  • This is great

  • Diz epic

  • Best lines hands done. Tubbo- "BIG Q PULL THE LEVER" Techno - "HUHHHHHH"

  • This is straight up anime.

  • Soo cool

  • HOOOOOOW THEFUCK? is this so good????

  • Why is Hercules wearing a pig mask and is named Technoblade?

  • His like the powerful master/Sensei that teaches the main character which I feel like is Tommy the child

  • I love ghostbur's design

  • This video feels like that im at a war with dream and all the dream smp members fighting technoblade

  • Omg I just came up with a really good idea so there is a song that’s called “happy face” AND what if you made a animation of DREAM with that song. LIKE DAMN THAT WOULD BE GOOD! (Like always)

  • How the hecketh do you manage to make the DreamSMP so emotional and cinematic??? It’s insane

  • 2:07 for me and everyone’s editing needs

  • Dude.....this is too cool

  • Do dream animaticss


  • the best video i have ever seen in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny’s one line was a girly yell “getwuhh”!

  • technoblade never dies


  • Damn man this one shook me to the core. This was amazing

  • jo is this a genre of series or movies cause i rly wanna know

  • Why the hell I'm fell in love with this song and why am I singing the song;-;

  • GOD i love your animations more than half the shows i watch. The graphics and very little pieces that you add to make it look better makes me soooo hyped. Like the little dust particles in the sunlight got me hooked more

  • How does this have dis likes

  • Omg this is sick hell ya

  • When his mom say stop the game,he: Techno: ehhhh!?

  • I like how Fundy's only line is a weird screech, oh by the way, this VIDEO IS EPIC especially the totem scene!

  • Why dont you have more subs your so good

  • this is the damnesttt!!!! thing i have ever seen who had discribe it so perfectly and i defentely recommend you to make the animation on the end of le manburg on the secound time due to technoblade revenge it would be soooooo badass!!!

  • this needs to be a movie

  • Fun fact:80% of the dream smp reacted tot his

  • The movement and expression when Techno says "It's just- Just a little hobby of mine" makes me very happy every time I see it. So fussing good

  • i love the music


  • this animation is amazing especially the part when Technoblade almost died.

  • yooo you should make a flowers from 1970 animation that would be so cool

  • Yes it amazing I’m subbin

  • I love how everyone dont care about wilbur

  • Anime anyone?


  • I think this is your most popular animation yet!

  • If I include the song In a video and make a link to it in the description can I use it?

  • This made me almost cry;-;

  • 1:14 is also partially connected to overlord ep 13 17:43 player vs non player character

  • When you pause at: 3:09


  • yooo its sick

  • Wait repay kindness ten fold this it mean that techno owes a life from dream

  • Yoooooooooooooo

  • You! Yes, you! I know that you've watched it more than once.

  • I think Sad-ist should make a tales of the smp animation like that would be awesome

  • Whens the movie coming out

  • Pov:You watch this more than a million times

  • SAD-ist vs Technoblade? I mean- It's a valid idea, they're both a god/goddess

  • Philza looks so different :D

  • This is insane!!

  • Hi guy, I wanted to ask if you need a Russian translator? For EEclone videos, if so, I could be one.

  • Bruh you should do tommyinnit by the song by royal dulex 'bad' it will be perfrct😍😍😍

  • feels like a type of trailer for a movie and i hope it is cuz that only means more fire content from sad-ist

  • i got goosbums

  • The Next Song Should be Survivor or Toxic Pls Sadist!

  • I watched it so many times and its get better and better!!!

  • I can’t stop watching this

  • Ok now this is epic


  • Has no one realised how goated dream looks in this animation

  • This reminds me of an assassin’s creed trailer

  • i just know that when you laugh you start with the K word liek this Kahahshahahshsha