Fixing the LOTUS Exige S240 // The Upgrades Begin!

Avaldati 24 okt 2020
We bought this rare supercharged Lotus Exige S240 without inspecting it and discovered that a few things were broken. So in this episode, we bring in some experts to inspect the car properly, fix anything broken and find out what mods have already done. While we're at it, we install an epic upgrade!
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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to


  • You asked for them, so here they are... CHOPPED SOCKS! Various sizes and shipped to your door.

    • Check the "lift" bolts if you haven't already, just to be sure. It's very easy and it will save you a lot of trouble if they happen to break. I love 2zz engines!

    • Where do u get that dash

    • Listening to these guys talk about the LOTUS and learning from their expertise has made this my favourite MCM video of all time. Great stuff guys!

    • These socks are awesome!

    • Congratulations on your new car mate. Such a beauty

  • I wish Lotus made a car for a fat American such as myself. It would need to be large but also lightweight. This car is fantastic. :-)

  • There’s a movie called Den of thieves. You look like the bad guy in it.

  • Guys talk sense, really needs the proper rear brakes

  • 240 ? 😎 280...

  • I like it

  • In the states modded exiges are actually reasonably common. At least in Minnesota they are. I find this to be very strange.

  • 1:09 They sound like they've been in Australia for a long time.

  • Earthing = grounding 🤯😂😂

  • I wonder what the invoice would've been if you were a regular lotus owner 😂 What do we reckon, $20k?

  • Hi Marty and Moog,could you please tell me where I can buy the same reversing camera and tiny screen just like the one you have. Thank you.

  • Simply installing two-pot rear calipers won't balance the car's braking. Does the brake plumbing have a balance valve? If not, perhaps it should. You can muck up the braking to "out beyond radio" doing things without fully considering the results.

  • So jealous.. my favourite car!

  • Man I really miss this channel. Kind of got sidetracked with life for some years and cars took a backseat. This channel takes credit for why I love cars so much. I hope to meet you guys one day. This channel will forever be one of the greatest of all time.

  • Moog youre re-igniting my love for Lotus that I found so many years ago but had to set aside because of their price. Now I gotta doubletime with my plans in school and at work to get one of these ASAP. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • the display looks like it's also 10 years old

  • It’s so common to watch EEclone videos with “experts “thar are just people spouting their opinion who don’t really know what they’re talking about. These two guests know their stuff. Wish they were on my side of the earth. ;) Take this from a fellow S240 owner, you must take that car to the track, that is where it really shines!!

  • Swap k-series? Yes! Yes! Yes!))

  • I disliked this video. Not because the video is bad, but because I am inhumanly jealous.

  • I am actually genuinely happy for MCM, for getting those parts....

  • Alot of mumbo jumbo to a person that gets 50 percent of what they are talking about. But good video...

  • What is the name of the song in the very beginning playing in the background?

  • I would love to see you guys find an over seas project. SVO 86' Mustang Turbo 4cyl. For example. I know it's likely hard to acquire but you guys make anything happen..... Doesn't have to be specifically that car but that realm would really be awesome. I want to hear you CHOP the American Cars haaaaaa. But crank one up!!! Woooooooo. MCM From Canada

  • Are the lift bolts prone to going on these like the rest of the Toyota VVTL-i engines? I'm assuming so

  • I am so stoked! I have been saving up for a lotus and love seeing it on the show!

    • My research paper tabs-=25+ no joke ...and then MCM. That is the most important tab I have open. I'm serious, solar panels for environmental economics an wait.

  • few interesting facts, such as the old Vauxhall Astra side mirrors, while they were at it. I'd be a very confident buyer if these two were around.

  • An actual sports car, simple engineering is the best engineering.

    • enough to find a Nordkap Blue interior Volvo S60R x_x

  • The price of Lotus cars just went through the roof

    • supercar performance, yes 200mph +.

  • 12:51 What's the deal with the throttle pedal on the left side ?

    • supercar performance, yes 200mph +.

  • something has been lost with this proper beasty

    • The stalks are from Vauxhall Corsa C

  • 16:52 Several Australian guys babbling Captions: "Music"

  • 3Head

  • Want.

    • 19:38 AHH!!!! I SAUNT IT!!!!

  • I couldn't stop smiling. Such a good episode

  • This makes me disgusted at how unfriendly consumer cars are today.

  • I always wanted one of these little beasts

  • Hi, I was wondering what the inch size of your exhaust system is and how many bhp you are pushing. It looks like 3 to 2.5 inch. BR rob

  • Interesting that the Lotus tech guys are standing in "parade rest" 🤔 Big sign of respect!

  • Who says there's no money in EEclone videos.

  • My research paper tabs-=25+ no joke ...and then MCM. That is the most important tab I have open. I'm serious, solar panels for environmental economics an wait.

  • Its always interesting to see people's reaction when they talk about turbo efficiency lol. So many people run boost and not enough understand their compressors efficiency range.

  • The stalks are from Vauxhall Corsa C

  • I want a Cup 240 so bad, but a Sport 240 is absolutely on the list. Would have to be the black paint. I don't want to even Google the price tag on one in the midwest USA.. Hard enough to find a Nordkap Blue interior Volvo S60R x_x

  • Not a supercar, it can't do 200mph (321kph). They guys from Lotus stand there and say "If you like engineering, you like Lotus". Yeah thats true, very very good handling cars. But enter the ELECTRICS, and mirrors out of a Vauxhall, then the "engineering" went out the window. That was the huge complaint about Ferraris in the 1980's that they took parts from Fiats like the dash vents and shoved them in Ferraris. Then came the F40 and F50 supercar to compete with the Lambos. Maaaaaaaaan, you can't put a Lotus Exige in the same class as an F40 Ferrari OR LAMBORGHINI Countach or Diablo - ITS NOT A SUPERCAR! Stop calling it a supercar, its not in the same class as a Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari F40, F50, Enzo or LaFerrari. Or Lamborghini Countach, Diablo, Gallardo, Murcielago. Or Pagani Zonda etc etc the list can go on. 200mph straight out of the factory, THATS a supercar. Who was this journalist that said it was a supercar? Its a bonded (glued) aluminium tub, with bits from Vauxhalls sa vi ENGLISH KIT CAR! Caterhams and Westfields buildem in ya GARIDGE! Not that there's anything wrong with building a kit car. The Ultima is a kit car you can build in ya Garidge, with supercar performance .......ah supercar performance, yes 200mph +.

  • Hardcore driver's car. Congrats on ownership.

  • Watching this makes me proud to be British. 🇬🇧🇦🇺

  • They should convert this into a Tesla roadster in the future

  • 19:38 AHH!!!! I SAUNT IT!!!!

  • These guys are nuts, like actually nuts

  • Привет вам из России, мы вас тоже смотрим только в переводе, чумавой у вас контент, продолжайте нас радовать дальше. Greetings from Russia, we also look at you only in translation, your content is plagued, keep delighting us further.

  • This makes me disgusted at how unfriendly consumer cars are today.

  • Great work guys! You can purchase the AiM MXe dash display from the link below! We use it on one of our track cars!

    • Amazing! Thanks for that info, will check out the website!

  • Having the possibility to hang out with engineers that spent years working on cars like yours is an lifetime opportunity and a massive deal maker, I almost felt as happy as Moog watching this video - the new dash unit rocks the boat!

  • Please help me, need a base map about to install an mp62 on my 2zz but cannot find a map anywhere any help much appreciated

  • Dude im loveing it ive always wanted the lotus motorsport elise

  • this was brilliant

  • Might want to change to a 1zz oilpan or get the morosso to prevent oil starvation. 2zz sump has no baffle.

  • Some Nurburgring inspiration

  • Ah British cars. The most unique vehicles... Never have there 2 of the same been built. And they tried.

  • honestly I would love to see it converted to e85 to take advantage of the supercharger and high compression

  • it great to see ppls discuss how to modified

  • Supercharger whine > Turbo whistle

  • It's a thing of beauty

  • XRS! Minus the supercharger and drivetrain

  • Don't forget that this is basically a tesla roadster Mk1. Later on I would like to see a mk2 space X edition ;D

  • I think Moog is in love with these guys, he looks so happy!

  • True British engineering 👌

  • I don't have this fancy one. Cut a long story short my wife wanted a cheap convertible replacement for a 1000quid purchased price MGF vvc which I really liked . At that time we also had a fancy Merc coupe and a Lancia Integrale Evo2 and a shopping car. We had no debts and a few quid in the bank so I thought (8 years ago) SLK 55, to my brain this was the car. She blew off about the petrol costs. The only alternative viable option was an Elise. So we bought a N/A Elise ZZ1 touring (leather seats and carpets). I loved it. A few mods and it was awesome. I have mates with supercharged cars and to be honest, I wouldn't flip it. Gonna keep this gem. You don't have to go mad with these. They don't depreciate and when you hit tight twisties a modified integrale Evo2, Lambo Hurricane will have no hope. You also can afford a service, brakes, tyres and fuel.

  • "Dash doesn't work, the stereo doesn't work, the indicators don't work..." Sounds like your typical Lotus to me.

  • Had an s1, great fun and I don’t work in it. your arse is 9in off the ground, 30mph feels like 60, so do the math on what 120mph feels like! Sprinters, weekend cars, not for everyday or long journeys, but amazing fun for he money. Because of the lack of weight they are very good on fuel consumption if you can keep your foot of the go faster peddle.

  • I would take this over ANY usa sports car .......including the vettarri looking thing by chevy

  • Looks better than any Tesla., but is a sports car not a super car.

  • Coolest but most unpredictable company platforms to buy.

  • Now as a British car with a Japanese motor does it still leak oil

  • Alternate title :The Neverending Story

  • Lucky this is recorded. I think moogs was overloaded with info about 2 minutes in lol.

  • Can't wait till Marty gets his own "super car".

  • Jeremy Clarkson watch out!

  • When Bond drops the goldfish out the submarine version it's cool.Even though goldfish are fresh water.

  • waaait, this really does have the same stalks for directionals and wipers as my 1998 Opel Astra :-D well this is the last place I would expect to see them.

  • Nice! Moogs face as he snaffles the Lotus Digital Dash :) "Thankyou", walks away before they change their mind! Love it!

  • If Maclaren brought Lotus and made it into smaller version of their cars. 😎🙏😏 Those things would be worth their lightweight in gold. Lotus Maclaren 570 exige S. (LM570 E S)

  • I like the story of that digital dashboard. Apparently an Italian company were working on the conversion, and Lotus found out, made a full kit.

  • This is the best car rn for $50k

  • let the power mods begin ! :)

  • Why does Lotus run with super chargers instead of turbo chargers?

  • Stoked for you getting this car. This will be the best car you've ever had, I reckon

  • I've always appreciated the simplistic approach Lotus has towards their cars

  • Ok, how long until he does a SR-20 swap on the Lotus?

  • And the prices of Lotuses now start climbing 😂

  • Wow it’s been a minute since I’ve seen an MCM video

  • I'm an IT "nerd"... Ironically I've always wanted a Lotus 🤣😂🤷‍♂️

  • Love how the one guy pulled out his torch and just started looking at the car. Their eyes were just constantly checking out the car and they knew everything about it! Even let out a few interesting facts, such as the old Vauxhall Astra side mirrors, while they were at it. I'd be a very confident buyer if these two were around.

  • Im just wondering so if you have a 400hp car and then you ahve this lotus. why would this specific lotus be like way more hype than the other 400hp sti?

  • Man, it would be bloody lovely if every car had upgradable parts, especially on modern cars where the headunit will be a non-stand size. Absolutely ridiculous that you have cars only a few years old with garbage headunits that results in people mounting their phones instead of using the large screen systems. It would be nice if car manufacturers designed cars that could be driven for more than a decade and not feel obsolete.

  • They legit engineers. Loved it.

  • Loved having these guys on haha, you can tell the passion they have for Lotus and their geekyness for the brand it's awesome; even after they've been working on Lotus for the many years they have. Great episode!

  • Martys next project should be lifting and turboing a smart car

  • middle aged moog mid-life madness lol

  • The engineer in me wants one