Avaldati 30 aug 2020
The Sidemen form 2 teams & race across the country. Enjoy!
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
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🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
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🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)
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  • Are the farmers just messing with them at 9:39? Cause the camera is literally pointed at a sheep 😂😂

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  • well theres a million likes

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  • This is lowkey one of the best sidemen sundays

  • Why u drivin on the wrong side lol

  • Vikk needs a booster seat lol

  • they’ve hit 1 mill

  • 8:30 ksi kinda sus

  • All of Simon, Tobi and Ethan support a club named united and sang about united but none of their own clubs

  • Aye one mill likes go do this in Europe Come un

  • They should do a race across the U.S next time their in America

  • This was the most fun video ever uploaded on Sidemen, except the $10,000 holiday ofc

  • Alright who’s the person that gave Vik a camera for this video..? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • josh : hi Private jet dealer : yes .

  • Ty for Top Gear end of season special. Really enjoyed it

  • The Sidemen race around Russia. From Moscow to the very east of Russia

  • We need another one like this but 3 groups of 2 , with KSI and Ethan together because they would never get to the London eye.

  • KSI can box with no fear, but is scared of a bit of turbulence KSI is still awsome turbulence is very scary

  • when vik said welcome to my hometown i was so happy that they finally tried racing in india

  • watching this in 2021, this video is such a banger I love how committed both teams get into this

  • 16:14 **crashes**


  • Now we want the 2nd video of race across

  • KSI really is the type of person to clap when the plane lands

  • everyone: white people are cringe coz they clap when the plane lands jj: 31:15

  • Dang Josh has some real powers dude

  • This is absolute proof that money always wins.

  • Million likes done. Race across Europe?😁

  • Does anyone else wanna see them go skydiving with go pros??

  • My guy jj was on that sheeeesh trend before it even started 10:41😂

  • eathan and simion had a pint and eathan still drove over the alcohol limit

  • They spent all that money on a private jet just to be 10 minutes ahead of them haha

  • Wow it actually has 1 million liked

    • They have to do a race across Europe video once COVID's done!!!

  • He left ksi hanging 13:29

  • I'm offended. U sang a SUFC song and I'm a Wednesdays fan

  • Here are million likes Boys now we want in europe

  • me sitting in Newcastle finally happy they are going to spend some time here. opens video and realises they start in Sheffield.

  • Josh really just called Pegasus for a jet...

  • “Josh was five steps behind me” - Ethan It’s funny how much Ethan loses and even still he thinks he may be good at these challenges. He’s not and he got completely played in this vid. The whole time he thought he was ahead but he wasn’t 😂

    • To be fair tho, they were only 5 minutes behind and they didn’t have a private jet

  • German roads hold my beer and hotdogs

  • Yoo viks car is lit💎💎

  • I loved this video and want more like it👏👏🤩🤩

  • We need it in India after lockdown

  • Southend isn't the sea it is a river

  • Finally we hit 1 million likes on the video, now it's time for the Europe edition

  • I can’t believe the sidemen were down the road from my house at the Robin Hood statue and I missed them🙃🙃🙃

  • Is it me I’m watching it again and they hit a million 1 likes

  • yo josh doing tekkers up here

  • it makes me so uncomfy that their driver seat is on the right side of the car omg💀

  • Thank God it ain't just me who watches these sidmen sundays from months and yrs ago

  • Has anyone realised josh’s hoodie they legit leaked what the next one would be

  • Sidemen reacts has been up for over 8 months 😶😆

  • a million likes are done...... can't wait for covid to be done and the race across Europe........

  • Don’t use God or Jesus’s name

  • What kind of car was vik driving

  • whens the vid comin up doe

  • They missed the fact that the Marino's in the beginning are actually sheep

  • No cap though, this yt video is one of the sickest I’ve ever seen. The funniest and soundest lads doing something genuinely entertaining. This was class.

  • Vikks girlfriend just being silent in the car while filming for him is sending me

  • Ethan: im not gonna be angry if we lose Also ethan:kicks a pole

  • N'golo Kantes cousin 2:53

  • the strava pic they show of the biker looks so familiar, then i realized it's the city I currently live in located in canada bc

  • Vik revving his car and staring into my soul has destroyed all my hopes and dreams in life

  • Ethan says "What if Ksi gets a private jet or a helicopter. What do we do?" *Josh books a private jet and their all flying as they speak*

  • 1M

  • 14:12 he said this engine is fire and I thought it’s not gonna work even he first turned it on

  • Ethan one step ahead all he didn’t know 3 mandems had a plan

    • 3 'mandems' lmao

  • Tobi created sheesh

  • "When covids done" 😪

  • reminds me of the movie rat race

  • What was Vics car ? A genesis?

  • 3:25 That’s my hometown, and I can see my street. It’s in Canada


  • 1Mil tho come to Europe boyss!

  • Can someone please tell me which app is being used for tracking by VIkk...

  • Ethan and all were just 5 minutes short inspite of Josh getting a private jet! *MAD!*

  • 1 million likes👀

  • yes vik 14:20 and 16:00 movin up in the world hahah

  • Watching this again and seeing it reach 1 mil like that means end of the covid they gonna do it

  • Where da vid across England

  • U mmm

  • wgeh did josh the nosh go to robin hood

  • 2:52 that's the blackest man I've ever seen


  • 16:32

  • 42:40 Harry said they'll do a Europe tour *once covid ends*, well that aint looking well now yea ?

  • Wadi

  • one of my favourite Sidemen videos ever!

  • Josh is just a cheat code Simon, Tobi, and Ethan used their brains to find the best route and josh made one call and got a jet

  • Why is there a dislike on this video?

  • I live in Derby I recognised a few of the roads

  • 1 MIL likes, Europe Time

  • I absolutely hate the people laughing at vik like wtf why? If they knew how much he made from speaking to a camera they wouldn’t be laughing. I feel so bad😔😔😖

  • 13:28 lmao

  • thats 70,000 dollars

  • Viks car is peng

  • Should be illegal for someone who does pass the wheel to have that kind of car. Prove me wrong