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Astronomia (Minecraft Note Block Cover) by Grandayy: eeclone.info/glo/l4a0fnikh454vmU/video

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  • 2:57 but what about when the bully is your para educator and everyone else just doesn’t give a flying fuck

  • 1:14 lol that dog and me has the same background on the computer

  • Nice

  • I don’t understand the Vice President debate

  • 3:31 electrolysis: am I a joke to you?

  • light signing the divorce papers.

  • Someone give me a link to the video 3:05

  • 2:02 thank me later ;)

  • Fun fact Kamala Harris in Finnish is Horrible Harris

  • bob ross was such a good man

  • Today my birthday....... NO ONLINE SCHOOL FOR ME HA

  • 911 dislikes. What a conscience.

  • did I just seriously get. Rick rolled by an ad

  • 0:25 I do that and get a higher chance of being impostor :>

  • No dip I'm going for that PS5

  • 1:00 plz tell me that is fake

  • 4:38 top right corner And in the middle Lol jenna talia

  • The ad on this video rickrolled me

  • The mento turbo Pros: - Insane speed Cons : - Cannot be used twice

  • 0:11 yes true. *Y E S*

  • 9:57 why is they're a black spot? it's supposed to be day

  • The thumbnail is nice

  • 2:21 **cries in wholesome**

  • Watch the video on 0.25 just do it.

  • 8:48 this is not funny.

  • i am watching this in light mode.

  • 1:29 hey! dont disturb the Americans! They have.. GUNS!

  • Feminists dont deserve to live

  • 0:48 When there is no more crewmates left to kill:

  • 3:05 So Uncivilized - Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • E

  • I legit liked the vid because of the background music

  • You finally got a gf?👏🏼

  • I have another Kahoot name, Meet Freblo Jobs

  • Wonderfull

  • 3:05 Just, wow.

  • 6:01 got me laughing so hard

  • 1:08 sounds about right

  • I hate that people make fun of america’s measuring system, it’s not bad that we didn’t want Britain to control us

  • 2:10... I didn’t catch it at first but... yah... I wish I didn’t

  • 3:29 Water can break, because ice is water and ice can break.

  • Me when i got caught: Ok cyan is the other imposter, Cyan: NO THATS A LIE! everyone: ok we trust you purp *engineer was an imposter Cyan: i am not the imposter i swear Everyone: nah goodbye you have been exposed *Cyan was not an imposter Red was the other imposter: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • 1:14 is insulting to me cause I am American

  • 4:39 me with a normal name 😶😶

  • The thumbnail was a really clever way to get views. Nicely done.

  • Genuinely forgot the lil green monster originally had one eye.

  • RACIST 7:03

  • 2:18 What a legend. May his soul rest in peace ✌ ❤

  • チいこ|《

  • 8:38 is true

  • "Water cant Break" Me: *_Laughs in ice_*

  • did you heard the coffin dance? Tell me in the comments or _______________________________ | Your Mom Uninstall Your | | M I N E C R A F T.. | |______________________________| / \O/ \ _|_/

  • The person who made this thumbnail has iq more than 694.20

  • I killed a Chinese player 3 times

  • 0:15 *He can't even read it fully* 😔

  • Do this 0:00 and this 10:27

  • 可以

  • I live the thumbnail is a meme and there are memes in the meme

  • Tested the thumbnail, only went 1000 mph. Rubbish!

  • Doesn't

  • The water breaking meme is illogical because water can be broken and augmented to allow conductivity of power

    • I don't know if thats teue but im too lazy to check so take my like

  • XD 555 comments.

  • 3:03

  • I take offense to what happened at 1:24



  • Funny the Japanese word means F##king hacker

  • These memes are fucking dry. More dry than your dad's turkey

  • Me looking at the thumbnail: *F E R B I K N O W W H A T W E A R E G O I N G T O D O T O D A Y*

  • 100cm = 1dm

  • Is says here 545 comments but i don't see a damn comment

  • moms: why were you up all night?! me: you see i love (object) so much ill do anything for it even if its STICKING TO HABITS

  • 0:42 So still very ugly

  • 10:17 in TF2 you'll have enough time to finish dinner then in like 30 minutes you'd get the match

  • 0:55 WTF

  • Vvv

  • Dat baby dead

  • 1:07 °F sucks use °C

  • 1:02 that’s pretty normal over here in Florida

  • So I honestly hate living in America. You get America’s perspective and that’s it. History: “oh we got attacked and some shit defended and won” when we are actually the bad guys. Then the dumb measurements mess everyone up. I hate it even more because we have the best military and nobody goes to war because of fear, not peace. I HATE AMERICA. I only like the hot dogs ;-;

  • 0:59 ;( WWHHYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5:39 well that happened to me I introduced my "friend_girl" to my friends in dis and they started messing with her and made her mad and I was the only one to cheer her up because that's what heroes do

  • 1:13 i agree with this im from argentina

  • 9:28 I felt that...

  • ........................papyrus give me 1 gold pls

  • This from a Indian show thank them 3:44

  • Trump 2029

  • 3:34 MaN !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!


  • 9:48 i actually never said that, they are lying

  • Nice fucking hacker on Chinese

  • 2:31 this made me wheeze and I don’t know why

  • 0:52 but what if someone gouges her eyes out?

  • That first meme, I didn’t realize it was the weird one.

  • /e dance

  • i know this might be a small detail but i love how all meme channels with announcer voices in them they always have soft versions of music and it just makes me happy :)

  • 0:01 no

  • Nasa: trying to travel the achieve speed of light speeds Thumbnai:l I already achieved it in 000000.000000.0000001 seconds

  • I love how the first ones are people bullying America

  • I’m just gonna say that if you put a lego brick in that mentos bottle at the beginning you would have a mentos gun.